Thursday, September 8, 2016

NFL Week 1 Games


Thursday, Sep. 8
9/8/2016 = 9+8+20+16 = 53
9/8/2016 = 9+8+2+0+1+6 = 26
9/8/16 = 9+8+16 = 33
251/252 day; 114 remaining.

Carolina at Denver (+3)
5th matchup; 6th including playoffs. Denver leads 3-1; 4-1 including playoffs.  Points: Den- 100-61; 24-10; 124-71 total.
Kubiak: 12-4; 3-0 playoffs; 15-4 total. (as Denver coach)  73-68; 5-2 playoffs, 78-70 overall.
Rivera: 47-32-1; 3-3 playoffs; 50-36 overall.  80 games regular; 86 overall.

Denver alignment: 
Mile High = 53
Game on 9/8.
Trevor = 98
Trevor John Siemian = 89/98
Kubiak birthday (8/15) is 3 weeks, 3 days before the game.
Kubiak = 330; date numerology of 33.
Denver win would take them to 5-1 vs. the Panthers in the year of the 51st super bowl.
Thursday = 116
Mile High = 116
Trevor John Siemian = 116 (S & V exceptions)
Broncos owner is Pat Bowlen; Bowlen = 26 like date numerology.

Carolina alignment: 
Rivera has birth numerology of 26.
Game on 9/8; 9*8=72; Ron Rivera = 720.
Game is 121 days before Rivera's 55th birthday (1/7). Last year he lost Super Bowl on the 121st meridian; and there was much 55 coding for the Broncos.
Newton's birthday was 121 days before this game.  Also 3 months, 29 days; or 923 backwards.
Not much here for the Panthers...

If Rivera loses he would get his 33rd loss on a day with 33 numerology.  He would stay on 47 wins. Panthers = 47.
A win for Kubiak takes him to 74 wins. 74 a number often paired with 33.  Also, Gary Wayne Kubiak = 174. Carolina Panthers = 174.  He is on 68 losses; Denver = 68.
I think more lines up for a Denver win, and a tribute to Trevor Siemian on 9/8.

***Post game analysis***

We saw the 9/8 tributes come to pass in this game as expected.
Denver 21 - Panthers 20.  Total of 41 Points.
Denver came into the game with a 4-1 all time record in games against the Panthers. Matches up with the 41 point total.  Super Bowl = 41/50. The win puts them at 5-1 in the season of SB 51.
3-1 in regular season matchups; they improve to 4-1 like 41.
Missed Field Goal = 410.
Graham Gano = 510.
Missed Field Goal = 68
Denver = 68
Gano misses the kick... Gano #9, 9 seconds left on the clock, kick from 50 yards.  8 seconds when he kicks it for the 9/8 tribute.  #9, 9 seconds; like 99. Thirteen = 99 and Trevor Siemian is #13.
50 yard kick, and this was a rematch of SB 50.  
Total points of 41. The 13th prime number is 41.  Another tribute to Siemian who wears #13.
Cam Newton was 18/33 passing. 33 passes like the date numerology.

Trevor Siemian 18/26 passing.  Date numerology of 26 as well.
The national anthem gave a big clue for the rigging before the game.  The singer was named Andra Day.  
Andra  Day = 68, 408, 32
Denver = 68, 408, 32
Gary Kubiak said it was Siemian's "body of work" that won him the QB starting job.
Body of work = 53 like the date numerology and Mile High.
Football teams have a roster of 53 players.
At one point late in the game, the announcer said that Ron Rivera made his debut at linebacker for the Bears in Week 2 of the 1984 season. That game they were playing against Denver. John Elway was injured and the starter was none other than... Gary Kubiak.

Sunday, Sep. 11
9/11/2016 = 9+11+20+16 = 56
9/11/2016 = 9+11+2+0+1+6 = 29
9/11/2016 = 9+1+1+2+0+1+6 = 20
9/11/16 = 9+11+16 = 36
254/255 day; 111 remaining.
September Eleventh = 1220, 194, 1164, 77/86/95/104, 

56 = Fifty Six = 1630, 118, 708, 46/55, 263
29 = Twenty Nine = 1769, 149, 894, 50, 109
20 = Twenty = 1655, 107, 642, 26, 1545, 71
36 = Thirty Six = 1916, 152, 912, 53/62, 151
10th prime is 29.
Three = 56, 29
Seven = 20, 29

Early Games

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-3, 47.5)
46th matchup. Tampa Leads 23-22. Points 952-902.
Last matchup: 12/6/15. 
Dirk Koetter. 0-0 Head coaching record.
Dan Quinn. 8-8 record with Falcons.

