Thursday, November 3, 2016

NFL Week 9 Games

NFL Week 9

Teams on Bye: Cardinals, Bears, Bengals, Texans, Patriots, Redskins

Thursday Night Football

11/3/2016 = 11+3+20+16 = 50
11/3/2016 = 11+3+2+0+1+6 = 23
11/3/2016 = 1+1+3+2+0+1+6 = 14
11/3/16 = 11+3+16 = 30
307/308 day, 58 remaining.
November Third = 963, 153, 918, 72/90, 
113, 311
94 days to Super Bowl.
94, 3/2, 13/3 [ 95, 3/3, 13/4

Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Atl (5-3), TB (3-4), Line (Atl -4.5)
47th matcup. Tampa Bay leads 24-22.
Last matchup:

TNF records:
Tampa Bay: 3 games, 1-2.
Atlanta: 6 games, 4-2.

Tampa Bay: 244-390-1
Koetter: 7 games, 3-4 record.
Winston: 23 starts, 9-14, 3-8 h, 6-6 a.
Birthday spans: 
Koetter: 2/5/59
p: 272, 8/29, 38/6 [ 273, 8/30, 39
n: 94, 3/2, 13/3 [ 95, 3/3, 13/4
Winston: 1/6/94
p: 302, 9/28, 43/1 [ 303, 9/29, 43/2
n: 64, 2/3, 9/1 [ 65, 2/4, 9/2
Note Koetter has the same birthday as the Super Bowl.
Date numerology of 30. Jameis = 30. Winston has birth numerology of 30.
58 days remain in the year. Koetter = 580.
Tampa Bay is going for their 25th win in the series. Tampa Bay = 25, so it would be fitting to get it at home.
Game on 11/4. Winston = 114.
November Third = 72/90. Raymond James Stadium = 72/90. Jameis Winston = 72.
It is 94 days to the Super Bowl and Koetter's birthday. Dirk Jeffrey Koetter = 94.
47th matchup. 47th prime is 211. Dirk Jeffrey Koetter = 112, the inverse of 211.
Forty Seven = 149, 50. Twenty Five = 149, 50. So there is a relationship between 47 & 25, as TB goes for it's 25th win in the 47th matchup.
Tampa Bay is trying to improve to 4-4, against the team from Georgia = 44.

Atlanta: 335-435-6
Quinn: 24 games, 13-11 record.
Ryan: 139 starts, 80-59, 46-23 h, 34-36 a.
134 regular starts, 79-55, 45-21 h, 34-34 a.
Birthday spans:
Quinn: 9/11/70
p: 53, 1/23, 7/4 [ 54, 1/24, 7/5
n: 312, 10/8, 44/4 [ 313, 10/9, 44/5
Ryan: 5/17/85
p: 170, 5/17, 24/2 [ 171, 5/18, 24/3
n: 195, 6/14, 27/6 [ 196, 6/15, 28
Date numerology of 23. Atlanta GA = 23. Atlanta is going for their 23rd win in the series.
Date numerology of 30. Quinn = 30.
58 days remain in the year. Ryan = 58.
Ryan making his 135th regular start. Raymond James Stadium = 1350.
If Ryan loses, it would be his 37th overall road loss. Buccaneers = 37.
Ryan's previous birthday was 170 days ago. Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 170.
Quinn's previous birthday was 53/54 days ago. Atlanta comes into the game 5-3, if they lose it would fall to 5-4.
If Ryan loses, it would be his 60th overall loss. Sixty = 25. TB going for series win 25. It is Quinn's 25th game coaching.

That's all I have time for before kickoff. Spent all my time on horse racing. Certainly looks like Tampa has some favorable alignment.


11/6/2016 = 11+6+20+16 = 53
11/6/2016 = 11+6+2+0+1+6 = 26
11/6/2016 = 1+1+6+2+0+1+6 = 17
11/6/16 = 11+6+16 = 33
310/311 day, 55 remaining.
November Sixth = 1569, 174, 1044, 66/75/84/93, 
11+6=17, 11*6=66
116, 611
91 days to Super Bowl
91, 2/30, 13 [ 92, 3, 13/1

Early Games

Detroit at Minnesota

Philadelphia at New York Giants

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Jacksonville at Kansas City

Dallas at Cleveland

Pittsburgh at Baltimore

Afternoon Games

New Orleans at San Francisco

Carolina at Los Angeles

Indianapolis at Green Bay
Ind (3-5), GB (4-3), Line (GB -7.5)
43rd regular matchup. Indianapolis leads 21-20-1.
44th overall matchup. Indianapolis leads 21-21-1.
Last matchup: 10/7/12. Indy won 30-27. Total of 57.

Green Bay:
McCarthy: 167 games, 108-58-1, 8-7 playoffs, 116-65-1 overall. 182 total games. 
Rodgers: 139 starts, 91-48, 53-15 h, 38-33 a.
126 regular starts, 84-42, 50-13 h, 34-29 a.
Birthday Spans:
McCarthy: 11/10/63
p: 362, 11/27, 51/5 [ 363, 11/28, 51/6
n: 4 [ 5
Rodgers: 12/2/83
p: 340, 11/4, 48/4 [ 341, 11/5, 48/5
n: 26, 3/5 [ 27, 3/6
Date numerology of 26. Rodgers has birth numerology of 26.
55 days remaining in the year. Green Bay WI = 55.
44th matchup. Wisconsin = 44. If GB loses, they would fall to 4-4 on the season. Green Bay located on the 44th parallel North.
43rd matchup. Forty Three = 59, and if GB loses it would be McCarthy's 59th regular loss. It would also be Rodger's 43rd regular loss.
The winner of this game will get their 22nd overall win in the series. Aaron = 22.
If Rodgers loses, it would be his 16th overall home loss. Sixteen = 33. Date numerology of 33.
McCarthy comes into the game with 116 wins on 11/6. If he loses, he would stay stuck on that number.

Pagano: 72 games, 44-28, 3-3 playoffs, 47-31 overall. 78 total games.
Luck: 69 starts, 41-28, 24-10 h, 17-18 a.
63 regular starts, 38-25, 22-10 h, 16-15 a.
Birthday spans:
Pagano: 10/2/60
p: 35, 1/4, 5 [ 36, 1/5, 5/1
n: 330, 10/26, 47/1 [ 331{67}, 10/27, 47/2
Luck: 9/12/89
p: 55, 1/25, 7/6 [ 56, 1/26, 8
n: 310, 10/6, 44/2 [ 311, 10/7, 44/3
Game is on the 311th day of the year. Andrew Luck's birthday is 311 days away.
Luck also has a prophecy connection, as his birthday is 10 months 6 days away (106).
November Sixth = 66, 11*6=66, NFL=66, and the Colts are trying to give McCarthy his 66th loss on this day.
55 days remaining in the year. Green Bay WI = 55. Luck's previous birthday was 55 days ago.
Indy comes into the matchup with 438 franchise losses. Packers = 438. So if Indy wins they would stay on that number.
Pagano's next birthday is 5 weeks 1 day away (51).
Andrew Luck = 49 (with K exception), and he can give Rodgers his 49th overall loss.
Luck is going for his 17th regular road win. The 17th prime is 59. If he wins, it will give McCarthy his 59th regular loss.

Game notes:
A reader has made some finds on Zach's blog about the last time the Colts won in Lambeau Stadium on 11/13/1988.
Chris Chandler was the QB for the Colts in that game.
Chandler was born on 10/12/65, and is 51 years old. So within his birthday we see the 112 and 51, like SB51 in Houston.
He was drafted by the Colts in 1988, and later played for the Falcons in SB 33 (1998). The Falcons just beat Green Bay last week.
The '88 Colts at Packers game was played on a date with 112 numerology. 11+13+88 = 112.
The score was 20-13, total of 33. CC=33. Sunday's game will be on a day with 33 numerology (11+6+16=33).
Chandler had 98 yards passing, and GB had 98 yards rushing. Prophet = 98, and the '16 season started on 9/8.
Green Bay QB Majkowski had 216 yards passing, possibly pointing us to this 2016 matchup.

