Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CFB Playoff Update - 11/29/16

CFB Playoff Update

Jim Harbaugh was so frustrated with the officiating in this game that he destroys his headset:

Just gonna type out a few thoughts here:

This sums up how I was feeling after Michigan lost in 2 OT haha...
"Dallas Cowboys look Pathetic vs the Seahawks"... Shango from The Dallas Cowboys show.

I haven't been that disappointed since the Villanova buzzer beater over North Carolina in the NCAA tournament Final. Most losses don't phase me very much. This one has me baffled. In the decode it had everything I look for in determining a winner and more. Plus the way they lost with the 4th down stop where it looked like JT Barrett was short of the 1st down line. Sometimes there is a narrative for both teams and it's a tough call. This was not the case as everything pointed to Michigan winning.
Anyways... what did I learn? Repeat after me:

I will take the points with dogs...
I will take the points with dogs...
I will take the points with dogs...

So a quick recap of what aligned for Michigan:

Date alignment? Check.

  • Date numerology of 46. Michigan = 46.
  • Date numerology of 53. Jim Harbaugh = 53. Ohio Stadium = 53. 

QB birthday aligns to the win he is going for? Check.

  • Wilton Speight's next birthday was in 10 days, or 11 including the end date. He was going for his 10th win as starter, and Michigan's 11th win.

A fitting opponent for the Coach to get his next win against? Check.

  • Harbaugh was going for his 50th overall win. Urban Meyer = 50.

Franchise wins syncing to the opponent? Check.

  • Michigan was going for franchise win 910. Buckeyes = 91.

Opponent with relevant connections to an unfavorable number? Check.

  • Barrett's previous birthday was 44 days before the game, and it was 44 days before the CFB Championship game. Meyer was coaching his 193rd game, the 44th prime. 44 = Kill and often the team loses that has 44 connections.

Maybe the riddle was for Ohio State all along? Since they play in the "Horseshoe" maybe that is the connection? We shall soon find out.

Now we have the release of the updated CFB playoff rankings which came out Tuesday night 11/29.

I noticed I got too wrapped up in the Michigan at Ohio State game because I was so sure Michigan would win, and that's when I know I need to slow down a little. We are supposed to be doing the opposite, getting your energy drained by a game is for people who don't know it's rigged.

So let's look at the updated rankings and how the scenarios could play out:


1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Washington
5. Michigan
6. Wisconsin
7. Penn State
8. Colorado
9. Oklahoma
10. Oklahoma State

So we see Michigan sitting at 5, right behind Washington. Here is how they could get into the playoff. Colorado would have to beat Washington in the PAC 12 championship.

Tony De Lorenzi is the first person I saw talking about Michigan in the championship earlier this year. I thought that was an interesting pick so I did my own research, which led to all the findings about Jim Harbaugh. He also had some things he noticed after the Michigan loss and put in a Youtube video. I wanted to give credit for him noticing this. Colorado plays Washington on a day with 50 numerology (12+2+20+16 = 50). He says this could be a tribute to Denver winning Super Bowl 50 and that the Buffaloes will upset the Huskies. This makes a lot of sense if Michigan is destined to get into the playoff.

So if Washington loses, the other thing to look out for is the winner of the Wisconsin vs Penn State game in the Big 10 Championship. Michigan beat both these teams, but Penn State beat Ohio State. I think the best case is for the game to be close, and both teams to look unimpressive. It's better for Penn State to win because they are further way at #7, and it is less likely they can jump into the #4 slot with a win. It would also be best for Oklahoma State to win over Oklahoma in the Bedlam rivalry so Oklahoma has no case to jump in as well.  Clemson losing to Virginia Tech is less likely, but would still help Michigan get in.  Remember, the only rule the committee goes by is selecting the 4 best teams, regardless of conference championships.

So we will have to wait and see what happens on Saturday and hope one of the teams ahead of Michigan loses.