Tampa alignment: 
If Tamp wins, they would have 24 wins in the series.
Dirk = 24
Buccaneers = 46. 46th matchup.

Atlanta alignment: 
Dan Quinn's birthday is 9/11/1970. Turning 46 years old.
Win would take his record to 9-8 for the season that started on 9-8.

We could see Atlanta win the 46th matchup on Dan Quinn's 46th birthday.  Only thing is that 46 is often used as a number of sacrifice.  This would also tie the series at 23-23.  23rd prime number is 83.  Football = 83.
Forty Six = 46/55.  Dan = 55

Tough call in this game... feels like 46 will be the big number here. But will it favor the birthday or the sacrifice?

My pick: Atlanta

Buffalo at Baltimore (-3, 44.5)
7th matchup. Tied 3-3.
Last matcup on 9/29/2013.
Span of 1078 days; 2 years 11 months 13 days; 154 weeks.
Also span of 1079 days. 179 is the 41st prime.
Ryan record: 8-8 with Buffalo, 54-58 overall. (58-60 including playoffs)
A win would take Ryan to 9-8 for the season which began on 9/8.
Rex = 20
Rex birthday 93 days after this game.
Buffalo established 56 years ago.
New York = 111; 111 days remaining in the year.
Doug = 20
Whaley = 29
Doug Whaley birthday: 1+2+1+6+1+9+7+2 = 29
(Doug Whaley is Buffalo GM)
Tyrod Taylor = 56
Tyrod Taylor birth numerology of 119, inverse of 9/11.
Taylors birthday was 39 days before this game, like New York and Buffalo NY.
Tyrod Taylor was originally drafted by the Ravens.
There's not much I see lining up for the Ravens so I think Buffalo wins this game.
Bills would move to 4-3 in the series.  Ravens = 34/43
43 is the 14th prime; #14 on the Bills is WR Sammy Watkins.
Watkins birthday 2 months, 28 days before the game. United States of America = 228

My pick: Buffalo

Chicago at Houston (-6, 44)
4th Matchup, Texans lead 3-0.
Texans = 20
Texans = 29
Football = 29
O'Brien = 36
Brock Alan Osweiler = 1056; like 56
Looks like alignment for Houston; but if this is foreshadowing of the World series we could see the Chicago team win.
Houston is 3-0 all time against Chicago.
Last game was 11/11/2012.  From the date of that game to Week 1 is 1400 days, or 3 years 10 months, or 200 weeks.  I could see the 3-0 record going to 3-1 like 3 years 10 months. Houston = 31. Houston = 40 also and they would go to 4-0 vs bears with a win. The 200 weeks lines up in favor of the date numerology of 20 going along with Texans.
Last game 11/11/12 goes with the 112 coding of Houston.
OBrien record is 18-14.  This will be his 33rd game with the Texans.
Fox record is 125-99 overall, 6-10 with Bears.
A loss would take Fox to 6-11, like an inverted 911.
Brock Osweiler's birthday is 2 months 11 days after this game, inverse of 112 for Houston.
Coach OBrien's birthday is 1 month, 12 days after this game. Another 112.
I'm thinking Houston wins this game, being at home, having the better weapons, JJ Watt, Jadevion Clowney, etc.  

My pick: Houston

Green Bay at Jacksonville (+4.5, 48)
6th matchup. Green Bay leads 3-2. Points 117-98.
Last matchup: 10/28/2012.
McCarthy: 11th year, 160 games, 104-55-1 record, 8-7 playoffs, 112-62-1 overall. 175 total games.
Bradley: 4th year, 48 games, 12-36 record.
Green Bay alignment: 
Jacksonville alignment: 
Jacksonville Jaguars = 111
111 days remaining in the year.

If McCarthy loses, he would get his 56th regular season loss on a date with 56 numerology.
If Bradley wins, he would stay on 36 losses on a date with 36 numerology.
Bradley would get his 13th win.  9/11; 9*11=99, and Thirteen = 99.

I think this could be the upset of the week.