Commentary: Season is pretty much on the line for the Colts here. I found many good gematria connections for them, RFG is projecting them to win 5 straight, the Chris Chandler find is solid, and if Cali Chrome wins the Breeder's Cup on Saturday it would be even more evidence for them to go on a run.

Tennessee at San Diego

Sunday Night Football

Denver at Oakland
112th regular matchup. Oakland leads 60-49-2.
114th overall matchup. Oakland leads 61-50-1, including 1-1 playoffs.
Last matchup: 12/13/15. Oakland won 15-12. Total 27. This win snapped a streak of 8 straight Denver wins.

Oakland: 450-399-11
Del Rio: 24 games, 13-11 record with Oakland.
163 games, 81-82, 1-2 playoffs, 82-84 overall career. 166 total games.
Carr: 40 starts, 16-24, 7-12 h, 9-12 a.
Birthday spans:
Del Rio: 4/4/63
p: 216, 7/2, 30/6 [ 217, 7/3, 31
n: 149{35}, 4/29, 21/2 [ 150, 4/30, 21/3
Carr: 3/28/91
p: 223{48}, 7/9, 31/6 [ 224, 7/9, 32
n: 142, 4/22, 20/2 [ 143, 4/23, 20/3
Jack Del Rio's next birthday is 150 days away. Jack = 150.
Date numerology of 26. Oakland CA = 26.
Date numerology of 33. Carr has birth numerology of 33.
Date numerology of 17. Carr going for his 17th win.
Carr making his 41st start. Broncos = 41.
Oakland seeking their 61st victory in the series. Gary Kubiak = 61.
If Oakland wins, Siemian would be 2-2 in road games. Oakland = 22.

Kubiak: 24 games, 18-6, 3-3 playoffs, 21-9 overall with Denver. 29 total games.
149 games, 79-70, 5-2 playoffs, 84-72 overall for career. 156 total games.
Siemian:  7 starts, 6-1. 4-0 h, 2-1 a.
Birthday spans:
Kubiak: 8/15/61
p: 83, 2/22, 11/6 [ 84, 2/23, 12
n: 282, 9/9, 40/2 [ 283{61}, 9/10, 40/3
Siemian: 12/26/91
p: 316, 10/11, 45/1 [ 317, 10/12, 45/2
n: 50, 1/20, 7/1 [ 51, 1/21, 7/3
112th matchup. Siemian's birthday was 10 months 12 days ago (112).
Kubiak's previous birthday was 83 days ago. Football = 83. Derek Carr = 83. Colorado = 83. If they beat Oakland, it would give Del Rio his 83rd regular career loss. If Oakland wins, it gives Del Rio his 83rd overall career win.
Game on 11/6. Kubiak's birthday was 11 months 6 days ago (116). Gary Wayne Kubiak = 66. Mile High = 116.
Date numerology of 33. Kubiak = 330.
Siemian's next birthday is in 50 days. Denver = 50.
Denver is going for their 50th regular and 51st overall victory in the series. Siemian's birthday is 50 days away, and 51 including the end date.
55 days remaining in the year. Kubiak = 55. Kubiak is 55 years old.
Kubiak's previous birthday was 12 days ago. If Denver wins, it would give Del Rio his 12th loss with Oakland.
Kubiak's next birthday is 283 days away. 283 is the 61st prime. Gary Kubiak = 61. That seems favorable, but on the other hand, Oakland is seeking their 61st victory in the series.

Game notes:
Del Rios 167th game coaching. 167 is the 39th prime. SNF = 39.
389 is the 77th prime (Denver's franchise losses if they lose).
463 is the 90th prime (Denver's franchise wins if they win). Jack Del Rio has birth numerology of 90.
Ninety = 33. Date numerology of 33.

I'm not completely done decoding this by kickoff. I am leaning slightly towards Denver because Kubiak has many connections, but it is not conclusive.


11/7/2016 = 11+7+20+16 = 54
11/7/2016 = 11+7+2+0+1+6 = 27
11/7/2016 = 1+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 18
11/7/16 = 11+7+16 = 34
311/312 day, 54 remaining.
November Seventh =  1420, 187, 1122, 70/79/106/115, 
11+7=18, 11*7=77
117, 711
90 days to Super Bowl
90, 2/29, 12/6 [ 91, 2/30, 13
Week Nine = 644, 86, 516, 41/50, 
Nine = 114, 42, 252, 24, 94, 23

Buffalo at Seattle
Buff (4-4), Sea (4-2-1), Line: (Sea -6.5)
13th matchup. Seattle leads 7-5.
Last matchup: 12/16/12. Seattle won 50-17. Total 67.
1422, 3/10/22, 203/1 [ 1423{224}, 3/10/23, 203/2

MNF records:
Buffalo: 41 games, 17-24.
Seattle: 30 games, 22-8.

Seattle: 319-315-1
Carroll: 103 games, 64-38-1, 8-4 playoffs, 72-42-1 overall. 115 games with Seattle.
167 games, 97-69-1, 9-6 playoffs, 106-75-1 overall. 182 career games.
Wilson: 81 starts, 57-23-1, 34-6 h, 23-17-1 a.
71 regular starts, 50-20-1, 30-5 h, 20-15-1 a.
Birthday spans:
Carroll: 9/15/51
p: 53{16}, 1/23, 7/4 [ 54, 1/24, 7/5
n: 312, 10/8, 44/4 [ 313{65}, 10/9, 44/5
Wilson: 11/29/88
p: 344, 11/9, 49/1 [ 345, 11/10, 49/2
n: 22, 3/1 [ 23{9}, 3/2
Wilson's next birthday is in 22 days. Ryan = 22.
Seattle has a streak of 10 straight wins on Monday night football. Will they get win 11 against Buffalo? The team from New York, the 11th state. Or will it end at 10? Ten = 39. New York = 39.
If Seattle wins to get their 11th straight, it would give Taylor his 11th loss as starter, dropping his record to 11-11.
Wilson is making his 82nd start. Seattle = 82. Tyrod = 82.
Date numerology of 54. Russell Wilson = 54.
If Seattle loses, they would be 4-3-1. Seattle Seahawks = 43.
Wilson is going for his 58th overall win. Washington = 58.

Buffalo: 397-455-8
Ryan: 24 games, 12-12 record with Bills.
120 games, 58-62, 4-2 playoffs, 62-64 overall for career. 126 total games.
Taylor: 21 starts, 11-10, 6-4 h, 5-6 a.
Birthday spans:
Ryan: 12/13/62
p: 330, 10/25, 47/1 [ 331{67}, 10/26, 47/2
n: 36, 1/6, 5/1 [ 37{12}, 1/7, 5/2
Taylor: 8/3/89
p: 96, 3/4, 13/5 [ 97, 3/5, 13/6
n: 269{57}, 8/27, 38/3 [ 270, 3/28, 38/4
67/76 looks like a big number on this game, as the Bills try to bring their series record to 6-7 against Seattle.
Rex Ashley Ryan = 67/76. Percy Harvin = 67. Percy = 67. Peter Clay Carroll = 76. If Bills win, it would give Carroll his 76th overall career loss. Ryan's birthday was 331 days ago. 331 is the 67th prime. Last matchup had a total of 67. The Seahawks joined the NFL in '76.
The Bills record will be 4-5, or 5-4. Buffalo Bills = 45/54.
Date numerology of 54. Bills = 54. Buffalo Bills = 54. Harvin = 54. 54 days remaining in the year. Russell Wilson = 54. Pete Carroll's previous birthday was 54 days ago.
Date numerology of 18. Bills = 18. Percy Harvin wears #18. Bills are going for their 18th MNF win. Taylor was pick #180 in 2011.
If Buffalo wins, they would give Carroll his 39th regular loss with Seattle. Buffalo NY = 39. New York = 39.
Ryan is looking for his 13th win with Buffalo, in the 13th matchup with Seattle. It is 13 weeks to the Super Bowl.
Harvin = 72. Carroll has 72 wins with Seattle, a number he would be stuck on if Bills win. Wilson is making his 72nd regular start.
Buffalo is playing their 42nd game on MNF. Rex Ryan = 42. Nine = 42. Percy = 402.
Date numerology of 27. Buffalo = 27. Bills = 27. Taylor's next birthday is 270 days away.
Taylor making his 22nd start. Football a game with 22 players on the field. Wilson's birthday was 22 days ago.
Taylor is going for his 12th win as starter. Seattle is home of the "12th man".
Taylor is trying to improve to 6-6 on the road. NFL = 66. Thirty Three = 66. MNF = 33.
Talylor's birthday was 96 days ago.
Ryan is going for his 63rd overall win. Buffalo = 63. Sixty Three = 54. Buffalo Bills = 54.
Rex Ryan is coaching his 121st game, the number of Revelation. If Bills win, Tyrod would improve to 12-10, like 121.
Game is on 11/7. Buffalo Bills = 117.

