Friday, November 18, 2016

112 39 | Protesters in Portland & Horses in Houston (Super Bowl Clues)

The Super Bowl 51 clues just keep rolling in... Here we have an two articles of fake news, but we know there is more than meets the eye. The first one is about protesters in Portland who were arrested during a Trump protest. The second is about a woman who punched a police horse in Houston. I found several sources of this news, and I also discovered that the "Houston Chronicle" posted both stories.

Report: Of the 112 arrested in Portland protests, at least 39 didn't actually vote.


"In Portland, police said protesters refused orders to leave city streets, culminating in the arrest of 112 people over the weekend, with 71 arrested on Saturday night alone. According to a release from the department, road flares, bottles and other projectiles were thrown at officers during the protests."

112 Protesters arrested?

By now, we all know what 112 means:

  • Houston = 112. Andrew Luck = 112. Horseshoe = 112. 

The incident takes place in Portland Oregon.

  • Portland = 100. Fifty One = 100. Chuck Pagano = 100. 
  • Portland OR = 52. Prophecy = 52. Will Axford = 52 (the journalist who posted the article)
  • Portland Oregon = 75. Indinapolis Colts = 75. 

"However, while people took to the streets to denounce the president-elect, they apparently didn't have the same fervor at the voting booth. News station KGW in Portland reports that at least 39 of the protesters did not return an election ballot. Another 35 of the demonstrators taken into custody weren't registered to vote in Oregon, according to KGW."

39 protesters didn't vote?
  • New York = 39. NY = 39. Meadowlands = 39. G-Men = 39. Ben McAdoo is 39 years old.
  • NRG = 39 (Houston's stadium). Stadium broke ground 3/9/2000.
  • Ten = 39. Eli Manning wears #10.
  • Harbaugh = 39. Speight = 39 (Michigan's QB).

Donald Trump protester accused of punching police horse taken back into custody

"A community activist accused of punching a police horse last week during an anti-Donald Trump protest was taken into custody Monday after a Houston judge raised her bail.

Shere Dore, 40, a vocal Black Lives Matter supporter who is also an advocate for the homeless, was escorted to a holding cell after state District Judge Jim Wallace raised her bail from $2,000 to $5,000."

The name of the suspect is Shere Dore.
  • Shere Dore = 97. We are in the 97th NFL Season.
  • Shere Dore = 52. Prophecy = 52. 
  • Dore = 24. Colts = 24. Giant = 24. McAdoo = 24. 
  • Shere = 55. Chuck Pagano = 55. Odell Beckham = 55. Warren Moon = 55. 
  • Dore is 40 years old. Andrew Luck = 40. NYC located on the 40th parallel North.
  • The bail was $2,000 and was raised to $5,000. 2/5, like the Super Bowl on 2/5.
  • Jim Wallace = 89 (Judge). Andrew Luck born in '89. Lucas Oil founded in '89.

"Dore was in court Monday with Emily Garcia-Briones, another demonstrator who is accused of hiding a body camera that fell off an officer. The 22-year-old is charged with tampering with evidence."
  • Emily Garcia-Briones = 95. Houston located on the 95th meridian West.
  • Briones is 22 years old. Twenty Two = 39. New York = 39. 
  • Emily = 64. New York Giants = 64. 
  • Garcia-Briones = 121. Revelation = 121. 

"A mounted HPD officer on a police horse named Astro apparently warned Dore to get on the sidewalk before using the horse to push her back.
"As he pushed her with the horse, defendant Dore struck the police horse in the shoulder with a closed fist," prosecutor Gavin Ellis said in court."

The horse's name is Astro.
  • Astro = 19/27. Chuck = 27. Pagano = 27. Irsay = 27. Luck is 27 years old.
  • Horse = 65. Andrew = 65. Odell Beckham Jr = 65. 
  • Horse = 233. Luck = 233. 
  • Horse = 390. Shoulder = 39. New York = 39. NY = 39. 
  • Horse = 29. Andrew = 29. Football = 29. Lucas Oil = 29. Houston located on the 29th parallel North.
  • Closed Fist = 112. Houston = 112. Andrew Luck = 112. Horseshoe = 112. 
  • Closed Fist = 40. Andrew Luck = 40.