My pick: Jacksonville
San Diego at Kansas City (-7, 44.5)
113th all time matchup. Kansas City leads 56-55-1.
112th regular season matchup.
Last matchup 12/13/2015.
McCoy: 4th year, 48 games, 22-26, 1-1 playoffs; 23-27 overall. 50 games overall.
Reid: 4th year; 31-17 in KC; 1-2 playoffs; 32-19 overall KC.
18th year overall, 161-110-1 regular, 11-11 playoffs, 172-121-1 overall.
San Diego has lost 4 straight.
San Diego alignment: 
San Diego win would put the series at 56-56-1 on a date with 56 numerology.
Kansas City alignment: 
If KC loses, Reid would get his 111th regular season loss on the day with 111 remaining in the year.
Reid would also get his 20th overall loss in KC on a date with 20 numerology.

My pick: San Diego.
Oakland at New Orleans (-1, 51)
13th Matchup. New Orleans leads 5-6-1. Points 251(No)-283(Oak).
Jack Del Rio: 2 years, 16 games, 7-9 record with Oak.
11 years, 155 games, 75-80 record; 1-2 playoffs; 76-82 overall.
Sean Payton: 10 years, 144 games, 87-57 record; 6-4 playoffs; 73-61 overall.

New Orleans: 
Notice this is Jack Del Rio's 156th career regular season game. 
The 156th prime is 911, like the date of the game.
A win for Del Rio would put his record to 8-9 with Oakland, like the season starting on 9/8.

My pick: Oakland
Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets (+2.5, 51.5)
24th regular matchup. Jets lead 15-8.  2-0 playoffs. 17-8 overall. 26th overall matchup.
Lewis: 14th year, 208 games, 112-94-2 record; 0-7 playoffs. Overall: 215 games, 112-101-2 record.
Bowles: 2nd year with Jets, 16 games, 10-6 record.
3rd year overall, 19 games, 12-7 record.
Last matchup was 150 weeks, 1 day ago. 151 is the 36th prime.
Cincinnati = 51
Bengals = 360
New York = 111; 111 days remaining.

Cincinnati alignment: 
Cincinnati = 156. 156th prime is 9/11 like date of game.
Mike Brown = 56 (owner of Bengals)

New York alignment: 
New York = 111; 111 days remaining in the year.
A win would be Bowles 13th overall win. Thirteen = 99, like 9*11. 
New York Jets = 990
Jets = 18. If Jets win it would be their 18th overall win in the series.
Todd Bowles = 119, the inverse of 9/11. 
Would be 18-8, 188 = Bavarian Illuminati.

My rough guess is that more aligns for New York than Cincinnati.
Not confident on this one...

My pick: Jets

Cleveland at Philadelphia
49th Matchup, Cleveland leads 31-16-1. Points: 1201-901. 
Pederson: 1st year, 0-0 record.
Jackson: 1st year with Cleveland, 0-0 record.
1 yr with Oakland, 8-8 record.

Philadelphia alignment: 
49th matchup. Eagles = 49
If Eagles win they would get their 17th win in the series.  17 is the 7th prime. Seven = 20, 29 like the date numerology.
Eagles = 31. A win would keep Cleveland on 31 wins in the series.

Cleveland alignment: 

My pick: Philadelphia
Minnesota at Tennessee. (+2.5, 41)
13th all time matchup.  Vikings lead 8-4; score 320-188.
Thirteen = 99; like the date of the game: 9/11; 9*11=99
Zimmer: 18-14, 18-15 including playoffs. 33rd regular season game.
Mularkey: 2-7 record; 10th game as Titans coach. 18-39 overall record.

Minnesota alignment: 
Vikings established 56 years ago, 56th Season.
Mike Zimmer born in '56.
Mike = 20/29
US Bank Stadium = 56 (game is away however)
Zimmer birthday June 5; written 5/6 or 6/5.
Zimmers birthday was 98 days, or 3 months 6 days before this game.  Connection for the season starting on 9/8; and 36 like the date numerology.
Fifty Six = 118; Bradford's birthday is 11/8.  11/8 the day of the Presidential election.
Peterson, #28. Twenty Eight = 156, fulfillment of 56.
I'm seeing a lot of 56 connections for Minnesota on a date with numerology 56.
Minnesota Vikings = 111 (S & V exceptions). 111 days remaining in year.
Peterson #28; Bradford #8. 8+28 = 36; like the date numerology.
8th prime is 19. Bradford is #8. He could lead Zimmer to his 19th win as Vikings coach.

Tennessee alignment: 
Titans also established 56 years ago, but this is their 57th season.
DeMarco Murray #29.
Nashville on the 36th Meridian.
Mike = 20/29
Mularkey born 11/19, 911 connection like the date.
Mularkey's birthday is 2 months, 9 days after this game; like 29.
Mariota's birthday is 1 month, 19 days after this game; like 9/11.