Game notes:
431 is the 83rd prime (Seattle's record if they lose). Tyrod Taylor is born on 8/3. Football = 83.
521 is the 98th prime (Seattle's record if they win). Carroll going for his 98th regular career win.
Percy Harvin is returning to the Bills this week, coming out of retirement. He retired on 4/15/16, and was re-signed on 11/1/16. That is 200 days, like where he went to college: Florida = 200.
Percy played his college ball in Gainsville Florida. I see the connection between Seattle and Miami, as the Seahawks are named after the Miami Seahawks franchise that had only 1 season in 1946.
Percy Harvin had an 87 yard kickoff return in SB 48 against the Broncos. Seahawks = 87. Monday Night Football = 87. Clinton = 87.

The last time Buffalo won in Seattle was 11/28/04. Buffalo won 38-9. That was a span of 11 years, 11 months and 11 days ago. In that game, Willis McGahee rushed for 116 yards on 28 carries and 4 touchdowns. Sean Alexander had 39 yards rushing for Seattle. McGahee = 42, 33.  So McGahee connects to this being the Bills 42nd MNF game, and MNF = 33.

This game comes 1 day before the Presidential Election. It is played in Washington, the state named after the 1st President of the US. The visiting team, is from New York and named the Bills. This could be connected to the Clintons as they are from New York, and the name Bill. Will we see the Bills steal a victory in Washington, like the Clintons stealing the election?

Commentary: I think this is a pretty strong case for the Buffalo upset. The syncs with 18, 27, 54, 67, and 117 are favorable for them. Seattle has a few alignments, but not as much as Buffalo. 

Percy Harvin #18
Percy = 868, 67, 402, 31,
Harvin = 558, 72, 432, 36/54,
Percy Harvin = 1426, 139, 834, 67/85,
William Percival Harvin III = 1812, 264, 1584, 138/174
Born: 5/28/1988
148/149 day, 217 remaining.
Age: 28
Birth numerology: 140, 59, 41, 121
College: Florida = 200, 65, 390, 38,
Draft: 2009 / Round 1 / Pick 22 by Vikings
Minnesota Vikings (2009-2012) (signed 8/3/09, traded 3/11/13)
Seattle Seahawks (2013-2014) (traded for 3/11/13 for 1st and 7th round picks, signed for $67 million, 6 yrs, 25.5 guaranteed; traded 10/17/14)
New York Jets (2014) (traded 10/17/14, released 3/10/15) (Rex Ryan was the Jets coach when he played for them)
Buffalo Bills (2015-present) (signed 3/18/15, retired 4/15/16, re-signed 11/1/16)
Migraine = 211, 76, 456, 49,
Harvin got into a fight with teammate Golden Tate before Super Bowl 48 with Seattle. Notice Tate had the game winning touchdown for Detroit yesterday, against the team that drafted Harvin (minnesota).
Date numerologies:
11/1/16 = 48, 21, 12, 28
4/15/16 = 55, 28, 19, 35
3/11/13 = 47, 23, 11, 27
10/17/14 = 61, 34, 16, 41
Harvin retired on a date with 28 numerology, he re-signed on a day with 28 numerology and Harvin is 28 years old. Also, Tyrod = 28, Taylor = 28.
Harvin was traded from Seattle to the Jets (coached by Rex) on a day with 27 numerology, and this game has date numerology of 27 as well.


  1. Someone posted this on Tonys page. CUBS and BUCS are anagrams

    1. Brad, who is Tony? Can you provide the link? Thanks

    2. Its double posting all my comments lol

    3. It usually double posts if you back out of the page after posting

    4. Gematria doesn't work. No better than guessing. Zack sucks. Tony sucks. Ya all suck. Time to recognize it and move on.

  2. Jeremy!!! I count on you for Thursday night...killing me...

    1. I'm going with Julio Jones having a big night on TNF.

    2. Well he might but pretty confident in a Bucs win

    3. Well he might but pretty confident in a Bucs win

    4. I see that most people think Bucs on Zech's page. Seems like lots of alignments both ways but it does look strong Bucs. I went with the guy who said go with all White on TNF - lots of logic there ;) I like that whole Cubs Bucs thing. Thanks for posting your info.

    5. You had it right Sue! I guess BUC is opposite of CUB so like a reverse thing. Maybe they set a trap to get some of that Cub $ back

    6. I was thinking that same thing about the cub buc reverse - who knows. To be fair, Matthew Rhodes had it right on Zach's page with the White thing. However, based on a pregame snippet, I ran the numbers on Julio Jones and he had numbers aligning with TNF which is 13 / 40 Julio Jones 40 / 130 and he did have a good night, so coincidence?? Anyway 1 win in the bag for the football pool :)

  3. Who wins Steelers vs Ravens this week?

  4. Of course the Bucs didn't win. The Cubs/ Bucs thing is a tad childish...the fact is the Falcons will have a good year and be in playoffs because they are in new stadium next year...just as Vikings have been doing last year and's also why Rams are winning when least expected.Rams may not make playoffs but 5 hey will get more home wins before season is over....and I pick them to beat Carolina this weekend

  5. i got panthers dont see carolina being 2 -6

    1. you dont see? you didnt see the rams winning 2 games without scoring a TD either lol.

      you have to think in terms of screwing someone over. What you think is irrelevant.
      you didnt see the Panthers being 1-5 either

  6. what does 112 mean again is that a negative number or a positive number when you see that coded on a team

    1. because im tryna figure out if both nebraska and lsu upset alabama and ohio state due to the sam foltz connection

    2. It is a big number this year because it was the year of the 112th World Series, and the Super Bowl is in Houston. Houston = 112.

    3. Young slim, those are pretty big upsets!! For 1 to happen maybe, but both? If it does happen, guess u can bank these 2 !

    4. sam foltz date of death saturday night July 23, 2016 to gameday November 5, 2016 is 106 days, you have no.10 nebraska at no.6 ohio state, while Colby Delahoussaye has 113,42,132,33 birth date numerology and no.1 bama will be taking on no.13 lsu who jumped up several spots by suprise, not only does Delahoussaye have 33 surrounding the date he was born his next birthday from the game will be in 33 days and his previous birthday is 333 days plus this is lsu's 112th season, two of the kickers who were in the car crash one who died from nebraska and the other who still plays for lsu i just dont think its a coincidence that both lsu and nebraska are playing in primetime games at 8:00 that can greatly impact the playoff picture plus both teams lost to wisconsin where sam foltz died

    5. Slim, you helped me Monday on the George Halas catch. I appreciate your insight, knowing we are all still learning. Just want to say thanks. I read and think about the 'Slims-Picks'. Hope everyone has a Big Weekend!

