Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Giant: Oil, Colts, and Texas

I was thinking about the narrative playing out for this years Super Bowl, and a movie came to mind that contains these themes. Giants... Colts... Oil... Texas... That movie is Giant, which is about a cowboy who discovers oil on a ranch in Texas. It released in 1956 and was the last movie of James Dean before he died. Time to break it down...

Giant is a 1956 American epic Western drama film, directed by George Stevens from a screenplay adapted from Edna Ferber's 1952 novel. Texan rancher Bick Benedict visits a Maryland farm to buy a prize horse. Whilst there he meets and falls in love with the owner's daughter Leslie, they are married immediately and return to his ranch. The story of their family and its rivalry with cowboy and (later oil tycoon) Jett Rink unfolds across two generations.

Giant = 51. Edna Ferber = 51, the woman who wrote the novel. Bick Benedict = 51. James Dean was born on a date with 51 numerology (2+18+31 = 51). Dean moved to NYC in '51 to pursue his acting career. The 51st prime number is 233. Luck = 233. Horse = 233.

Giant = 24. Colts = 24. Texas = 24. Dean = 24. Edna = 24. Rebel = 24. Dean was 24 when he died. "Rebel Without a Cause", Dean's movie before Giant, which he is well known for. Eli Manning is a "Rebel" himself, as he played college football at Ole Miss.

Giants = 25. Jimmy = 25. Rink = 25. James dean born on a day with 25 numerology (2+1+8+1+9+3+1 = 25) in Marion = 250. Super Bowl on 2/5.

Giants = 70. Jimmy = 70. Leslie Benedict = 70. James Dean born on a day with 70 numerology (2+31+19+55 = 70), in Marion = 70. Director George Stevens died at 70 years old, in 1975. Indianapolis Colts = 75. Andrew Austen Luck = 75.

Dean has connections to both Indiana and New York. He was born in Marion Indiana, a fitting town for his birthday. Marion = 250, 70, 420, 34. 2/18/1931 = 70, 34, 25, 51. Giants = 25/34.
After graduating High School in 1949, Jimmy moved to California to attend college at UCLA. He dropped out in January 1951 and moved to New York to act full-time. His final resting place is Fairmount, Indiana.

The film released in 1956, 60 years ago. Dean = 60. Bick Benedict = 60. Indianapolis = 60. James Dean = 216, and here we are in the year 2016. Oil = 216. Sixty = 97. This is the 97th NFL Season. Sixty = 25. Giants = 25.

60 years ago, the 1956 NFL Championship was won by the New York Giants. They defeated the Chicago Bears by a score of 47-7. This years Super Bowl will be the 47th SB of the modern era. Luck = 47. Rock Hudson = 47. Oil Tycoon = 47. The Colts play in a stadium named after Oil... Lucas Oil Stadium. And of course, Houston, the site of the SB, is known for it's original team, the Houston Oilers, of which Andrew Luck and Eli Manning's fathers were both members of during their careers. Oliver Luck = 47. Archie Manning has birth numerology of 47 (5+19+1+9+4+9 = 47)
The '56 Championship was played on 12/30/56. That day had numerology of 98 (12+30+56 = 98). This NFL Season began on 9/8. Eli Manning = 98.

Super Bowl LI = 912. Jordan Benedict Jr = 912. Andrew Luck born on 9/12. Andrew Austen Luck = 192. Ninety Seven = 912. 97th NFL Season. Seventy Five = 912. Indianapolis Colts = 75. Lasting Reputation = 912. Thirty Six = 912. This February = 912.

James Dean = 72. Manning = 72. OBJ = 72. Ben McAdoo = 72.
James Dean = 27. Hudson = 27. OBJ = 27. Elisha = 27. Chuck = 27. Pagano = 27. Irsay = 27. Luck is 27 years old. Reata = 270. Dynasty = 27. Ritual = 27.
Interesting to note, that Dean's first television appearance was in a Pepsi commercial. Odell Beckham has been appearing in plenty of those as of late.
Pepsi = 65. James Byron Dean = 65. Odell Beckham Jr = 65. Andrew = 65. 
James = 288. Odell = 288.

James Dean = 36. Super Bowl 51 will be on 2/5, the 36th day of the year. Giant = 306. Manning = 36. Ben McAdoo = 36. Ferber = 36. Hudson = 36. Oil = 36.

