Friday, October 14, 2016

Checkers - Pepsi ad feat. Giants Odell Beckham

Today I noticed a commercial for Pepsi that featured Odell Beckham Jr.  The ad is called "Checkers".  When I looked it up the article said it debuted during the Giants at Vikings Monday Night Football game that was on 10/3/16. As we know, that game is the projected NFC Championship game. Recall this game was 112 days before the NFC Championship game. Beckham was drafted in 2014 in the 1st round, 12th pick (112).

Checkers = 234 (English Gematria), Checkers = 432 (English Sumerian).
There is a relationship between these two numbers, as 234 + 432 = 666.
Prophecy = 666. New York = 666.  Checkers = 36 (English Reduction).

Description: After making a winning checkers move, Rico imagines that this must be how Odell Beckham Jr. feels when he makes a touchdown. The feeling is reciprocated as the New York Giants player celebrates his touchdown with a dance and imagines that this must be how Rico feels after triple-jumping Mr. Sanchez.

Time to further analyze this "gematria biscuit with extra number butter"...

The gematria does not disappoint, with Championship coding a plenty in this one.
The tagline reads #BreakOutThePepsi.
"Break out the pepsi" = 191. 191 is the 43rd prime number. Beckham = 43. Champion = 43.

Rico starts out losing some checkers, but counters with a triple-jump and says "King Me".
King Me = 131. Championship = 131. Super Bowl = 131.

Pepsi Zero = 57. Fifty Seven = 131. 
King Me = 32. NFL = 32.

Now think about this... If the Giants get into the playoffs as a wild card, and then do a "triple jump"... they would win the wild card game, win the Divisional game, win the NFC championship to get to the Super Bowl. A possible story line....
Also, Mark Sanchez is the 3rd string QB of the Cowboys. Could we see New York defeat Dallas as one of the jumps?

Seems random to have the names "Rico" and "Mr. Sanchez". But we know that the gematria overlords have coded the names to the max.

Mr Sanchez = 44. Champions = 44. The Super Bowl is played on a day with 44 numerology. 2+5+20+17 = 44.

Sure enough, Rico syncs to OBJ.
Rico = 162. OBJ = 162. 
Rico = 27. OBJ = 27. Rico = 270.
OBJ = 72. Checkers = 72. Ben McAdoo = 72.

Checkers have some connections to other Giants.
Checkers = 36. Manning = 36. Ben McAdoo = 36.
In the 10/3 game against the Vikings, the Giants were defeated 24-10 to get their 36th loss on Monday Night Football. It was Mike Zimmer's 36th regular season game coaching the Vikings, and Eli fell to 3-6 vs. the Vikings. Minnesota took the series to 15-10, and 151 is the 36th prime.

One more little connect for the road... Checkers = 432. Ben McAdoo = 432.

The Checkers are no doubt a freemasonic reference. Mason lodges are known for having black and white checkered floors representing the duality of darkness and light, good and evil. They also represent the shadow government moving their pawns in society to control the board. Remember the checker floor that was present in Super Bowl 49 halftime show that featured Katy Perry.

Link to article about the commercial.

The link below is to watch the commercial on YouTube:

Link to production information about the ad:


  1. Good work. Keep the Gematria Antenna up and tuned in.

  2. Hey Jeremy have you been keeping up with the WNBA Finals ? Tonight is game 3 & from the gematria I have decided I think a win is in store for Minnesota Lynx tonight as they go up 2-1 in the series. Cheryl Reev going fo her 33rd playoff win on the day with 33 numerology. Her birthday numerology 114 like today 10/14.

    1. Women's basketball is pretty low on my radar, but I am glad that other people such as yourself are keeping a watch on the other sports. Nice find, maybe there are some parallels between the Vikings and Lynx?

  3. I could be wrong though not done decoding both teams

  4. Or the Giants could triple jump minus the Wildcard and winning the SB.

    Mr Sanchez got triple jumped? Kill = 44

    Good work J.

  5. This is a jewel no doubt great work

  6. thoughts on the Kris Bryant and goat together in the batting cage appearance in the Adidas commercial?

  7. Replies
    1. the community has been looking at the Giants for most of 2016.

    2. what about AFC still COLTS?

    3. From the Giants-Vikings game on 10/3/2016 to the NFC Championship game on 1/22/2017 is 111 days, (New York 111 O) another sign pointing to a giants win if those teams matchup against each other.

    4. OBJ triple jump TD celebration today

  8. Another great read! The Giants beat the Cowboys week 1 though I think that was BS (haha...before Sanchez)

  9. Another great read! The Giants beat the Cowboys week 1 though I think that was BS (haha...before Sanchez)

  10. Now I need to look up the Andrew Luck TD ameritrade commercial where he plays chess

  11. Nice one, brother! Great work on these two ads, this kinda deciphering is where it's at. I broke down the two Bo Jackson commercials and damn are they ever stacked.

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