Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Super Moon - Warren and Randy on MNF

On the Evening of the "Super Moon", ESPN did a tribute with Warren Moon and Randy Moss on "Moonday" Night Football. Warren Moon was a guest analyst on the Monday Night Football pre-game show.  Randy Moss traded autographed jerseys with Odell Beckham Jr. Both are former Vikings, and have links to the Moon - Warren of course by his name, and Moss for his incident where he pretended to moon the fans in Green Bay after scoring a Touchdown.  This day was a Super Bowl tribute by way of the Super Moon and Super Freak (Moss' nickname) if you know the language of gematria...

There is quite a web of connections here, between Moon & Moss, and the Vikings, Giants, Colts and Patriots. These are the 4 teams projected to be in the NFC and AFC Championship games.

Super Moon: 
Monday was 11/14/2016, and it was reported that the Moon appeared in the sky the biggest it has been in 68 years (since 1/26/48). Donald John Trump = 68.
68 years ago was 1948. Donald Trump = 48.
It has been said that Trump's election was the biggest upset since 1948.

Super = 565, 79, 474, 25/34, 435
Moon = 210, 57, 342, 21, 170
SuperMoon = 775, 136, 816, 46/55, 605
  • Super Moon = 136.  Warren Moon = 136. 
  • Super Moon = 55. Warren Moon = 55.
Notice Super and Warren have the same gematria: Super = 79, 474, 25/34. Warren = 79, 474, 34.

According to astronomers, this moon is also called a "Beaver Moon".
  • Beaver = 53. Eli Manning = 53. Super Bowl LI = 53.
  • Beaver Moon = 47. Nov. 14 leaves 47 days remaining in the year. Luck = 47.
  • Beaver Moon = 110. Minnesota = 110. Andy Dalton = 110. Marvin Ronald Lewis = 110.
  • Beaver Moon = 660. Moss = 66.
  • Full Beaver Moon = 62. Randy = 62.
The November full moon was called a Beaver Moon by the Native Americans because it was time to set traps in the fall to ensure a supply of beaver furs for the winter.
An alternative name for the Beaver moon is Frost Moon or Frosty Moon.
Frost Moon = 666. Prophecy = 666. Frosty Moon = 52. Prophecy = 52.
The Super Moon can look 14% bigger, and 30% brighter than a normal moon.

Let's see what's up with the man on the Moon...

Warren Moon
Warren = 736, 79, 474, 34, 1106
Moon = 210, 57, 342, 21, 170
Warren Moon = 946, 136, 816, 55, 1276
Harold Warren Moon = 1139, 194, 1164, 86, 1439
Born: 11/18/1956
322/323 day, 43 remaining.
Age: 59
Birth Numerology: 104, 50, 32, 85
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
College: Washington
Draft: Undrafted 1978
Edmonton Eskimos (1978-1983)
Houston Oilers (1984-1993)
Minnesota Vikings (1994-1996)
Seattle Seahawks (1997-1998)
Kansas City Chiefs (1999-2000)

The Moon Five:
As it turns out, Warren Moon is very connected to the number 5. I have already documented how 5 is being featured in the theme of this season. In the Monday Night game, Eli Manning got his 55th home win by defeating Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. Marvin Lewis = 55, and also has birth numerology of 55 (9+23+1+9+5+8 = 55).
Minneapolis = 55. Chuck Pagano = 55. Andrew Luck was injured last year after 55 games. Odell Beckham = 55. Fifty Five = 108. Cubs won after 108 season drought. Chicago Cubs = 55. Theo Epstein = 55. Satan = 55. Thirteenth = 55. Numerology = 55. Symbolism = 55. 55's for days...

Warren Moon was undrafted to the NFL, so he decided to play in Canada. He signed with the Edmonton Eskimos in 1978. He played 6 seasons for the Eskimos, leading them to win the Grey Cup in each of his first 5 seasons.
E is the 5th letter, so EE can be seen as 55. Warren Moon = 55, and he was 5 of 5 in Grey Cups.
  • Grey = 55. Warren Moon = 55.
  • Grey Cup = 41. Super Bowl = 41.
In 2006, Moon was ranked 5th in a list of the Top 50 CFL players. He played for a total of 5 professional teams: 4 NFL teams and 1 CFL team.