Dean's 2/18 birthday is 13 days after the SB. Eli in his 13th season, and Odell Beckham wears #13. The car Dean died in had the number "130" on the hood.
From the 61st anniversary of Dean's death 9/30/16 to the SB is a span of 129 days. Odell = 129. Andrew Luck born 12/9.

From Dean's birth on 2/18/1931 to the SB on 2/5/17 is a span of 31,400 days. Here we see the famous number of Pi: 3.14. One of the other stars of Giant, Elizabeth Taylor, was born on 2/27/32. Another connection to pi with the 22/7 fraction. Twenty Two Divided by Seven = 314. Pi = 25. 227 is the 49th prime, Dean born on the 49th day of the year. Lucas = 314.

New York and Revelations:
The movie first released in New York on 10/10/1956. Revelation = 1010. That is a span of 1 year and 11 days from Dean's death (111). New York = 111.
In the movie, the prized horse is named "War Winds". War Winds bucks off Bick Benedict's sister, Luz Benedict when she tries to spur him, killing her. This is how Jett Rink (Dean's character) gets his piece of land on the Reata Ranch. Luz leaves him some land in her will.
Also notice the horse is bought in Maryland, which is the original home of the Baltimore Colts.

  • War Winds = 111, 666, 39/48.  New York = 111, 666, 39/48. Prophecy = 666.
  • Luz Benedict = 121, 49. Revelation = 121, 49. 

The movie pulled in $39 Million at the Box Office. New York = 39. NY = 39.
Every time a New York team has been in the Super Bowl, it was connected to 39.
NRG = 39. NRG Stadium broke ground on 3/9/00. Pepsi = 390.
Thirty Nine = 61, and it has been 61 years since Dean's death.
The name "Jett" connects to New York as well, through the other New York team, the Jets.
The name Hudson is the same as the river that runs through NYC.

Indianapolis = 393. Colts = 393. Lucas Oil = 393. 
Tradition = 393. Encoded in Gematria = 393.
Lucas Oil was founded in 1989, and Andrew Luck was born in 1989. The name "Luck" is derived from Lucas. How bout that? Not only is Luck the highest paid QB, the stadium he plays in is named after him!

The Death of Dean:
James Dean's death has all the makings of a ritual sacrifice by the numbers. He died in a car crash in Cholame California on 9/30/1955.
Dean was traveling to Salinas California to compete in an auto racing event. Racing was a hobby Dean picked up during the previous couple of years. It was said Dean wanted to return to the "liberating prospects" of motor racing.
Liberating Prospects = 228, 93. Death = 228. 93, like the date he died: 9/30. Occult Ritual = 930. Propaganda = 93. Saturn = 93.
He and three friends were traveling on California state route 46, with Dean driving his Porsche 550 Spyder "Little Bastard" car. A 1950 Ford Tudor pulled out into an intersection, and Dean's porche slammed into the driver's side of the Ford. Dean was trapped in the car ans sustained numerous fatal injuries, including a broken neck. The driver of the Ford was named Donald Turnupseed, what a name...

  • Kill = 44. Turnupseed = 44. Little bastard = 44. Broken neck = 44.
  • Sacrifice = 46. Wreck on State Route 46. Auto Racing = 46.
  • Blood Sacrifice = 67. Donald Turnupseed = 67. 
  • Kill = 59. Date had 59 numerology (9+30+1+9+5+5 = 59). Hickman = 59 (1 of the 3 friends accompanying Dean).
  • Ford Tudor = 121, 49. Revelation = 121, 49. Bill Hickman = 49. Dean born on the 49th day of the year.
  • Murder = 79. Speeding = 79. Turnupseed, sounds a lot like "Turn Up Speed"...
  • Jimmy Dean = 94. September Thirtieth = 94. Date of death numerology of 94 (9+30+55 = 94). Stunt = 94.
  • Dishonest = 113. Mainstream = 113. Green Screen = 113. Date of death numerology of 113 (9+30+19+55 = 113).
  • Porsche Spyder = 72. James Dean = 72.

