Monday, October 17, 2016

Chess - Andrew Luck's Greatest Returns - TD Ameritrade Commercial


After posting the article about Odell Beckham and Checkers, a truth seeker commented and said that there was a similar commercial with Andrew Luck playing chess.

Time for a big ole slice of "gematria chess pie"...
This commercial is titled "Andrew Luck's Greatest Returns" and is for the company TD Ameritrade.

Greatest Returns = 66.  NFL = 66.

Chess, the perfect game to be featured in 2016.  Chess = 216.
Greatest Returns = 1260. Toronto Dominion = 1260. NFL's Greatest Returns = 261.
Chess = 54. Pagano = 54. Fifty Four = 126.
Chess = 18/36.
Chess is played with 16 pieces for each player. Total of 32. NFL = 32.

Luck is seen playing chess in a park. When this scene flashes on the screen, Luck says "Sometimes it's Audibles".

Sometimes Its Audibles = 239. 239 is the 52nd prime. Prophecy = 52.

  • Sometimes It's Audibles = 1319, 239, 1434, 77/113.
  • 1319 is the 215th prime. Super Bowl Sunday = 215.
  • Sometime's it's Audibles = 77. Championship = 77.

"Audible" has the same gematria as "Chess".
Audible = 351, 54, 324, 27.
Chess = 216, 54, 324, 18/27/36.

Playing Chess = 57. Andrew Austen Luck = 57.  Fifty Seven = 131.
Super Bowl = 131, Championship = 131, as we all know by now.

Transcript: "I've invested a lot into this game, and the returns I get out are measured in: Reps, Competition... sometimes it's audibles... bright lights, celebrations, its huddles, camaraderie, and games played..."

Let's break down some of these words:

  • Celebrations51/60.  >>> Super Bowl 51. Indianapolis = 60.
  • Celebrations = 123. Indianapolis = 123. Touchdown = 123.
  • Camaraderie = 51. >>> Super Bowl 51.
  • Reps = 58. Competition = 58. Freemasonry = 58.
  • Its Huddles = 40. Andrew Luck = 40. Chess Master = 40.

Also when it zooms in on the chess board, he picks up the "Knight", which is the piece resembling a horse.

  • Knight = 33. Checkmate = 33. Colts have been in Indy 33 years. Indianapolis = 333.
  • Knight = 69.  Indianapolis = 69.  Colts = 69. Checkmate = 69. Bobby Fischer = 69.
  • Horse = 65. Andrew = 65.

The move a knight can make in chess is an L shape. 2 squares vertically and 1 square horizonally, or 2 squares horizontally and 1 square vertically. A 1,2 pattern, kind of like #12.

The company itself is coded up with gematria, as expected. TD Ameritrade was started in Omaha Nebraska. Think of that in light of Peyton Manning, the former Colt quarterback's favorite catch phrase: Omaha! Omaha!
Omaha = 110. Luck born 9/12, the day that leaves 110 days left in the year. Luck has birth numerology of 110. (9+12+89 = 110)
Omaha = 20. Luck = 20.

The CEO Tim Hockey is an exact match to Omaha Nebraska... surprise, surprise...
Tim Hockey = 1045, 109, 654, 46/55
Omaha Nebraska = 379, 109, 654, 46/55/64 
TD Ameritrade = 55.
Chuck Pagano = 46. Houston Texas = 46. Fifty One = 46.

TD, a subconcious reference to "Touchdown". TD stands for "Toronto-Dominion".
TD = 24. Colts = 24.
Ameritrade = 49. Andrew Luck = 49.
Online Broker = 66/75. NFL = 66.  Indianapolis Colts = 75. Andrew Austin Luck = 75.

The advertising company who produced the ad is called "Havas".
Havas = 51, 15.  Colts = 15.
Havas New York = 54. Chess = 54.
Havas Worldwide = 65. Andrew = 65.
The creative/media agency for the ad is called "Neo @ Ogilvy".
Neo Ogilvy = 52. Prophecy 52. Super Bowl on 2/5.

Bobby Fischer = 60/69. Indianapolis = 60/69.
Fischer = 41. Super Bowl = 41.
Bobby Fischer, the most famous chess player was born 3/9/1943 and died 1/17/2008. I am going to look more into his connections. Andrew = 390. Birth numerology of 39. NRG = 39.