Warren Moon points us once again to the number 60.
Moon turns 60 years old 4 days after the MNF game.  Moon was also born 6 days before the release of the movie Giant, which released 11/24/56. I wrote extensively about the movie in my previous post.  The original release date of Giant was in New York on 10/10/56. Warren Moon's birthday comes 39 days later, connecting to New York = 39, NY = 39.
  • Indianapolis = 60. Chuck Pagano born in '60. Randy Gene Moss = 60.
  • 60 years ago, the New York Giants won the '56 NFL Championship.
  • Sixty = 25/34. Giants = 25/34. Sixty = 97. This is the 97th NFL Season.
  • Bengals = 60, a fitting opponent for the Giants to beat on the MNF Moon tribute day.
  • Oliver Luck, who is Andrew Luck's father and was Moon's backup QB in Houston, was born in '60.
From Moon's 11/18 birthday to the Super Bowl on 2/5/17 is 79 days.
  • Warren = 79. Super = 79. Champion = 79. Beckham = 79. 
  • It is also 11 weeks and 2 days (112). Houston = 112. Andrew Luck = 112. Horseshoe = 112.

The Moss Moon:
Now let's break down the man they call "Super Freak": Randy Moss.  Randy is considered the best pure athlete to ever play the Wide Receiver position in the NFL.

Randy Moss
Randy = 845, 62, 372, 26, 525
Moss = 300, 66, 396, 12/30, 260
Randy Moss = 1145, 128, 768, 38/56, 785
Randy Gene Moss = 1212, 159, 954, 60/78, 842
Born: 2/13/1977
44 day, 321/322 remaining.
Age: 39
Birth Numerology: 111, 39, 30, 92
Place of Birth: Charleston, WV
College: Marshall = 300, 84, 504, 30/39,
Draft: 1998 / Round 1 / Pick 21
Minnesota Vikings (1998 - 2004)
Oakland Raiders (2005-2006)
New England Patriots (2007-2010)
Minnesota Vikings (2010)
Tennessee Titans (2010)
San Francisco 49ers (2012)

The "Moss Moon" took place in the 2005 Wild Card game against the Green Bay Packers on January 9, 2005. (1/9/05) Moss and the Vikings beat the Packers 31-17. 9/1 was a fitting date for the Vikings to win, as Vikings = 91.  Moss was fined $10,000, which led to his most famous catch phrase. When asked how he would pay for the fine, Moss replied "Straight Cash Homie".
By the time of this years playoffs in 2017, it will have been 12 years since the Moss Moon incident.
Moss = 12. As it turns out, this years NCAA Football Championship game is played 12 years to the day: 1/9/2017 in Tampa.

Moss' last game during his 1st tenure with the Vikings was a 27-14 Divisional round loss to the Eagles on 1/16/05, the week after the Packer game. On this same day, the Patriots and Colts were squaring off, with Tom Brady's Patriots defeating Peyton Manning's Colts 20-3 in a snowstorm. The 2005 SB would end up being Patriots vs. Eagles.

Moss was a member of the 18-1 2007 Patriots team, that was upset by the Giants in Super Bowl 42. This was his best statistical season, as he set the NFL record for receiving touchdowns in a season with 23 TD receptions.  He had 98 catches for 1,493 yards.

Randy Moss is from West Virginia, and played college football at Marshall, located in Huntington, West Virginia. Oliver Luck played QB for the West Virginia Mountaineers.

In Moss' 1998 rookie season, he had 1,313 yards with 17 TD's. The 13-13 links to this being Eli Manning's 13th season and Odell Beckham Jr. wearing #13, competing to be in the '17 Super Bowl. Blue = 13. When you sum 1 through 13 it totals 91. Vikings = 91.