The Number 5:
Dean had a 5 year career as an actor from 1950-1955. Born in 1931, a year which has a numerology of 5 (1+9+3+1 = 14; 1+4 = 5). The number 5 is very connected to this Super Bowl. Luck is in his 5th season, and Pagano is in his 5th season as coach. The Colts won SB 5 over the Cowboys, the team with the 5 pointed star. SB 51 is in Texas, a state with 5 letters. A Colt becomes a stallion in it's 5th year. Oliver Luck, Andrew's father, played 5 seasons in the NFL.  Five = 24. Texas = 24. Colts = 24. Giant = 24.
The 1956 NY Giants offensive coordinator was Vince Lombardi, and the Defensive Coordinator was Tom Landry. Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers to 5 NFL championships during the 60's and Landry led the Dallas Cowboys to 5 Super Bowls, with 2 wins during the 70's.

Additional Findings:
James Dean graduated High School in May 1949. Archie Manning was born on May 19, 1949.
In Dean's yearbook, there is a picture of him with the words "NFL". In this case it stands for National Forensic League, which is a debate competition Dean participated in.
National Forensic League = 100. Fifty One = 100.

What's in a name?:
I decided to look up the meanings of names to see if it tells more of the story.
Andrew: "Manly" Austen: "magic dignity, or venerable" Luck: "fortunate", derived from Lucas. Lucas: "bright" or "shining".
Eli: "high or ascended". Eli was an Old Testament priest who cared for the prophet Samuel when Samuel was a child. Elisha: "God is salvation" Archibald: Manning: "brave or valiant man"
James: "supplanter, or one who follows" Dean: "valley"
Archie: "genuine, precious, or bold"
Oliver: Olive tree, peace
Samuel: God has heard, or Name of God
Bradford: place to cross a river

George Stevens' sprawling adaptation of Edna Ferber's best-selling novel successfully walks a fine line between potboiler and serious drama for its 210-minute running time, making it one of the few epics of its era that continues to hold up as engrossing entertainment across the decades. Giant opens circa 1922 in Maryland, where Texas rancher Jordan "Bick" Benedict (Rock Hudson) has arrived to buy a stallion called War Winds from its owner, Dr. Horace Lynnton (Paul Fix). But much as Bick loves and knows horses, he finds himself even more transfixed by the doctor's daughter, Leslie Lynnton (Elizabeth Taylor), and after some awkward moments, she has to admit that she's equally drawn to the shy, laconic Texan. They get married and Leslie spends her honeymoon traveling with Jordan to his ranch, Reata, which covers nearly a million acres of Texas. Once there, however, she finds that she has to push her way into her rightful role as mistress of the house, past Bick's sister, Luz (Mercedes McCambridge), who can't accept her brother's marriage or the changes it means in the home they share. Also working around Reata is the laconic ranch hand Jett Rink (James Dean) -- from a family as rooted in Texas as the Benedicts but not nearly as lucky (or "foxy"), Jett is dirt-poor and barely educated at all, and he fairly oozes resentment at Bick for his arrogance, although Luz likes him and for that reason alone Bick is obliged to keep him on. One thing Jett does have in common with his employer is that he is in awe of Leslie's beauty; another is his nearly total contempt for the Mexican-Americans who work for them -- Jett and Bick may have contempt for each other, but either one is just as likely to dismiss the Mexican-Americans around them as a bunch of shiftless "wetbacks." Luz feels so threatened with a loss of power and control that she decides to assert herself with War Winds, yet another "prize" that Bick brought back from Maryland that resists her authority -- then decides to ride the stallion despite being warned that no one but Leslie is wholly safe on him, and spurs him brutally in an effort to break him, which ends up destroying them both in the battle of wills she starts. After Luz's death, Jett learns that she left him a tiny piece of land for his own, on Reata, which he refuses to sell back to Bick, preferring to keep it for his own and maybe prospect for oil on it. Meanwhile, Leslie and Bick have their own problems -- Leslie can't abide the wretched conditions in which the Mexican families who work on Reata are allowed to live, taking a special interest in Mr. and Mrs. Obregon and their baby, Angel; but Bick doesn't want his wife, or any member of his family, concerning themselves with "those people." Leslie's humanity and her independence push their marriage to the limit, but Bick comes to accept this in his wife, and in four years of marriage they have three handsome children, a boy and two girls, and a loving if occasionally awkward home life. Meanwhile, Jett strikes oil on his land -- which he's named Little Reata -- and in a couple of years he's on his way to becoming the richest man in Texas, getting drilling contracts on all of the land in the area (except Reata) and making more money than the Benedicts ever saw from raising cattle. Bick is almost oblivious to the way Jett grows in power and influence across the years and the state, mostly because he's got his own family to worry about, including a son, Jordan III (Dennis Hopper), who doesn't want to take over the ranch from him, but wants instead to be a doctor; an older daughter, Judy (Fran Bennett), who wants to study animal husbandry and marry a local rancher (Earl Holliman) and start a tiny spread of her own; and a younger daughter, Luz (Carroll Baker), who's just a bit man-crazy and star-struck by the movies.The American entry into the Second World War and the resulting need for oil forces Bick to go into business with Jett and allow him to drill on Reata, and suddenly the Benedicts are wealthy enough to be part of Jett Rink's circle, which includes the governor of the state and at least one United States senator at his beck and call -- and Luz develops a serious crush on Jett, who likes his women young and is especially attracted to her, as Bick's and Leslie's daughter. Young Jordan marries Juana, a Mexican-American nursing student (Elsa Cardenas), and his father accepts it begrudgingly, with help from Leslie. The war kills Angel Obregon (Sal Mineo), a death that even affects Bick, but the Benedict family gets through it wealthier than ever and grows some more with the birth of Jordan IV to Jordie and Juana. When the family attends a gala opening of Jett Rink Airport, which concludes with a dinner honoring Jett's success, however, young Jordan's wife is humiliated by Jett's racist edicts, and he is beaten up by Jett's men after punching the oil baron. Seeing this, Bick challenges his old rival to the fight that's been brewing for a quarter of a century and wins by default, Jett being too drunk to defend himself or to hit; he's also too drunk to make the grand speech that was to climax the celebration, and he ends up alone in the ballroom. The Benedicts have it out with each other, young Jordan accusing his father of being as much a racist as Jett, and Leslie caught in the middle between her husband and her son. It looks like the Benedicts may lose each other, until an encounter with a racist diner owner forces Bick to stand up and get knocked down (more than once) defending his daughter-in-law and his grandson. Seen today, Giant seems the least dated of any of James Dean's three starring films, in part because it addresses issues that remain relevant more than 50 years later, and also because it has the best all-around acting and the best script of any of the three. Taken in broader terms, it's even better, with two of the best performances that Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson ever gave, and perhaps the second best of Hudson's whole career (after Seconds) -- the only unfortunate element at modern theatrical screenings is the tendency of younger viewers, who only know him in terms of the revelations late in his life of his being gay, to laugh and snicker at elements of Hudson's characterization; but his work is so good that the titters usually fade after the first 30 minutes or so. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