    6. Slim, I did my best on the LSU/Bama game and see 112 on Jalen Hurts. 11 weeks 2 days till his next birthday. You have more?

    7. your welcome, im still learning also due to this being my first year getting into gematria(have to credit zach and jeremy due to me being introduced to gematria through their blogs). From what I have researched danny etling has 52 connections through his birthday which matches the date numerology, plus if lsu wins they will have 25 wins all time against alabama which also matches the date numerology, alabama has won 5 straight against lsu, former colts super bowl champion joseph addai has been on espn lately talking about the state of lsu(colts connection) Ed Orgeron who also has favorable numerology would be the perfect guy to take the lsu job permanently with him being from larose,la and this would be a big win(both him and etling are currently 4-1 with a chance to go 5-1 in the year of super bowl 51 with 112 connections plus alabama's winning streak in the series is 5(with a loss it will be 5-1) plus there is a lot of tragic events surrounding baton rouge this year but i have to keep researching

  7. ok because the numbers lean more to lsu beating Alabama and the same with Nebraska over osu, plus I'm thinking the cfb playoff could be lsu vs Nebraska like dan behrendt hinted because of the sam foltz connection,the baton rouge police shootings, I believe Obama spoke in both baton rouge and Nebraska, cfb rankings jumped the aggies to no.4 which I feel must be for lsu who has to also still play florida late in the season because the game was postponed earlier in the season therefore if lsu won out they could still be in the playoff with two losses, or another scenario if Alabama loses they can still win the sec and have one loss if they win out, in the other game if ohio state loses they are done, if Nebraska loses Wisconsin or Minnesota are more likely to take the division but I don't expect that because harbaugh and riley were hired in the same year and I feel it would make more sense for Michigan to play Nebraska in the big ten championship. I think the main question is will it be lsu vs Nebraska in the title game which is supposed to have connections to the colts or will it be Michigan vs bama(harbaugh has connections to colts), therefore if both lsu and Nebraska lose they are done but if they win both scenarios can still happen for lsu, nebraska, Michigan, and alabama

    1. Really lsu and Nebraska?? Come on man it's obvious it's going to be Michigan and Alabama ,Michigan wins

    2. i never said lsu and nebraska win it all but im thinking they possibly win tomorrow, my first thought is michigan also, but dan behrendt who zach said does really good work hinted at lsu and nebraska being a possibility through the whole sam foltz accident

    3. I see Leonard Fournette having a huge game to redeem for his 'sacrifice' in last years Alabama matchup. Remember he was Mr. All-in-All, Heisman favorite, and lays a big nothing on Alabama, disappears from the spotlight, decided to stay another year at LSU (Hello McFly?). The date numbers line up for LSU (as far as I can see), DON'T take my word for it, verify it for yourself and share. Fournette's Fortunes should be reversed tomorrow and he'll be back in the Heisman conversation.

    4. I got both Michigan (my 1st choice) and Alabama (my back-up) as CFB NC

    5. Fournetted is a true junior. Staying wasn't a decision, it's a "rule".

  8. corbhuskers havent beat a top-10 team in a true road game since 1997

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm thinking Michigan vs bama in the championship. Michigan wins.

    1. why u say this? I am a huge MI fan and alumni...

  11. Saints vs 49ers

    Findings so far...

    Saints are 25-47-2 overall vs. the 49ers. A win will bring them to their 26th win in the series. Date numerology of 26. Colin Kaepernick, if the 49ers lose, will have his 26th overall loss. "Colin" = 26. Kaepernick also has 40 overall wins, and therefore a loss would keep him at 40. "Sean Payton" = 40

    Colin Kaepernick is 2-1 vs the Saints. If the 49ers lose, he will be 2-2. "Brees" = 22, 202

    San Fran, if they lose, will be 1-7. Date numerology of 17.

    Sean Payton will have either his 91st regular season win or 62nd loss. 91 days until SB 51. "Payton" = 91

    Date Numerology of 33. Both Sean Payton and Drew Brees have birth numerologies of 33. Sean Payton goes into this game with a 41-33 record in road games. If the Saints win, he will stay at 33 losses.

    Game takes place 2 months and 9 days (29) prior to Drew Brees' 38th birthday. San Francisco is on the 38th parallel, and Chip Kelly, if the 49ers lose, will have his 29th overall loss.

    Brees has birth numerology of 42. Sean Payton is seeking his 42nd road win. "Nine" = 42/24, "Louisiana" = 420

    If the Saints win, Brees will be 7-3 overall versus San Fran. "Patrick Sean Payton" = 73

    Here is where it gets tricky. Chip Kelly has a regular season record of 27-27 and an overall record of 27-28. He could, therefore, have his 28th regular season win OR loss, or perhaps his 28th overall win. "New Orleans Saints" = 208, "Payton" = 28, "Patrick Sean Payton" = 208 If the Saints lose, Sean Payton will remain at 41 road wins "Week Nine" = 41

    If the 49ers win, they will improve to 2-6 on a date numerology of 26.

    1. Also Sean Payton will be coaching his 152nd game. "One hundred fifty two" = 97. If the Saints win, Payton will have 97 overall wins.

    2. Sky dancer bringing it with these saints games!

    3. We just need 32 people and each person can be super knowledgeable about 1 team haha

    4. This is a good idea Jeremy. Although you'd probably be best doing a team you are not attached to it skews the gematria reading well it skews mine anyway.

    5. Looks like Saints are gonna win. Sky is applying this knowledge the correct way. Well done!

  12. Lock Of the Week ( Titans over Chargers )

    1. what makes you believe that? curious

    2. Titans colors and the BD weekly system I presented, I'd share my work on that game but misplaced it.

  13. Found a real nice system Jeremy, Birthdays using the weeks to match the Franchise records. Few weeks invested and I promise it is something special. I added yesterdays game up with the wrong date... instead of 11/3 I did 11/6. Listen if that game happened on a Sunday instead of Thursday I promise Bucs win. Matched the Bucs up 3 times for 11/6. Realized today so I went back and redid the math to 11/3. Found and Atl. Win. All teams match up week after week and if you do the Buffalo game for 11/6 not 11/7 Bills win all day. I messed up again and yet to find who wins to the correct date 11/7. Its a treat and with work I promise you find winners weekly. So fart I did about 10 games and your winners I came up with are as follows: Pittsburg, Atlanta, Eagles, Titans, Dolphins, Raiders, Vikings, Cowboys. The Packers are my pick from what I cvame up with but this is the only game I do not have a win match so far, but I been working on some secondary methods. If you get a chance I suggest everyone check it out... a ttreatt from GO◇◆AT

    1. By using weeks you can go back to years 2000/2001 up to year 2029/2030. The Key ¡¡¡

    2. 3 weeks worth. Its does need wortk yet.

    3. Can you please elaborate? - I'm having a difficult time following. I'm willing to learn though

    4. For instance: Preston Dak BD till 7/29/25 is 455 weeks and 2 days. (and can be minus or plus so far) 455-2=453 Dallas can get AT reg. Season Win 453. Sometimes you get multiple hits then you must decide on a system how many, of what, how cryptic?? Ect ect ect... Its a gem.

      Cont. Chiefs, Rams, 49ers and Cowboys/Browns tough but I'll go Dallas.

      Parley would be Titans,49ers and Rams. Lk.

    5. how did you decode your titans pick? Maybe a walk-through with that example would clarify the method. Appreciate it!

    6. How u get Rams champ? & all those other winners just trying to match up my picks with yours?

    7. Gimme a lil bit to try and retrack my work on which games I can find and share something with you guys. Be back soon

    8. I can not track down my work on the titans game but here is the 49ers vs Saints: Kap BD from 11/3/08 is 417 weeks (and) 6 days ( and = + ) 423 loss All Time for N.O. Brees BD till 1/15/18 is a total of 435 days = SF remains at 435 Franchise losses. Brees 1/15/22 is 5 yrs 2 months and 9 days 529th franchise win for S.F. just a quick look at a lil bit I found, an example.