If Michigan does get in, they would have to upset the #1 seed Alabama, before a potential rematch with Ohio State for the championship.  Here is another interesting stat: Harbaugh was denied his 50th win against Urban Meyer, and is stuck on 49 wins as a college coach. If he gets into the playoff and wins 2 games to take the championship, Harbaugh would get his 51st win in Tampa. Tampa = 51. Wolverine = 51. It would also be his 77th game as coach. 77 = Championship.
Harbaugh's current record is 75 games, 49-26 overall; and 25 games, 20-5 with Michigan. If he wins the championship, he would be 22-5. Bronco = 225, so perhaps another tribute to Colorado beating Washington to give Harbaugh the opportunity to get into the playoff.


  1. Keep up the hard work Jeremy.

    Dedicated to picking winners in the NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB by handicapping games with the understanding that professional sports are indeed fixed. The reliability of trends, knowledge of the game, public money, and analytics, seasoned with numerology. Attempting to unravel the knot of manipulated perspective:


  2. i seen this from tony , and maybe virgina tech beat clemson or colorado beat huskies , i think on of those team are going to lose!. huskies have a hard time with scrambling qb. and colorado qb can scrabble. vt vs clemson has a realistic chance to upset. cant wait my bets are on the points for both underdogs vt 10.5 and colorad 7.5

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  4. Thank you! I went to Florida so I remember the shenanigans that took place for Fla to face Fla State in a rematch. fla had lost to them in the final game. 4-5 teams lost ahead of them in miraculous fashion and the rematch was a blowout by Fla for the '96 title. Mich's path is much more logical to the big game than Florida's then. I had no idea about the rigging then. Now I look back and think, how stupid was I? I got Michigan, now even more so. We will see....

  5. Jeremy,
    I just sent you an e mail, it contained this:

    'On another note, time will prove us all right or not, however, I'm thinking you are right on 'seeing' Michigan. Perhaps we're all focused on the individual game results, and there's another narrative that's linked close to it. Meaning, it's still in the realm of possibility that Michigan 'gets in' and then there will be 2 HUGE$ events of focus.

    Kind of like a 'mountain of many peaks', we're 'focused' on one in particular with another close by.

  6. Jeremy first let me say thanks because you put in alot of time on your decodes. The Michigan game is exactly why I say to Everybody that you Cannot trust Gematria coding for betting...Let me tell you why I knew Ohio St was rigged to win.. So Friday morning ESPN was previewing the Game and the Announcer ended with a stat that I didn't totally catch but he said'' If Urban Meyer wins he will be 19- 1 in his career at Ohio st.. Boom! There it was a 911 code. And of course a couple days later we have a attack at Ohio St.I jumped off the ouch and said to my friend Ohio St is for sure winning..As the game wore on i never waivered ,I knew that the announcer dropped that Gem of a clue in at the End to give us a clue. So its my opinion the games are playing out in sum kinda Biblical? prophecy way? Eziekel 38? Why The Cowboys are having such a great season. Anyhow, just thought id relay that coded Espn message that HIT me like a brick i knew it was a clue, Gematria is a mystery for sure i do think Sean Dexter is onto something with the franchise dates of teams and stuff because obviously what we are doing isn't the formula ?? Thanks again..shawn PS I live a half mile from the Colts complex, The Colts Said in this mornings paper ' They Have to RUN the table"....

    1. Shawn, I just made an excell of the 'birthdates' of the NFL Teams for anyones resource library.

      I too think there's importance to have this for a couple of reasons.

      The Root yeilds the fruit. Think so above, so below.

      Both come from the 'seed'.

      Pretty organic. Even Jesus tried to teach this stuff. He said there was one parable (riddle/dark saying) that if the disciple didn't get this one, How are you gonna understand anything else? (Godley Paraphrased) Mark 4:13

      He even talked about Gematria in the 30-60-100 (which by the way just may have been tampered with ans should be the 30-60-90

    2. When it went to overtime, I saw that Michigan was 10-2 in overtime games. I thought for sure they would go to 11-2 and win in the Horseshoe. I agree they sometimes drop clues in the pregame shows, but how are we supposed to watch every show and find the clue right before the game?