Giant = 267, 51, 306, 24,

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth = 1060, 88, 528, 43
Taylor = 1081, 91, 546, 28
Elizabeth Taylor = 2141, 179, 1074, 71,
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor =
Leslie Benedict
Leslie = 179, 62, 372, 26/35,
Benedict = 278, 62, 372, 35,
Leslie Benedict = 457, 124, 744, 61/70,
Born: 2/27/1932
Died:  3/23/2011
Aged: 79
Converted to judaism in 1959

Rock Hudson
Rock = 173, 47, 282, 20/29,
Hudson = 522, 81, 486, 27/36,
Rock Hudson = 695, 128, 768, 47/56/65,
Jordan Bick Benedict Jr. = 627, 177, 1062, 87/96,
Jordan Benedict Jr = 593, 152, 912, 71,
Bick = 34, 25, 150, 16/25,
Bick Benedict = 312, 87, 522, 51/60,
Born: 11/17/1925
Died: 10/2/1985
Aged: 59
Roy Harold Scherer Jr =

James Dean
James = 156, 48, 288, 12/21, 726
Dean = 60, 24, 144, 15, 50
James Dean = 216, 72, 432, 27/36, 776
James Byron Dean = 1118, 146, 876, 56/65,
Jimmy Dean = 859, 94, 564, 40,
Jimmy = 799, 70, 420, 25, 1069
Jett Rink
Jett = 415, 55, 330, 10, 805
Rink = 169, 52, 312, 25/34, 139
Jett Rink = 584, 107, 642, 35/44,
Born: 2/18/1931 - 70, 34, 25, 51
49 day, 316/317 remaining.
Marion Indiana
Marion = 250, 70, 420, 34, 
Died: 9/30/1955 - 113, 59, 32, 94
273/274 day, 92 remaining.
Cholame California
Fairmount Indiana
Funeral was 10/8/55.
Aged: 24
Rebel without a cause = 1819, 208, 1248, 73,
Rebel = 132, 42, 252, 24,
Years active: 1950-1955.
Dean's first television appearance was in a Pepsi commercial.
Moved to NYC in October 1951.
Donald Turnupseed = 1273, 193, 1158, 67/76,
Turnupseed = 1124, 143, 858, 44/53,
Liberating prospects = 1101, 228, 1368, 93/102,
Oil tycoon = 1172, 128, 768, 47
Ford Tudor = 814, 121, 726, 49,