We have big connections to Oklahoma and Houston in this game.  Sam Bradford recently traded to Minnesota to join his Oklahoma team mate Adrian Peterson. The same day of the trade, Oklahoma lost to Houston. On the other side of the ball, DeMarco Murray played with Sam Bradford at OU as well.  Tennessee Titans, moved from Houston.  Coach of the Titans, Mike Mularkey, played 6 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings from 1983-1988.  Sam Bradford is a registered Cherokee of Oklahoma. So is the Titans owner Bud Adams.

We can read this for Minnesota that if they are going to be destined for the NFC championship they can't start the season losing to mediocre teams.  If Tennessee wins it could also foreshadow them going to the Super Bowl and losing. We saw the Houston team beat OU in college. Overall I think more aligns for the Vikings.
Take Minnesota to get a win to start their 56th Season on a date with 56 numerology; over the former Houston team. 

My pick: Minnesota

Afternoon Games

Miami at Seattle (-10.5, 44)     
15th overall matchup. 12th regular season matchup, Miami leads 8-3. 2-1 in playoff games; 10-4 overall.
Adam Gase: 1st year, 0-0 record.
Pete Carroll: 7th year; 96 games, 60-36 record, 8-4 playoffs, 68-40 overall.
11th year overall; 160 games, 93-67, 9-6 playoffs, 102-73 overall record.

Miami alignment:

Seattle alignment:
Russell Wilson is #3. Three = 20/29 like the date numerology.
Russell Wilson = 552; game is on the 255th day of the year, inverse of 552.
Pete Carroll has 36 regular season losses. A win keeps him on this number on a day with 36 date numerology.
12th regular season matchup. Seattle home of the 12th man.

My pick: Seattle
N.Y. Giants at Dallas (PK, 46)
109th all time matchup.  Dallas leads 62-43-2, 0-1 playoffs.
108th regular season matchup.
Garrett: 7th year; 88 games, 45-43 record, 1-1 playoffs, 46-44 overall.
McAdoo: 1st year, 0-0 record.

Giants alignment: 
New York = 111
111 days remaining in the year.
Ben McAdoo = 36
Manning = 36
McAdoo = 306
Elisha = 36
Odell Beckham Jr = 119, inverse of 911.
Game on 9/11 - 9*11 = 99
Thirteen = 99; OBJ's number.
Game is 56 days before OBJ's birthday.
Odell Beckham Jr = 56, Louisiana = 560
Eli = 156; 156th prime is 911 like 9/11.

Cowboys alignment: 
Cowboys established 56 years ago.
AT&T Stadium = 29   
Garret's 89th game. Garrett = 89
44 days from Dak Prescott's birthday to this game.
51 days from Ezekiel Elliott's birthday to this game. 
1 month, 21 days from Ezekiel Elliott's birthday to this game.

This is the 109th matchup between the two teams.  Dallas leads 62-43-2.
109 is the 29th prime. Football = 29
In the last 6 games, New York is 1-5.  I can see them going 2-5 for the SB on 2/5.
If Dallas loses they will get their 44th loss in the series and Dak's birthday is 44 days previous of the game. A Cowboys loss would also be Garrett's 44th regular season loss. 44 is the kill number.
I'm thinking New York wins this with clues for them to be in the NFC Championship. I don't think they would start the season out with a loss.  9/11 should favor the NY team.

My pick: New York Giants
Detroit at Indianapolis (-3.5, 50.5)
42nd matchup; Indianapolis leads 21-18-2. 
Pagano: 5th year; 64 games, 41-23 record, 3-3 playoffs, 44-26 overall.
Caldwell: 3rd year, 32 games, 18-14 record, 0-1 playoffs, 19-15 overall.
6th year overall; 44-36 record, 2-3 playoffs, 46-39 overall.
Record was 26-22, 2-2, 28-24 when he coached Colts.

Colts alignment: 
Andrew = 29
Luck = 20
This game is 1 day before Luck's 27th Birthday.
James Irsay = 1056; 156th prime is 911 like 9/11.
Andrew Luck = 112; which can be represented 11*2=22. Indy can get it's 22nd win in the series against Detroit.
If Detroit loses, Caldwell would get his 40th overall loss. Andrew Luck = 40
Luck will turn 27 the next day. 27th prime is 103. Andrew = 1030.
Caldwell has 39 overall losses. Andrew = 390. Luck also has birth numerology of 39.
Pagano's 65th game. Andrew = 650, 65.