The prosecutor is named Gavin Ellis.
  • Gavin Ellis = 47. Luck = 47. This is the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.
  • Gavin = 53. Super Bowl LI = 53. Eli Manning = 53. Jim Harbaugh = 53. 
  • Ellis = 57. Fifty Seven = 131. Championship = 131.

Both protesters face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of the third degree felonies, said Jolanda Jones, an attorney for Garcia-Briones.  "No one hit a horse and no one hid a camera," she said.

The attorney's name is Jolanda Jones.
  • Jolanda Jones = 39. Yet another 39...
  • Jolanda = 57. Fifty Seven = 131. Championship = 131. Ben = 57.
  • Jolanda = 21. Odell = 21. Eli Manning = 201. Ben = 21.

Student Protesters see Trump's election, views as dangerous to nation

This article states that more than 100 students were protesting at U of H.

"University of Houston students Monday re-created what has become a familiar scene on college campuses since Donald Trump's election.
More than 100 students chanted "my body, my choice," "education not deportation" and "refugees are welcome here" on a grassy area near the steps of the university library. A few attendees discussed the president-elect with a male student wearing a Make America Great Again hat, and several students closed the rally with hugs before scattering around campus."

The number 100 connects back to 51.

  • Lindsay Ellis = 51 (author of the article).
  • Fifty One = 100. Chuck Pagano = 100. 
  • My body my choice = 75. Indianapolis Colts = 75.
  • Lindsay = 30/39. New York = 39. (so many 39's in these names)
  • University of Houston = 97. We are in the 97th NFL season.

In conclusion... A picture is worth a thousand words:


  1. The
    $2,000 to $5,000
    Date of Super Bowl lol

  2. I saw on ESPN today that if the Colts beat the Titans this week their playoff chances go to 25 percent...2/5 like the SB date

  3. 100 dollars on colts and giants facing each other pays over 24 thousand

    1. You cant bet on the super bowl match up on Bovada. I live in Vegas too and cant use that site... :( They wont even let you bet on Super Bowl potential match-ups either in the casinos only Super Bowl Winner and coin toss.

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      Super Bowl 51 winner odds

      NEW YORK GIANTS+2000





    5. I'm almost ready to place bets. SB winner doesn't seem clear enough to me yet, so I think the best way to go is Colts winning the AFC championship.

    6. the odds change quite frequently so i suggest u put them in before sunday

    7. notice the change in odds with each passing day

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  4. 11/18/16
    11+18+20+16 = 65
    11+18+2+0+1+6 = 38
    1+1+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 20
    11+18+16 = 45

    Portland (7-6, 3-3 Away) vs New Orleans (2-10, 1-5 Home)

    This goes perfectly with the 112 arrested, 211 2-11 record reflection...

    Jrue Holiday is returning after 3 months. His wife gave birth and had a surgery for a benign tumor.
    His Bday to gameday 5M 6D, Jrue Holiday = 56

    Jrue = 54, 45 reflection of todays date
    New Orleans = 45/54
    Holiday = 38, todays date numerology
    Death = 38
    Benign = 33

    Jrue wears #11, 31 is the 11th prime, New Orleans to improve to 3-10 (31), 2-5 at Home (25). 97 is the 25th prime, Anthony = 97

    Anthony Davis Bday 3/11/1993. 3+1+1+1+9+9+3 = 25
    Davis Bday to Gameday 36 Weeks, 3+11+1+9+9+3 = 36
    Gameday to Davis Bday 113 Days, Dishonest = 113, Mainstream = 113, or span 3M 22D (322, 223)
    113 is the 30th prime, Tyreke = 30

    Tyreke Evans Bday to Gameday 60D/61D (61), 1M 30D/31D, 8W 4D/5D. (84)
    Tyreke = 84
    Evans = 61

    It's been exactly 8 months since Jrue and Davis played together, tip off is at 8pm EST

    This will be their 48th regular season matchup vs Portland. Portland leads 27-20

    This game reminds me of lastnights TNF game where the New Orleans Saints lost.