Carroll Baker = 422, 116, 696, 53/62,
Luz Benedict II = 1426, 139, 834, 67
Luz = 1130, 59, 354, 14,

Mercedes McCambridge = 456, 150, 900, 87/96,
Luz Benedict = 1408, 121, 726, 49,

Edna Ferber
Edna = 60, 24, 144, 15
Ferber = 198, 54, 324, 36,
Edna Ferber = 258, 78, 468, 51,
Born: 8/15/1885 = 126, 45, 36, 108
Kalamazoo Michigan
Died: 4/16/1968 = 107, 44, 35, 88
New York City
Aged: 82

George Stevens = 1034, 161, 966, 62/71/80/89,
Stevens = 860, 104, 624, 23/32/41/50,
Born: 12/18/1904
Died: 3/8/1975
Aged: 70

Released 10/10/1956 (New York City) - 95, 41, 23, 76
Released 11/24/1956 (US) - 110, 56, 29, 91
Run Time 201 minutes
Budget $5.4 M
Box Office $39 M

Reata = 297, 45, 270, 18,
Little Reata = 771, 123, 738, 42,
War Winds = 1254, 111, 666, 39/48,

1956 NFL Championship
New York Giants 47 - Chicago Bears 7. Total 54.
12/30/1956 - 117, 63, 27, 98

Elisha Archibald Manning III = 535, 211, 1266, 130,
Archie = 116, 44, 264, 35,
Archie Manning = 323, 116, 696, 71,
Archibald Manning = 355, 130, 780, 76,
Born: 5/19/1949
Birth numerology: 92, 47, 38, 73
Ole Miss = 344, 92, 552, 29/47
Ole Miss Rebels = 576, 153, 918, 54/81,
Mississippi = 616, 157, 942, 58/94,

Oliver Francis Luck = 1206, 198, 1188, 81,
Oliver = 594, 81, 486, 36,
Francis = 259, 70, 420, 34/43,
Oliver Luck = 947, 128, 768, 47/56/65/74,
Francis Luck = 612, 117, 702, 45/54/63,
Born: 4/5/60
Birth numerology: 88, 25, 69
West Virginia = 1380, 156, 936, 66/75/84/93,


  1. I hope you're right, thats some good stuff. Love the team photo from 1983..together in Houston, side by side on the photo and now their sons might go head to head in the super bowl 33 years Houston.

    1. And their numbers are even #10 and #8, 108 like the Cubs stuff

    2. Yea and last sunday's colts and giants game scores summed to 108 (57+51) as im sure you're already aware. Awesome stuff

    3. Good one! I had a post a few weeks ago about the geometry of 108. Also, I noticed that James Dean's funeral was 10/8/55...

  2. Wow.....I am not worthy.... Good job

  3. Wow.....I am not worthy.... Good job

  4. whoa.. how the hell did you even come across this?
    this is amazing work

    1. Haha I saw the movie in school in jr. High, and somehow it just came to my memory

  5. Tony Romo is back practcing for Cowboys, does this siginal the cowboys f*cking up now? Do the Cowboys beat the Steelers this weekend?

    1. Haven't researched this week's games yet, but that sparked a thought. Going with the Cowboy theme, perhaps we see the Giants beat the cowboys in the playoffs. They still face each other once more in the regular season too

    2. I think it will somehow unravel the Cowboys season. Possibly a Dak Prescott minor injury to get Romo back in and sink them in the playoffs. Jerry says he's the most talented quarterback - possibly EVER! He wants him to win a ring.