    9. I can not track down my work on the titans game but here is the 49ers vs Saints: Kap BD from 11/3/08 is 417 weeks (and) 6 days ( and = + ) 423 loss All Time for N.O. Brees BD till 1/15/18 is a total of 435 days = SF remains at 435 Franchise losses. Brees 1/15/22 is 5 yrs 2 months and 9 days 529th franchise win for S.F. just a quick look at a lil bit I found, an example.

    10. I don't understand how a players birthday 10 years from now is relevant

    11. What is the difference between using the next and previous years than going back or ahead 10 years. As long as the numbers connect consistantly then I can not see any difference. Please explain why you feel this is irrelevant ?

    12. The fact that if Tampa would have played Sunday not Thursday and you can match up franchise wins/losses 3 times for a Bucs win for Sunday is all I needed

    13. The fact that if Tampa would have played Sunday not Thursday and you can match up franchise wins/losses 3 times for a Bucs win for Sunday is all I needed

    14. That comment about going back 10 years being irrelevant, what do you mean and what is different

    15. usually cycles end an begin on the person's bday; that may be one reason. Im not going to discount ur method tho if it has been accurate, I just dont understand how to apply it. Do you go 10 years forward and 10 years backwards?

    16. Only reason I go back multiply years is to check one number really, the weeks. Example GB has 724 wins You have to go back over a decade to reach 700 plus weeks. Say it says 721 weeks 3 days well then you add the two sometimes subtract to get your number. If it says 724 weeks 3 days I note it and even know it is not an exact with add/subtract I am testing theroies now. That for me right now is the reason for going back/ahead multiple years, wait... I do use for instance 7 years 2 months 4 days were to pop up also, almost forgot. Point is it is working good last couple weeks so I decided to share it the good person I am. I could of stayed on HUSH but that's not G-O-A-T

    17. I am the top lyrisist and 100% Truth I recorded off a tablet but got hundreds of raw unheard tracks if I ever decide 2 release them in studio. Get time thoughts would be cool on the lyrical aspect

    18. System not working the way I hoped, my bad on the hype.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Jacksonville leads series 6-4 (10), last game was
    Sep 8, 2013 & Chiefs won 28-2, Chiefs are on 2 game win streak, Foles is 1-0 vs Jags & last game was
    Sep 7, 2014 & the score was 34-17 sum total is 51.
    Foles last game 9/7/14 to now is 113 weeks
    could mean Reid get his 113th lost regular season lost, Reid can get his overall 124th lost matching Gus Bradley Bday to gameday = 124 days,
    Nick Foles = 94 - matches 94’ coordinates,
    Andy Reid will get his 37th win also,
    This is Both coaches 56th game Gus overall &
    Reid 56th coaching Chiefs,
    Also Chiefs win record reads 5-6 (56).
    It's (56) days from 11/6/2016 to end of the year.
    Nick = 37.
    Reid bday to game is 232 days, 232 = 101.
    Kansas City, Missouri = 101. 26th prime - 101.
    Jags lose record goes to 2-6 (26).
    26 gameday numerology.
    Foles can get his 12th home win in his 37th game.
    12th prime - 37, it's Bortles 37th game starting also, this is gonna be the 11th matchup & 5th prime - 11, Chiefs could get their 5th win vs Jags, or Bortles can get his 11th win in the 11th matchup,
    Robby Blake Bortles = 184 & matches Jags 184th lost, Reid would get his 167th win Sunday &
    39th prime - 167, Coordinates 39°,
    Gus can get his 42nd lost, Gus Bradley = 42.
    Bortles can get his 27th lost, 27th prime - 103.
    Nicholas Edward Foles = 103.
    Bortles get his 16th away lost & 16th prime - 53. Matches gameday numerology 53.
    Reid 280th game coached, 280 = 206,
    drop 0 you'll get 26.
    Reid 302nd game coached. 302 = 80.
    Andy Reid = 80.
    7 weeks & 6 days (76) or 7 weeks & 7 days (77) including end date, from game to end of the year.
    Jaguars = 77
    Robby Blake Bortles = 76

  16. I noticed Cam 5/11/2015 bday to game is 545 days, 546 including end date, but the next day will be 547 could match Rams 547th lost. Cam is 1-0 vs Rams.
    Los Angeles Rams = 160, Carolina Panthers will get their 160th win. Ron getting his 50th win & Jeff Fisher has 50 bday numerology.

    1. It matches up with there franchise wins alot, end dates and a couple dates from the day are invalid. Look at the mason art work on your money once. They are perfection, free tip.

  17. Can someone decode Steelers vs Ravens? who wins?

    1. Pittsburg vs Baltimore: Tomlin BD is 592 weeks away (and+) 3 days = 595th franchise win 3/5/2028
      Harbaugh BD 9/23/2019 is 150 weeks (and+) 1 day = 151st franchise loss for Baltimore

  18. All,
    I am out of town this weekend visiting some family, and I probably won't get around to decoding many of the games. I think what I will do is, next week I'll make a blog post detailing the method I use, which is basically what Zach has been showing the past few years. That way, anyone can follow the same template and get the same result. Also if we had people do 1 game each we would have the whole week done in no time. I will outline the Cowboys Philly game from last week, as I think that was one of the strongest calls this season. I'll be able to do the Seattle Buffalo game on Monday. Mainly today I'm hoping the Breeders Cup ties into the Super Bowl coding and sets us up with some good clues.

    1. That would be great! I am currently working on a spreadsheet which does all kinds of Numerology and Gematria for more efficiency. I am also planning on setting up a Gematria Forum where we all could gather and work together as a community.

    2. I am curious how my format works out this week but regaurdless what happens I am down to do a couple games and pitch in. If others got time I suggest you leave a message detailing that information. Good Luck everyone on your picks and remember we are past the half way point. All day Truth here

    3. What we could use is a forum, the blog site comments are terrible to sift through. We could also use a birthday sheet, that would definitely help with time. Does anyone know how to create a formula where you can pull a date out of a drop down menu and it auto calculates from said persons birthday to the drop down menu date?

    4. I just created the Forums:

      Feel free to register and discuss truth. Ideas for the forums and participation is highly appreciated. Forum will hopefully become more structured over time.

      I just tried to create a spreadsheet which does what you mentioned above, Wildfire.

      It's the first version and I will improve it or add requested features. Feel free to contact me.

      Everyone who would like to help creating the database can send me their email address and I will give them permission to edit the spreadsheet.

    5. @Gousasin I just signed up to the forum, looks like I was the first member to join :)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. You're welcome, Tony!

      Here is an early version of my Numerology and Gematria spreadsheet (many more functions to come soon). Suggestions and ideas highly appreciated!