Link to iSpot commercial info:

Link to commercial on YouTube:

Link to Havas New York production credits:


  1. Very nice!

    Colts are horses, like how the Knight piece in Chess is a horse.
    As Zach says a horse is a Colt for 5 years before it graduates to the next category, and this is Andrew Luck's 5th year with the Colts.

    1. It's also Chuck Pagano's 5th year with the Colts :-)

  2. the video was added to youtube on the 15th of september and from that date to super bowl is 4 months and 21 days.. 4/21, the 112th day of the year etc.

    1. from 4/21 to 9/15 is 144 days, excluding the end date. and from 9/15 to 2/5/17 is also 144 IF you include the end date.

    2. 15.09.2016 - date numerology of 33,60, 24, 40.
      sixty= 25, 97 . kinda like the 97th season of NFL and 2/5 the date of SB.

    3. 4/21 also the day prince died.

  3. Good stuff! I was looking for the official release date and couldn't find it. 60 = Indianapolis, 40 = Andrew Luck, 24 = Colts.
    Forty Four = 144, and the SB is on a date with 44 numerology.

  4. no way colts will be in the SB with that atrocious defense and refs aint helping them much right now, they are 2-4 guys. I need more evidence.

    1. lol how could you need more evidence? Your just part of the sheep herd beLIEving sports center and the rest of the crowd saying how bad the colts defense is and how bad their offense is and so on. They needed to be 2-4 for a reason after week 6. It may look like the colts are sucking through the first 6 weeks but thats EXACTLY what they want the masses to think. The narrative is still playing out and starting this week prepare for an epic scripted "comeback." Colts will finish either 10-6 for prophecy coding or 9-7 going into the playoffs as a wildcard most likely.


      Check out this blog. He has excellent decodings on past andrew luck commercials.

  5. During the Colts & Texans game the announcer said "112" days before the Super Bowl starts.

    1. They even had a ticker when coming back from commercial stating 112 days til the superbowl.. Andrew Luck also threw his 112th td and stayed on that number, coming into game with 131 pass comp. and the 41 yard fg by vinatieri and 41 straight fgs.. they all stayed at that number. Interesting.

    2. They even had a ticker when coming back from commercial stating 112 days til the superbowl.. Andrew Luck also threw his 112th td and stayed on that number, coming into game with 131 pass comp. and the 41 yard fg by vinatieri and 41 straight fgs.. they all stayed at that number. Interesting.

  6. Replies
    1. You sure about that?

  7. Jeremy Luck's middle name is spelt "Austen". Andrew Austen Luck = 57 , 192

  8. Hi Jeremy
    Plz check out this link it's about the Colts


  9. Do you still decode horse races?

    1. Mainly just the 3 Triple Crown races. Are there any big ones in the fall?

  10. I live in Australia
    In 2 weeks is the Melbourne Cup
    It's dubbed the best race in the world and the race that stops the nation. Last year a bomb won paying $100... First female jock as well looked scripted as hell

    1. Wow! Just looked it up. With a purse of 6.2 Mil and a field of over 20 horses there's bound to be some good rigging. I'll start working on it, got 2 weeks to solve it

    2. Thanks man
      I got plenty of websites for info if you need them, here's one:

  11. Forgot to add its the richest 2 mile race in the world

    1. I see also the Breeders Cup is November 5th, that has some big name horses in it

  12. have you seen the bo jackson commerical , i think it for kia cars , but there playing against raider and he picks up brian bosworth buit i the score 27-7 , i cant wait to see if the two team play and that the score ?

    1. Yes, if you check Brother Berg's blog called Extra Capsa he decoded it. It's coded up with Colts numbers as well

  13. To much coding and symbols in the colts favour for them not to reach the SB at least

    1. You know it! Colts = 24 so that's prob why they started 2-4

    2. Their current superbowl record is also 2 wins out of 4 appearances. This next win would make them 3 wins out of 5 appearances. The election is numerology of 35 which is also Sam Bradford's birthday. 3 of 5 would make sense.

    3. Election is on 11/8. Prince died on the date that left 8 months 11 days to year end. Colts first game against the Lions was on the 255th day of the year. Prince died on the date leaving 255 days til the end of the year.

  14. is it possible Colts over Giants? Luck is playing Chess (a more sophosticated and strategic game) vs Checkers

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