    3. This is really interesting and so much work. I've learned alot about the numbers through this blog. I learn more every week. It has certainly change how I watch sports now. I did learn something big from the Breeders Cup last weekend. Arrogate had major syncs with Hillary so Arrogate wins the race, I assumed a lock for Hillary. I did read an article Sunday that made me think it said Arrogate was the untested and inexperienced horse going up against the much more experienced veteran in Cali Chrome. Then Arrogate has this come from behind win. The way that news article was written really caught my eye because it emphasized this difference in experience and I thought hmmm that narrative actually matches Trump winning which is of course exactly what happened with his supposed stunning, come from behind upset. My point being that I guess the number syncs indicate relevance to the overall script and are indicators but in this case she lost so the narrative around the horses told what would happen rather than the number match up equaling a win. Just another idea to help put the puzzle together.

    4. The Giants did beat the Cowboys in 2007 when they won the Super Bowl. The Cowboys were the #1 seed at 13-3 and had 13 Pro Bowlers

    5. The Cowboys are an accident waiting to happen! - It starts on Sunday

  6. Nice one buddy! So as I was saying, Dean died 7 months 22 days after his birthday. Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =2270, the Pi code of history repeating, synced up with predictive programming in several other flicks. The Book of Eli came out 7 months 22 days before Super Bowl 51 and The Big Friendly Giant had its U.K. release on 7/22, the birthday of Giants GM Jerry Reese. Jack the Giant Slayer dropped 3 years 11 months 4 days before SB 51. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314 just as 22/7 =3.14, the approximation of Pi. Giants Vikings NFC Conference Final =314. Twenty Seventeen Champions =314. And 31,400 days from his birth to SB 51!!! Now that right there is why deep digging and collaboration is the key.

    1. Sorry, 7 YEARS 22 days after Book of Eli, released on 1/15/10 -- 23 days (3 weeks 3 days) before Colts lost the Super Bowl to the Saints. Eli's brother and Denzel's character was a saint.

    2. Boom goes the dynamite! Brother Berg dropping some slices of gematria pi!

    3. Your 111 finds popped the most for me. The movie poster emphasizes the first letters of each name: ETRHJD =390. New York code baby!

    4. There was an article on how Coughlin misses coaching. That article was last updated Nov 9 at 2:27 pm. From that date to SB is 2 months 27 days.. theres your 227s right there. He will be inducted into the Giants ring of honor at halftime during monday's game vs Bengals. From Nov 14 to SB is 2 months 23 days including the end date...223. Two numbers that often come up in your work, Berg ;). Not to mention nov 14 leaves 47 days to the year.

    5. Both of you guys are awesome! great post Jeremy!

    6. Another interesting thing is the Colts played in London 10/2,and the giants played in London 10/23......223 again.....

  7. Congrats on another piece of great work, Jeremy.

    I just want to add a few comments to the number 5, as you already said it is very important to Super Bowl 51 (51 being a confirmation of 5 in itself).

    5 is also the Manning brothers quest for their 5th Super Bowl victory. Peyton and Eli's life and careers has been molded after the biblical Cain and Abel, and for this story to come to an proper end we need to get the Cain character to surpass his brother. Eli/Cain winning his third SB would be a "ritual kill" of his brother Peyton/Abel.

    Indianapolis Colts will most probably go 5-5 for the season on Sunday 20th of November. 20.11.2016 has the numerology of 47, like SB 47 of the modern era, and 12 like Andrew Luck #12.

    If Giants lose to Bengals on Sunday, they may also end up with a 5-5 season stat on the very same day as Colts (loss to Chicago).

    20.11.2016 = 31, 40, 67: #10 Eli going for his 3rd. 4 is the Mannings SB victories now and the "vacant years" in between when they do not win SB's (they win one or two, and then we have to wait 4 years on the calendar for the next win) 67 represent the 6th up to the 7th Manning SB appearances.

    55 was also an important number to Broncos and Peyton Manning previous season.

    Any which way this unfolds, we need to understand the number 5 to understand Super Bowl 51.

    1. Cain would be Peyton the older brother. Able is the younger of the twins.

  8. Great find and decode Jeremy! I found some info on the game tonight here.

    Its a military tribute and the anthem singer is Sgt. Joey Odoms. Also the Ravens are wearing the all purple color rush and I noticed Hillary was wearing purple in her concession speech

  9. Great find and work! The film Giant also has a spin-off documentary called Children of Giant (2015!) about the film set town of Martha (= 39) where the flim maker studied the strained Anglo vs Mexican American relationships (sound like the current Presidential campaign?) The film was based on a novel by Edna Ferber (=51) (Ferber = 36).