    8. Awesome! I'll sign up once I get a chance. Good job and thank you!

  19. 11/06/2016

    Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers
    Ten (4-4), SD (3-5), Line (SD -4.0)
    Chargers lead all-time series 26-17-1
    Tennessee Titans:
    408-446-6; Ten (4-4)
    Mularkey: 65 games, 22-43-0, 0-0 playoffs
    Mariota: 20 games, 7-13-0, 3-8h, 4-5a.
    Birthday Spans:
    Mularkey: 11/19/61
    p: 13days, 1/6, 312hours [14days, 2 weeks, 336hours
    n: 352, 11/18, 50/2 [353, 11/19, 50/3
    Mariota: 10/30/93
    p: 7days, 1week, 168hours [8days, 1/1, 192hours
    n: 358, 11/24, 51/1 [359, 11/25, 51/2

    Date numerology of 17. Titans have 17 wins in their series match up against San Diego.
    17 is the 7th prime number. Mariota’s birthday is 7 days away. TN=7, Tenn=17, 53
    From the date of the game of 11/06/16 to McCoy’s birthday (April 1) in ’17, it is 20 weeks and 6 days, a lot like 26.
    It’s also 146 days.
    46 = 56, Sacrifice, ORDO AB CHAO (Latin expression, Order out of Chaos, motto of Thirty-third Degree)
    46 also equals 46
    From the date of the game (11/06) to River’s birthday (12/08) is also 4 weeks and 4 days as well, like 44
    Rivers can get his 31st lose at home. Thirty one = 53
    Date numerology of 53. Murlarkey’s next birthday in 2017 is 50 weeks and 3 days away. (Including end date). Marcus Mariota = 53
    This is the 97th season of the NFL. Ninety seven=53
    53 is the 16th prime number. Murlarkey’s birthday is 1 week and 6 days away, a lot like 16.
    Chargers will be 3-6 should they lose to the Titans. Thirty six=53, 152
    Mike Mularkey = 54, 63, 144, 800, 864. Tennessee Titans=54, Titans looking to become 5-4 with a win. Mariota’s Birthday is 8 days away with the end date.
    Mularkey going for his 23rd win all time. Twenty three = 55
    Mariota going for his 5th win against San Diego to become 5-5 at Qualcomm Stadium.
    Qualcomm Stadium is located on Friars Road. Friars Road = 55
    55 days left to the end of the year or 1month and 25 days.
    Mularkey comes into Qualcomm Stadium with 65 wins. Qualcomm Stadium=56 (reflection of 65)
    Date numerology of 66. This will be Mularkey’s 66th game as a head coach. November sixth = 66 (11/16 looks similar to 16)
    Also, Thirty three = 66 (Date numerology of 33)
    McCoy will receive his 33rd loss all time (playoffs included) should the Chargers lose.
    Titans head coach full name:
    Rene=24, 42(The sum of divisors for 26 is 42), 130, 252
    Mularkey=34, 43, 106, 746, 636
    Michael Rene Mularkey = 91, 100, 199
    Ninety one = 49, 121

    Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota = 105

    Hillary Rodham Clinton = 105

    Murlarkey’s next birthday in 2017 is 50 weeks and 2 days away, a lot like 52. (NOT including end date)
    Prophecy=52, 106
    Tennessee = 52 (s-exception)
    Marcus Mariota = 152

    San Diego:
    424-425-11; SD (3-5)
    McCoy: 56 games, 25-31-0, 1-1 playoffs, 26-32-0 all time
    Rivers: 177 starts, 99-78-0, 57-30h, 42-48a.
    Birthday Spans:
    McCoy: 4/1/72
    p: 219days, 7/5, 31/2 [220days, 7/6, 313 *(31+2=33)
    n: 146, 4/26, 20/6 [147, 4/27, 21
    Rivers: 12/8/81
    p: 32days, ½, 4/4 [33, 1/3, 4/5
    n: 333days, 10/29, 47/4 [334, 10/30, 47/5

    Date numerology of 17. Rivers has 177 games started. Qualcomm Stadium coordinates 32°46′59″N 117°7′10″W
    Date numerology of 26. Chargers come into this match up with 26 wins against the Titans. McCoy going for his 26th win all time (playoffs included).
    McCoy can earn his 27th win all time (playoffs included). McCoy born in the year ’72 (reflection of 27)
    Date numerology of 33. Mariota comes into this game with 33 TDs scored. Michael=33

    Qualcomm Stadium coordinates 32°46′59″N 117°7′10″W

    Week Nine = 41. McCoy born on 4/1/72
    45th matchup. If Titans lose, their record would become 4-5. Chargers are looking to become to 4-5.
    Rivers can earn win number 100.

    One hundred = 54
    Mike Mularki, Tennessee Titans=54
    Mike McCoy=540
    Titans trying to become 5-4 with a win.

    Rivers looking for 56th win in the regular season at home. Qualcomm Stadium=56
    Rivers looking for his 96th win in the regular season. Ninety six = 49
    Rivers looking to record his 100 overall win. One hundred = 54

    1. I do not have very much NFL knowledge nor do I watch the games very often.
      I am merely utilizing what skills I have learned thus far and have wayyys to go.
      (I have been at this for a little over a month now)
      I know there are much more details that I am not aware of but even so, I do not recall seeing a match so lopsided as this one when it comes to the coding: from the date numerology, to prophecy coding, to the dreaded Thirty three. Otherwise, I am not seeing much of a narrative for the Chargers. Maybe I did something wrong? Perhaps there are some that can shed light on this or share something new?

      I’d like to take this moment and just acknowledge Jeremy for the excellent work done in not only documenting the sports games but other mainstream news as well on a weekly basis and I want to commend him for that. It is thanks to him, along with a few others, that this information is available for the rest of us people to view and share. I do not think the majority of the people here truly realize how strenuously time consuming this all can be. I can only imagine the work and stress involved to do each and every single NFL. (Zach is on a whole another level that none of us are on, respectively of course)

      Obviously nothing is absolute or definite. There are always variables and exceptions. When it comes to the NFL, I’ve come to, not only learn but to expect the unexpected. However as we respectfully work together and obtain more data points, we begin to notice a pattern in order to decode these illegitimate games and unveil to the public the massive fraud and deception that blankets our world in virtually every spectrum. It’s sad that it takes something as sports to reach out to others but if that’s what it takes… This once proud nation only has so much time left, especially considering the rate how literally everything around us is/has been deteriorating.

      Lastly I’d like to highlight that for the 3rd straight week in a row (we’re in Week 9 now, 11/05/2016), there has been a game where a Quarterback or head coach has a 333 days span from their respective birthdays to the game and/or vice versa. In each of these games, the individual stamped with the 333 date has been on the receiving end of a loss interestingly enough.

      Two weeks ago on 10/23/2016, it was the Tampa Bay Bucs visiting the San Francisco 49ers.
      Head coach Chip Kelly had both 33 and 333 numbers. 49ers lost by double digit margin 34-17

      Last week on 10/30/2016, it was the Green Bay Packers on the road against the Atlanta Falcons.
      Quarterback Aaron Rodgers also had the respective numbers synced up for him that date.
      The Packers lost to Falcons 32 to 33, 1 point margin.

      What I am curious to discover is how this 33 Theory holds up on Monday Night Football. MNF= 33.

    2. Nice breakdown! Clear and easy to read. McCoy getting his 33rd loss in Malarkey's 66th game looks good for the Titans. And Rivers has the 333/33 birthday connection that has been losing as you said

    3. I dont like it that Titans coach Mularkys Birthday is in 13 days!! I remember in 2005 playoffs Carson palmers Birthday was 13 days away and he tore his ACL after they were up 17-7, then lost the game, Cinci Vs Pitts, He was injured by a steeler guy with 86 numerology, the yr that Hines ward (#86), won SB MVP

    4. I'm gonna pick the Titans to see if this works! - Thank You for the breakdown & explanation!

    5. BTW, I like how you separate & break down the different "Date Numerology Of"

    6. Thank you. I tried to make it best presentable as I possibly could.
      This blog interface is not as space/paragraph friendly as I thought.

      One more thing. Tennessee Titans going for their 409th overall win.

      Four hundred nine = 86
      Eighty six = 54, this number again

  20. (((SkydancerNovember 4, 2016 at 5:50 PM

    Saints vs 49ers

    Findings so far...