    Will Smith wore #91, Sean Payton stuck on 91 regular season wins, New Orleans Saints = 91
    Anthony Davis nickname is "The Brow" = 91, Davis = 19, Portland coach going for his 190th win with Portland, 91 reflections

    Smith 4/9 death to today is 223 days, Davis Game to Bday is 3M 22D (322, 223). Today is the 322nd day of the year.
    Skull and Bones = 41, 41 is the 13th prime. Pelicans 13th game tonight.

    Pelicans lose, they'll be 2-11 (211), 1-6 at home. 53 is the 16th prime. Anthony Davis = 53
    211 is the 47th Prime, 47 games played between the two.
    223 is the 48th Prime, tonight is the 48th game between the two.

    Portland leads series 27-20, Saints score 20 pts lastnight.

    Portlands 14th game, 43 is the 14th prime. Yale = 43, New Haven CT = 43, Portland can improve to 4-3 Away, TNF Game total was 43 pts.

    Portland can improve to 8-6 (86).

    Eight and Six = 57/66, Benign Tumor = 57, NFL = 66, Ron Rivera = 57
    Eighty six = 54/63, Jrue = 54. Pelican Coach can get his 63rd lost
    Drew Brees = 45/54, Jrue = 54

    With Pelicans coach 63rd loss all time, his record will be 32-63, and 11th loss on the season, Eleven = 63, 32/63 = .33%, 33rd win probably comes next game.
    Saints coach lost his 63rd game lastnight, Will smith death came a span of 63 days from SB 50
    Brees Bday to today is 308 Days, 10M 3D (13) and 44W. Todays date numerology 38, along with death.
    Pelicans 13th game tonight

    Pelicans coach would get his 433rd loss, which is the 84th prime. Tyreke = 84, BDay to Gday 8W 4D (84), 48 reflection, 48th game overall between the two teams.
    United States of America = 84, With Panthers win lastnight, it brought the home win total for the season at 84

    Portland = 37, the 12th prime

    Davis is averaging 30.5 points (305), 11.2 rebounds 211, 2-11 record?
    Portland coaching going for his 305th win overall.

    I was leaning hard on Pelicans, cause of the line drop and public is all over Portland, but then the Saints game lastnight got me thinking, so I broke down Portland side, hope it doesn't bite me in the ass!

    My pick - Portland

    1. Right on, I need to pay more attention to basketball because they leave clues for football as it's all tied together

    2. Clippers against Knicks have been predicted by Bobby bouchard and others, clippers to take title. Then Lebron to be sold to Knicks. Worth looking more into those teams.

  5. Jeremy, where did you see that picture of giants/Colts ?

    1. I just did a google search and looked under images

    2. Jeremy, who do you see winning the Superbowl between these two teams. I know it's Colts over the Vikings. But does Eli lose to the team that his brother played on like Peyton lost to the team his father played on ? But Giants are going for their 5th.

  6. Taken from the ESPN article
    Will the Colts be able to win even one Super Bowl with Andrew Luck?

    "fans and it's great for those guys, Reg and I guess [Adam Vinatieri] played on that team and [Robert Mathis]," Luck said. "Cool, but from our perspective it's a Titans game and we would like to be that team 10 years from now, 15 [years], whatever it is."

    10 , 15 > 25 SB on 2/5

  7. We know the connections 112 has to SB51 but does the number have a deeper meaning biblical or any significance through out history ?