    1. Brilliant! That town Marfa is out in West TX and is known for the "Marfa lights". I'll have to look more into this

  10. That was a super-interesting blog post. Others have already said alot of what I want to say - for instance that Pi day count of 31,400 days is magical! I consider the whole write up to be Pro-Grade quality. If the Giants make the SB - this blog needs to go Viral!

    I'm already thinking the Cowboys are a Distraction to allow the Giants to coast under the radar. Eli & Co can play pressure free while the NFL builds up their star rookies in Dallas for the future,

    A Colt/Giants SB would be a dream come true, & the ultimate victory for Gematria!

    JEREMY =1120. Fields Of White =1212.

  11. Ha! I didn't realize my name has the 112 Andrew Luck number. As it turns out, I have the same b-day as him.
    Did you know, the name Luck is derived from Lucas? Like Lucas Oil? Not only is he the franchise QB, the whole dang stadium is named after him!

    1. Great Factoid! Lucas Oil =393. You Decoded alot of 39/93. Also L I = 3 9. Lucas Oil is a bigger clue than I ever gave it credit for.

      Lucas =314 - Pi :p

    2. Indianapolis = 393
      Colts = 393
      How is this even possible? How do they line it up symbolically as well as with gematria? Mind blown...

    3. Its Not Possible ;) Indianapolis =333, & I don't get anything close to 393 for Colts. Whatever you're on - send me some, ha!

    4. It's "English Gematria" on riding the beast... I think 333 is jewish on gematrix

    5. I need to look into the history of that company. Wow we have uncovered a monster now

    6. Lucas Oil: founded in 1989.
      Andrew Luck: born in 1989.

    7. I just read that Trump is considering Forrest Lucas, the founder of Lucas Oil for the position of Interior Secretary in his cabinet

  12. Mike Pence was born on 7th June, which was the same day Prince was born on. Pence is also currently 57 years old, the same age that Prince died. Its interesting that Pence is also from Indiana.

    1. Mike Pence is also the upcoming elect vice president.

    2. Columbus, Indiana

      Columbus = 106

      Prophecy = 106

    3. Trump from New York, and Pence from Indiana... Well, well, well...

  13. Pence was also at the Week 5 game between the Bears and Colts. The number 5 seems to be very important this year.

    1. Indeed. Bears are the team that the 1956 Giants beat in the championship, so maybe that's the connection. If Giants and Colts get to the SB, the Colts would be making their 5th appearance, and Giants would be going for their 5th win

  14. The Colts are 4-5 in the time of the Presidential election

    Mike Pence = 45

  15. If giants were to get into the playoffs as a wild card and win the super bowl
    eli mannings playoff record would go to 12-3
    123 > conspiracy

    1. The "triple jump" from the checkers commercial and OBJ's touchdown celebration...

  16. Hilarys VP Tim Kaine is from's that for a loop?

    1. It's also interesting that Eli and Sam (Bradford) are connected through the Bible. In 1st Samuel 3, Samuel is a servant in the house of Eli. Someone mentioned above that Peyton/Eli have Cain/Abel parallels

    2. The Lord gave Samuel the task to appoint the first "earthly king" of the old Israel nation. This was after the disobedient israelites raising demands to have a king, just like the surrounding nations. The Lord's answer to the people is of particular interest: "Have it your way!"

      "have it your way" in the English Reduction system equals 67. 67 is also 97, like the 97th year of NFL.

      "have it your way" in the English Gematria system equals 2974, 29 and 74 paired together. 47 like 47th Super Bowl modern era, and 92 like New York Giants next "birthday". Super Bowl LI, L=12, I=9.

      "have it your way" in Simple Gematria equals 193, like a reverse confirmation of 39. A lot of 39 connections in the NFL, just a few examples:

      New York=39. NY=39. G-Men=39. New York Football = 93. Ben McAdoo 39 years old, born 7/9/1977 (heavy 97 coding plus 7+9+77=93).
      Indianapolis = 393. Colts = 393. Andrew Luck born on a date with 39 numerology.
      Philadelphia Eagles = 393. Dallas Cowboys=1631.

      I do not know if this is correct, but some sources says that Samuel died 52 years old (05.02.2017, like 5th day of 2nd month).

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. There were 10 original members of the Outlawz, including Makaveli. 3 out of 9 are dead not including Makaveli. 39=New York (Another Giants Clue to SB 51??????). 4 out of the 10 original members are dead.

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