    Saints are 25-47-2 overall vs. the 49ers. A win will bring them to their 26th win in the series. Date numerology of 26. Colin Kaepernick, if the 49ers lose, will have his 26th overall loss. "Colin" = 26. Kaepernick also has 40 overall wins, and therefore a loss would keep him at 40. "Sean Payton" = 40)))

    this game is one of the obvious ones. Its a given that Saints will win.

    the more intriguing ones are Colts-Packers and Buffalo-Seattle.

    those are games the public will get screwed on

    1. Everyone has packers. We know Colts need to win if they going to the playoffs

    2. Colts can and will lose at least 1 more game, If it's GB they come off the bye 3-6, Still fine with LUCk

    3. Beat Gb, lose to Pitt and Minn ...they can make playoffs at 8-8 with all the eights floating around lately

  21. [(((Dravke 1111November 5, 2016 at 11:25 AM]

    I do not have very much NFL knowledge nor do I watch the games very often.]
    I am merely utilizing what skills I have learned thus far and have wayyys to go.]
    (I have been at this for a little over a month now))))]

    then why care to break it down. I can understand someone who once thought better of sports but why someone who didnt care to begin with?

    1. I indicated on the 3rd paragraph from the top the reason why.
      My knowledge of sports in all actuality pales in comparison to others.
      Some people can spit out numbers about their favorite team like a cash register machine but all the while does not have a shrewd of knowledge about the current state of our country.

      The majority of the people living on this earth, not only in the United States but world wide, do not realize the level of deception that is before their very eyes.
      There are so many people devoting their time, energy, hard earned money to these fraudulent leagues. People generate dislike, animosity, get into confrontations, resort to getting into fights with total strangers just because the other party are wearing different colors or does not share the same opinions. The division here in this world is real.

      The majority mass alter their behaviors based on their knowledge, surroundings, and perceptions of reality among others & to an extent, it essentially is mind control.

      Also, I actually do enjoy sports. I never said that I didn't care to begin with.
      Playing with friends and loved ones are a joy.
      However, watching professional sports and trying to reason that it may be legitimate is like trying to peel off paint after it has been laid.
      There is an old adage and the saying goes : You cannot unring a rung bell

      I see through the deception.

    2. Good Stuff Dravke! - You are definitely a Man Of Knowledge! - Much Respect goes to You!

  22. Anything on Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Brown's

    1. Josh McCown would need to start for the Browns to win. Not going to happen with Kessler. Numbers do not go his way, but what I did notice about the all time series record, Browns lead the all time series between the 2 teams 17-13 good possibility that the Browns stay at 17 wins on a date with 17 numerology

    2. Really if McCown starts I have even better numbers for Dallas win

    3. McCown starts we gott better numbers too over here

  23. Are you gonna have this done by the morning Jeremy? I really like the volts from reading what you have

  24. Bills vs Seahawks. 43.5. Over 36.5 Under 50.5. 397-455-8. Playoffs 14-15. 383-440. Win 398,384 Lost 456-441. Seattle 319-315-1. Playoffs 15-14. 304-301. Win 320,305. Lost 316,302. Tyrod coming into the game with 58.7% completion percentage, Russell gonna get his 58th overall win & 35th home win, Seattle gonna be 8-5 or 5-8 vs Bills, Tyrod away record will be 5-7 in bills 57th season. 13th matchup 13th prime-41 bills get 441st lost in Seattle 41st season, also Seattle record will read 5-2-1(521) 98th prime-521. Pete will get his 98th win, Rex will stay on 58 & get 63rd lost, Rex will get 13th lost coaching bills, or Tyrod get 12th win in 37th game & 12th prime-37. Game to Rex bday is 36/37 days, 2017 bday to game is 57 weeks.
    I like Seattle but its something to think about for Buffalo signing Percy

    1. Mon. Night
      Rex BD 12/13/22 318 weeks (and) 2 days (add) 320th Franchise Win.
      Whole different outcome if that games played on Sunday.

    2. That games played Sunday Bills win and that goes for every Mon. Night game with this system.

    3. Name is ToMas, Im under my sons name but thx bro

    4. Yea man so you got your final picks cuz I got mines this week is sketchy unlike last Sunday

    5. Finding some good things this week, I'm going over this week 2night

  25. Eagles vs Giants? who's in favor?

  26. Does anyone know if RFG has a blog?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Just making a note. Howie Long on the morning pregame opening show made the statement of his exceptions from Derrick Henry (Titans running back) having a big game today.

    11/06/2016 = 11+06+2+0+1+6 = 26 (4/42 sum of divisors)

    Derrick Henry
    date of birth: July 17, 1994
    6/17/16 – 11/6/16
    p: 142 days, 4/20, 20/2 [143, 4/21, 20/3
    n: 223 days 7/11, 31/6 [224, 7/12, 32

    Masonic = 223
    Curse of the Billy goat = 223 *(This recent past World Series relevance with the Chicago Cubs)
    The star spangled banner = 223
    The Synagogue of Satan = 223

    Seven hundred eleven = 85, 202
    The divisors of 85 sum to 108 *(Another special number this past World Series for the Chicago Cubs)

    Hillary, script, presence, watching = 85
    Cheater, teacher, trick, hidden meaning = 202
    39 books = 202 *(39 books in the Old Testament of the Bible)

    New York, NY, MSG, Empire, Twenty two = 39
    Philadelphia, named in the Book of Revelation, is on the 39th Parallel.
    The Philadelphia Eagles played the Patriots in Super Bowl 39.
    The New York Giants are playing at Philadelphia today.

    Funny, I keep searching for positives and narratives for the Chargers to come out on top and I keep finding other stuff instead.

    1. Correction: Philadelphia is playing at New York today

  29. U.S President Hillary Clinton = 322 (Also equals 124 as well)

  30. Three hundred sixteen = 226
    Two hundred twenty six = 93

    Knowing, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Propaganda, Saturn = 93

    Hillary was the First Lady of the United States when Bill was in office in the year '93

    Hillary's favorite baseball team are the Chicago Cubs (supposedly)
    Game 6 of the World Series final score ended in a score of CHC 9 CLE 3

    Seriously questioning if this date is even Derrick Henry's real birth date.

  31. Luck is a pathetic multimillionaire QB! Fitting everybody has camouflage cuz he throws ducks!

  32. Titans getting crushed so far. Titans better comeback

  33. Frank Gore just got a TD to make the score 31-13. He has 16 carries for 61 yards. Total of 44 as the packers should fall to 4-4. Go Colts! We nailed it!

    1. I'll wait til the final whistle. Remember how they choked vs Houston

    2. Don't need another Cali Chrome lol

    3. Packers trying to comeback.... Cmon Colts put this on "Keen Ice"

    4. hahaha that horse train wrecked the trifecta. I think the NFL is making all these last minute surges to increase ratings - I read earlier in the season they were down this year. It's so annoying - like watching basketball. This was the last chance I was giving the Colts. I've only missed the Titans so far this week though. Using the gematria I moved from a low of last place of 25 in the early going to 2nd this week!

  34. OK everyone, I'm back at home. Gonna give this Oakland Denver game a shot before kickoff

  35. Just heard the announcer say that Colts TE #86 was a basketball player at University of Miami. Gonna look I to this more with all the Miami connections I recently found

    1. do you still have colts over Vikings or do you think giants over colts, I'm personally thinking Andrew luck wins because its hard imagining him losing in his hometown

    2. Another Miami connection. SB 5 was Colts and Cowboys, played in Miami.

      To answer your question, I don't care who wins the SB because all my futures parlays only have AFC and NFC champ. As long as it's Colts AFC and either Giants or Vikes NFC. I prefer Giants because the odds are better

    3. Interesting that you mention Colts Cowboys - Zach posted today about a possible colts cowboys superbowl. Good catch Jeremy!