    1. I have an article a couple months back about Phi and Metatron's cube. The Metatron's cube is related to sacred geometry. It is formed by 1 sphere surrounded by 12 more spheres, so I think that is why they use it

    2. That's an interesting connection Jeremy. My notes on it pasted below. I think the fact that it's the alternate 911 and the emergency dial number over in Europe could connect, because of the phrase "Houston, do we have a problem?" and the movie Oblivion showing that SB 51 in Houston was the last one.

      112: emergency dial number, connects to SB 51
      Marine Corp
      Andrew Luck
      Lion of Judea
      Sandy Hook
      Eternal Flame
      -Prince died on 112th day of year
      -Alternate dialing code for 911, European emergency number

  8. Nice catch Jeremy. Ha, a woman punching a horse, eh? Reminds of Mongo punching out the horse in Blazing Saddles. The actor who played Mongo just happened to be a former pro football player (for the Lions) named Alex Karras, who died 10/10/2012, revelation = 1010 JG. That's also a date with 52/25 numerology, again, like the Super Bowl on 2/5. Karras just happens to have been born in (drumroll)... the state of Indiana, on 15/7, on a date with 57 numerology (champ number). It gets even better. Turns out Mr. Karras also dabbled in pro wrestling. This is interesting because there just happens to have been another pro football player turned wrestler who went by the name "Mongo", born in '57 in ... you guessed it, Houston, Texas!

    I'm sure there is more here, this is just scratching the surface. Haven't even looked at the gematria yet. On a purely symbolic level of course, Mongo (a giant) punching out a horse could certainly be paralleled with a Giants victory over the Colts in the Super Bowl.

    1. Ms. Dore also reminds me of famous artist Gustave Doré, who died aged 51 on a date with 44 numerology. Of course Super Bowl 51 is on a date with 44 numerology. He died 1/23, the Colts were established 1/23, and Indianapolis = 123 simple.

    2. This is clutch! I need to go see Blazing Saddles, it's sad I haven't seen it yet because I'm a big fan of Westerns. Glad you found these connections because I wouldn't have thought of this. Seems like there are so many rabbit trails the more we uncover

    3. Just realized Gene Wilder was in the Blazing Saddles movie. He is the Willy Wonka guy who just died this year

  9. I think Lions lose at home to Jacksonville. Caldwell would get his 41st loss which is 13th prime number.

  10. Seahawks vs Cowboys not a possibility?

    Seattle Seahawks = 43, 191
    Century Link Field 47.5952°N 122.3316°W
    Pete Carroll bday 9/15/51 - span of 223 days after superbowl 51

    Dallas Cowboys= 43, 151, 1591
    AT&T Stadium 32°44′52″N 97°5′34″W
    Jason Calvin Garrett (born March 28, 1966) will be 51, 51 days after SB51
    Dak Prescott born 7/29/03 (191 days before SB51) 191 is 43rd prime

  11. those birth dates look interesting im not sure the relevance to the super bowl with the rest of those numbers you have up there.

    1. i didnt find any relevance. just threw it up there in case someone else saw something... i'm new to this

  12. Mike Wells
    ESPN Staff Writer

    Peyton Manning on what he told about the 2006 team after the halftime ceremony: "We said let's do this again in 10 years.

    *It was part of the news feed on ESPN*

    1. Good one, I'm going to look up this article to see what else they said

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This reminds me of an article from California last year, the state which hosted Super Bowl 50.

    Clearly a fake news story, this appears to have all sorts of hints about the Super Bowl in it. I forget who, but someone said they got the final score from this article. You can see hints of the total points scored, 34 (3/4 mile to exit), and I can't shake the thought of a 2004 F-150 somehow forecasting the 24-10 final, maybe by eliminating the interior numbers.

    In these articles, there are several numbers that I'm not sure fit into the symbolism. First article has 35, 100, and 60 ("60 Minutes"), for instance. I wonder if the score is embedded somewhere within, or if we should keep our eyes out for more clues.

    1. Sure enough. There was recently a train wreck in Central Florida that has the same type of clues for this years championships

  14. found this on the web...SuperBowl related?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

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