Detroit alignment: 

This is the 42nd matchup, and Pagano would get his 42nd win if Indy wins.
Indy is 4-1 in the last 5 matchups winning 4 straight. A win takes it to 5-1 in the last 6; like SB 51.
It is also Pagano's 65th game, and the date numerology is 56.
Indy would get it's 22nd win in the series. 22nd prime is 79.  79 = Champion. Lucas Oil Stadium = 179. Charles David Pagano = 79.
Jim Caldwell is the former coach of Indianapolis.
I think Colts win this game, because if they are going to make a run to the Super bowl they can't start digging a hole losing to bad teams at home. Luck has the date numerology alignment.       

My pick: Indianapolis
Sunday Night Football

New England at Arizona (-6, 47)
14th matchup. Cardinals lead 6-7. Points 256-242.
Arians: 4th season; 48 games, 34-14, 1-2 playoffs, 35-16 overall.
Belichick: 17th year, 256 games, 187-69; 22-9 playoffs; 209-78 overall.
22nd overall year; 336 games, 223-113, 23-10 playoffs; 246-123 overall.

Patriot alignment: 
Patriots established 56 years ago.
Kraft = 56
Kraft = 20/29
William Stephen Belichick = 111
Jimmy Garoppolo = 1110

Cardinal alignment: 
Arians could get his 36th overall win, on a date with 36 numerology.
Cardinals = 36
Glendale = 360, University of Phoenix Stadium = 136
There are 111 days remaining in the year.  Bruce Arians = 111
Arians could get his 35th regular season win against Bill = 35 Belichick = 53
Tom Brady = 35, birth numerology of 35

I think more lines up for the Cardinals than the Pats. Cardinals are at home and Patriots have no Brady and an injured Gronk who might not play as well.

Zach has done an article on this game over at Free to Find Truth:

There is a ton of alignment on both sides of this matchup. I will type what Zach has found in his article.  Going to be tough to pick a winner here.

My pick: Arizona

Monday, Sep. 12
9/12/2016 = 9+12+20+16 = 57
9/12/2016 = 9+12+2+0+1+6 = 30
9/12/2016 = 9+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 21
9/12/16 = 9+12+16 = 37
255/256 day; 110 remaining.
September Twelfth = 1466, 197, 1182, 71/80, 

Pittsburgh at Washington (+3, 50)
78th Matchup. Washington leads 42-32-3.
Tomlin: 10th year, 144 games, 92-52 record, 6-5 playoffs, 98-57 overall. 155 overall games.
Gruden: 3rd year, 32 games, 13-19 record, 0-1 playoffs. Overall: 33 games, 13-20 record.

Pittsburgh alignment: 
Date numerology is 57. If Tomlin wins his overall losses would stay on 57 and wins would go to 99.
Ben = 57
Ben =21, date numerology of 21.
Reskins = 99. It would be Tomlin's 99th overall win if Pittsburgh wins.
Jay Gruden = 42. If Pittsburgh wins, Washington would remain on 42 wins in the series.

Washington alignment: 
78th matchup. Washington = 780.

My pick: Pittsburgh
L.A. Rams at San Francisco (-2.5, 44)
X Matchup
Los Angeles = 37
Todd Gurley wears #30.

My pick: L.A. Rams

xxx Update 9/10/16 xxx
I'm here in Vegas and made some parlays for tomorrow.

3 team parlay:
Colts (-3), Giants, Bills - $40 to win $310.
5 team parlay:
Colt (-3), Giants, Bills, Jaguars, Chargers - $20 to win $1705.
8 team parlay:
Vikings, Raiders, Chargers, Bills, Texans, Jaguars, Giants, Colts (-3) - $20 to win $4000.

Colts, Giants and Bills are the teams I am feeling most confident about this week.  We'll see how these picks turn out.  Gamble at your own risk haha.

Picks: DenverFalcons, Vikings, Eagles, Jets, Raiders, Chargers, Bills, Texans, Jaguars, Seahawks, Giants, Colts, Cardinals, Steelers, Rams.