    4. I have a $5 parlay that colts and Giants win their conference that pays $2,900....also Colts beating Vikings $5 pays $1,200, this is among many bets of 66-1 and 33-1 on colts/Ginats Conference and SB champs, Now I am betting Vikings since their stock is plummeting LOL, THX Jeremy for your work

    5. Where can you make parlays on future bets? i cant find any sites that offer this..

    6. Kyle, Bovado is a legit site, i use it

  36. Home/loss record this week 5-6. If raiders win 6-6 (66) on the 6th (666).

    November six = 56, 5-6 coming into SNF.
    November sixth = 66
    NFL = 66

  37. Broncos vs raiders? Osweiler number is 17 isn't it?

  38. I think 33 usually loses except on 33 numerology. I guess that's why the chargers won.

    1. Apparently so.. I reckon the results would be similar on Monday nights as well in that case.

  39. Dolphins Tannehill has #17 and was 17th pick in the draft. Dolphins won today

    1. Osweiler's birthday is 11/22. 11+22 is 33 on 33 numerology plus wearing #17

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Derek Carr's birthdays digits add to 33 and it's a 142 days to his birthday for which 71 is a factor

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. (((LeAaron HagginsNovember 6, 2016 at 10:32 PM

    Lions won lol)))-----

    yep, but I'll still pick Minn next week and from now on. And not detroit that often. They play on thanksgiving

    1. agree, If one thinks colts/Vikings SB, at this point its a goood idea to pick them to win every week, and you will win money that way, especially knowing the vikings and Colts need 5 more wins with 8 to go, especially after losing 3 in a row for Vikes. RamJ, Are you on the Cots/Vikings SB???

    2. vikings are not going to SB with that atrocious offense and their defense is falling apart its going to be the giants.
      And Lions r going to be eating vikings chops for Thanksgiving in 2 weeks

    3. oh and redskins r going to shit on the vikings this week

  43. (((Dravke 1111November 5, 2016 at 11:54 PM

    I indicated on the 3rd paragraph from the top the reason why.
    My knowledge of sports in all actuality pales in comparison to others.
    Some people can spit out numbers about their favorite team like a cash register machine but all the while does not have a shrewd of knowledge about the current state of our country.))))

  44. Oakland brought their record to 7-2 like the 72 win warriors also from Oakland. Denver fell to 6-3. Add everything number 1-63 = 2016 like the year they won the super bowl.

  45. all you had to do was watch the Vikings game and realize how the matrix scripts these games. Vikings have a crazy fumble going in for a Td, then look like they win kick off with under 25 seconds to go, Remarkably the Lions get into a 58 yard field goal range at the buzzer, he makes it because the Lions are coded to win, then in overtime of course the Vikings miss 2 tackles top give up a td and lose.. I unfortunately bet the Vikes thought I had a winner in my teaser bet when they were up 3 with 23 seconds and kicking off, surely they cant lose now right?? Lol only in the matrix we live in can that fake ass shit happen.....

  46. Does anyone think the Bills will beat Seahawks tonight?

  47. Buffalo looking for its first MNF win since 1999.

  48. The last time the Bills went into seattle and won was 11/28/04 thats 11 yrs 11 months 11 days from today

    1. Agree Nice catch... Date Numerology FWIW: 53 63 45 18 (53 is 16th prime)

    2. Today also has 18 numerology, and Bills going for their 18th win on MNF. Seattle has a MNF win streak of 10, so it would go to 10-1 if Bills win.

  49. Bills all the way Jeremy? The Percy Harvin comeback and Hillary ties make it look solid

    1. Looking that way. I'm gonna keep investigating to make sure there's not some trap for Seattle to win (like the George Halas thing last week)

    2. My hunch, as I checked on Ralph Wilson's #'s he was the 2nd longest owner of a franchise after George Halas.... FWIW I didn't see anything in his Birth Death dates and Name Gematria, but don't trust my eyes, verify.

    3. At the time of his death he was the oldest owner in the NFL, at age 95, and the third-longest tenured owner in NFL history (over 54 years, behind the 63 years George Halas owned the Chicago Bears and almost equal to the 55 years Art Rooney owned the Pittsburgh Steelers, although Rooney's ownership and team operations were interrupted in the 1940s due to some complicated dealings). He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

    4. Nice! 54 years... Buffalo Bills = 54, and Bills trying to go to 5-4.

    5. Nice! 54 years... Buffalo Bills = 54, and Bills trying to go to 5-4.

  50. They key is this imo, Rex Ryan's 121st game, with a win Tyrod Taylor becomes 12-10 a lot like, then this sets up the pats-seahawks SNF game next week where everyone will be on the Pats, and the Seahawks will upset them. If Carroll loses today he'll have 39 losses with Seattle, 39 is the SNf number so if he loses today he'll win next week to stay on 39.

    1. Just saw the national anthem was sung by a Navy guy named "Generald Wilson". Generald = 66, 39. 39, like the losses Carroll will have and Buffalo NY = 39. 66, like Tyrod can go to 6-6 away, and Thirty Three = 66. His last name is Wilson, so clue for Buffalo to beat Russell Wilson? I wonder if there is a way to see who will be singing the national anthem in every game

    2. I know its Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga for the Super Bowl

    3. Check this out:
      It's on the Seattle website. I just need to find this for every game

  51. taylor and Wilson were not born 118 days apart. Wilson was born in 88 not 89. 247 days or 8 months 5 days

    1. Good catch, I saw it mentioned on Zach's live youtube show and didn't fact check it

  52. MNF - #53 is shown as the Hawks go 3 and out. #55 blocks the punt #5 scores the touchdown from the 3. Announcers say "couldn't have scripted it any better" for the Bills - had to laugh.

    Certainly an exciting start!

    1. Blocked punt = 123, 42. This is Buffalo's 42nd game on MNF. Conspiracy = 123. Sure is! Then Wilson completes a 50 yard pass the next drive

    2. Taylor scores on a 3 yard run, then Wilson scores on a 3 yard run. MNF = 33... script!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 35 touchdown receptions for Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham = 55

    5. I was recently looking up a TD in the Colts named Erik Swoope. He played basketball at Uni of Miami, and is compared to Jimmy Graham. Even trains with Graham

    6. And Swoope = 55, like Jimmy Graham = 55

  53. Any thoughts on the constant camera flashes to 55 35 3 and 5?? It's driving me nuts

  54. Interesting that tonight ends Week 44 on the Calendar year, Week 9 in the NFL,

    Week 45 begins with Week 10. Ties in with the election. 44 persone to be President in Office, #45 overall.

  55. That whole sequence before halftime seem so rigged. What's up with that. Running into the kicker should of been 15 yards, then the play clock for delay of game. Wow

  56. I still think Bills take it, lets get the Percy Harvin kickoff TD to start the 2nd half

    1. If Buffalo can stop Seattle here and score, to make it 32-31, it would be a total of 63. Ryan is going for his 63rd win, and Buffalo = 63.

    2. Blah. I think for these big tributes they just keep it simple. Washington wins. Hillary wins Washington. Clinton and Seattle 87. Blue Team over Red sorta team

  57. Like the World Series that just passed, this MNF game has some Clinton/Trump election coding.

    Going back to the WS, an article came out on how Trump tried to buy the Cleveland Indians in 1983 for 13 million. Which was 33 years ago. Cleveland = 33 Indians lose game 7, 8-7, 87 = Clinton
    Clinton is a Cubs fan. Clinton/Cubs beat Trump/Indians

    "Cleveland Indians " in the English Ordinal system equals 148

    Cleveland Indians " in the English Sumerian system equals 888

    "Donald J Trump " in the English Sumerian system equals 888

    "Donald J Trump " in the English Ordinal system equals 148

    This MNF game has some Clinton vs Trump gematria or Clinton/Seahawks vs Trump/Bills.

    Clinton = 87/33
    Seahawks = 87/33
    MNF = 33

    Seattle on 47th parallel 47= President
    Washington is 42nd state.
    Clinton was 42nd first lady
    Washington = 49 revelation.
    Washington was admitted to the union on November 11, 1889, 11×11=121 revelation


    In 2014 Trump tried to purchase the Buffalo Bills for 1 billion dollars.
    Buffalo Bills = 117 like today's date
    Trump has been coded with 117 a lot this year. Also Bills coach Rex Ryan introduced Trump at a rally early this year.