    3. very true.. I got a hunch Colorado wins Saturday..

    4. Thanks, if you want a copy, e mail me. Rick@GodleyWorks.com

      I'd be happy to share and hope it helps all.

    5. About Colorado. There was a hoax at the Colorado practice facility where a man with a machete (152, 330, 55) was killed by the police. Maybe a clue there.

  7. Jeremy..nice input...I've been sport betting a long time boxing..mma mostly..pick your spots..look for patterns..stay away from parlays...watch for sacrifice s.... take the points!

    1. This season I've been taking the points with dogs the majority of the time. One where I got it right was taking the Colts ML when they were like 8 point dogs at Green Bay. I just reached into the cookie jar one too many times haha

  8. Fields of Dreams quote may have an application here. Since we're trying to 'pick the lock' so to speak.

    "You once wrote, there comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens it’s self up for a few seconds to show you what’s possible"

  9. A Troller on zachs blog wrote up an intelligent piece about how certain people are destined to play certain roles...For every Phil Jackson their is a Marty Shottenheimer...2 great coaches, one that can never get over the hump..Maybe John Harbour is the latter

  10. On a more serious note guys, I like to Decipher the messages the elite tell us in movies, fake news, so sometimes I feel like im able to step Out Of The Matrix we are stuck in, see the Neuro Linguistic scripts that are playing out in our timeline so to speak. Right now at this moment I keep seeing the word COMET in so many stories, headlines, web pages,etc,etc..Now remember the BOOM that Obama coded earlier this year in his queen and prince harry commercial?? The Boom also was coded into the Sunday night NfL promo video where players all said BOOM!... Well look at the 2017 economist cover and the Comet streaking down on the tarot card on the cover...I believe we are being readied for a very soon Big Event.....

    1. WOW you could be right. That is actually pretty scary to think about because I have been hearing that they will explode a nuke missile in the ocean near New York and cause a huge tsunami to near destroy new york. These could be like the days of Noah as stated in the Bible. The Pope and Queen also said this will be the last Christmas.

    2. comet ping pong... yes I think you could be right.. I think bad things will happen next year... NY is coded to get destroyed in many movies and don't forget Madonna's music videos... not to mention a false flag with the hoover dam is expected to happen eventually and I feel that might be coming next year...

    3. just one thing though nukes are hoaxes, well I think so anyway with everything I've seen and many people have already debunked them as a hoaxes. Nukes are just fearporn. Nobody has a nuke button. Chernobyl and Hiroshima were all firebombed... the Hoover Dam probably has explosives built in and they will detonate them when the time comes and claim it was a nuke attack...

    4. No such thing as nuke bombs. Just another boggyman hoax to control the masses with.

    5. Nukes are hoaxes. It is a closed system we live in. They are preying on all the fear programming our tax dollars have paid for. A nuke would affect everyone- even the one who pushed the button.

    6. they used carpet bombs on japan..nuke = hoax if you have a tell a vision in your house you are paying for your mind control....more important you are agreeing with it

  11. Go to against the grain youtube channel He is a genius he shows you whats hiding in the sky presently....

  12. I'm still sold on Ohio taking it all and Michigan winning the orange bowl (against florida)
    Got loads on Ohio but here's a few of my reasons.
    Buckeyes = 91.
    Will Smith (who went to ohio) wore 91.
    He died on 4/9/16 =29. Ninth = 29
    Ohio will get there ninth championship.
    Final is on 1/9/2017, the ninth day of the year.
    From 4/9 to 1/9 is exactly 9 months.
    If we go from smiths birthday to 1/9 it's 6 months 5 days. Ninth also = 65.
    Final is in florida = 65.

    1. Plus there was just a big hoax shooting at Ohio St that may also hold some clues.

    2. 11/28 - 1/9 = 1 month 12 days. Ohio state = 112.
      They said it was a somalian guy who injured 9.
      9th title.
      Nine = 24. Somali = 24.

    3. that's why they got in...sacrifice...you saw the refs steal the game

  13. Colorado is not beating Washington. It over

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