Record: 8-8


  1. Miami @ Seattle - Wilson 29/92, born 11/29 = 11/11 and is 5'11" playing on day 11 - maybe a good day for Russell. Also 4 days before Pete Carroll's 65th bday - not able to make any connections on that. Seattle coordinates 26 (rounded) and 80. Miami Foster = 29/83 also the owner is Stephen M Ross Ross = 29/83 only thing I found. Going with Seattle :)

  2. I'm dying here! Watching the end of the stupid football game and thinking, ok he's going to shank the kick, no way is he going to shank the kick, I can't watch...Broncos win by the numbers. So fascinating!

    1. I know right! It was too intense when they gave up that 4th and 22 by the hands to the face penalty! They just had to deliver some extra drama to stay on the 41 point total. Check up above in the article I made a post game breakdown edit

  3. Good job Jeremy this work is awesome! Keep it up

  4. This is awesome! What are the 3 picks you are putting the most money on?

  5. For the Rams vs 49ers . The date of the game 21 aligns with Jared Goffs age 21. I say Rams win on Monday.

  6. Good, SOLID work on this information. Super bowl 32 was played on 53 date numerology. Solid Breakdown on the Broncos. Feel free to come to my blog if you want to make some money. We've been destroying MLB which is funny given the attention I got from a Zionist Jew.

    I may shout you out on my Channel but First I have to give one to TheGematriaTriangle blogspot.

    That Broncos game was crazy to but they had these clowns waste timeouts so they could keep going to commercial break especially that challenge at the 3 yard line. BS needed a commercial break.
    Peace and much love.

  7. Thanks for the feedback everybody! If you haven't seen it yet, I made an NFL Reference spreadsheet that I am getting most of the information from. The link is in the toolbar at the top of the page. Gonna keep working to get all the games finished by Sunday.

  8. Thanks Jeremy, i always enjoy your break down of the numbers with the different sports. I hope you will do this each week, during the NFL season. You are very detailed in coding the numbers. Thanks!!!!

  9. Jeremy keep up the good work thank you for the information and helping me learn about this matrix we live in

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  11. Jeremy check this stat out the 49ers have never lost a season opener at home on monday night before.. crazy!

    1. That is flawed, inside-the-box, closed minded thinking. Just because it's never happened before doesn't mean it'll never happen. Cavaliers just proved that by becoming the first team to come back from 3-1 to win NBA championship. We also never had TV, computers, internet, smart phones, condoms, ShamWow, ISIS, a black president, a female president, etc. before...

  12. Hey man I love your work! Jags and chargers are some bold picks! The number really that much in there favor?

    1. There's typically a few upsets each week in the NFL and I think they have a lot of favorable numbers. Here's to hoping!

  13. Replies
    1. Not if you read Zachary Hubbard's article on the Patriots and bet them on the moneyline like I did. Got them at +330.

    2. the broncos and pats were some good calls and i got on them too but i was talking about all the stuff above

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Not necessarily a rough day for gematria more so for reading it which is not easy to do. Zach is really good at it because he studies it constantly. In order to read the script I think takes time to really build a database and see how it works. For example, in hindsight it's a no brainer that the Patriots would win on 9/11 regardless of the other numbers. Clearly rigged games were the Giants, Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks - of the ones I paid attention to. Also interesting how many games game down to missed late field goals - anybody know how many? I still wonder if all the games are rigged though or some they just let play. I don't believe you couldn't script 100% of the games - like Joe Theisman's injury on national tv - you can't script that. I'm just glad I don't have to listen to him broadcast anymore though knowing what I know now the fun has been taken out of football.

    5. listen I think all this work is great but you can honestly do it with anything or any team! I did tons of research with this week with gematria and adding up the trends and with others help too! But honestly if u do it to each team before they play u will find things on both sides! Some more than others but it doesn't mean they will win! Look if u do all the research after the games are played and determined and say this is why they won ur delusional because what about all the stuff that lined up for the other team that lose? Just being honest!

  14. who believes in this?

    Astrologer explains how stars are aligned for Detroit Lions to win Super Bowl 51

    1. Notice her address is 510 Third St?? like Superbowl 51 ...funny

  15. Well Buffalo ruined my parlays, and Colts was pretty disappointing too. It's OK, it's all about just documenting and improving. The more I can fill out the NFL spreadsheet it will help everyone in the community have better picks. Having these weekly breakdowns will be useful at the end of the season to see the playoff script. I'll do some post game observations and start chopping wood for the week 2 games

  16. I've been looking at the jets bills game tonight - not finding many connections. Have you taken a look yet?

  17. I just published for Week 2. Haven't finished all of the Sunday games yet, but I'll update it as I go along.

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