In part of the Moss saga, he wanted to be a Cowboy but Dallas passed on him in the 98 draft due to his off-the-field problems. The Vikings played the Cowboys on Thanksgiving that year, and Moss unleashed one of the greatest Turkey Day performances on "Dem Boyz". He put up 163 yards and 3 TD's (51,56,56 yards) on only 3 catches to lead the Vikes to a 46-36 win. Minnesota currently has a 5-1 record on Thanksgiving Day.

2010 was Moss' last season with the Patriots, and it was a tumultuous season as he played for 3 different teams before seasons end. He was traded from the Patriots to the Vikings after 4 weeks on 10/6/10. The Vikings waived him (on 11/2/10 no less) and he was picked up by the Titans (on 11/3/10), the original Houston team.  So I notice he was traded on 10/6 (106 = prophecy), and cut on 11/2 (112 = Houston). Moss played a total of 52 games with the Pats (52 = prophecy).
One possible scenario for the '16 season parallels Moss' 10 season... the Colts could defeat the Patriots to face the Vikings in Houston...

Moss would retire in 2011, but came back in 2012 to play for Jim Harbaugh and the SF 49ers. This is the team that played in Super Bowl 47 with the 33 minute blackout and was known as the "Harbaugh Bowl" as Jim faced off against his brother John and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Jersey Swap: 
Before the game, Randy Moss and Odell Beckham Jr. swapped autographed jerseys with each other.

Beckham Jr. wears #13, and Moss wears #84. 13+84 = 97. We are in the 97th NFL Season. Beckham had 10 catches for 97 yards and a TD in the game.
This MNF game also comes a span of 84 days before the Super Bowl. Cincinnati Bengals = 84.
Moss probably wore #84 as a tribute to his college, Marshall. Marshall = 84.
Straight Cash Homie = 84, his catch phrase from paying fines for his unruly behavior and celebrations on the field, something Moss and OBJ have in common.
'84 was Warren Moon's first season with the Houston Oilers.
Eighty Four = 62. Randy = 62. Go Blue = 62. By the Numbers = 62.

Beckham wrote to Moss: "Believe it or not, you've taught me more than you can imagine. Thank you for reminding me to stay and be different. Cant stop, wont stop!! Im comin for ya!! Luv! Bless!"

Moss wrote to Bekham: "Stay Focused. Go Get It! Best Wishes"

10 & 39:
Before the game, I projected 10 to be a big number for a Giants win. It was the 10th matchup between the Bengals and Giants, to finish out Week 10, and Eli Manning wears #10.
Ten = 39. New York = 39. NY = 39.
Odell Beckham finished with 10 catches, and his TD catch was a 10 yard pass from #10 just before halftime, with 1:17 on the clock, which is 77 seconds. Moss born in '77. Championship = 77.
Randy Moss has 111 and 39 birth numerology that syncs up to New York.
(2+13+19+77 = 111). New York = 111. (2+13+1+9+7+7 = 39). New York = 39.
Moss went to college at Marshall. Marshall = 39. Moss is currently 39 years old to complete the 39 bonanza.

The MNF game was won by the Giants with a score of 21-20 for a total of 41 points. This matches the date numerology of 41. (11+14+2+0+1+6 = 41). Bengal = 41. Super Bowl = 41.
Randy Moss also holds the Vikings record for most 100+ yard receiving games with 41.
Moon played for 4 NFL teams, and 1 CFL team: 4,1.
Moon = 21. Odell = 21. Ben = 21. Dalton = 21.

Ring of Honor: 
The Giants inducted 3 new members into their Ring of Honor during halftime: Tom Coughlin, Justin Tuck, and Ernie Accorsi.
Tuck = 55, 10. 55 connects to Warren Moon, and 10 goes with the Giants winning in week 10 shown above.
Accorsi = 68, like the year of the last Super Moon.
Coming up next week, the Giants host the Chicago Bears. I'll be looking out for tributes to the 1956 championship game. Chicago Bears = 55.

Odell Beckham Jr. post game interview - 11/14/16 Giants vs Bengals

When Odell Beckham scored his touchdown, he did a celebration dance from the Michael Jackson music video "Thriller". In the video, a Full Moon appears and Jackson is transformed into a Werewolf.
Dan Behrendt over at the Mindless Freaks blog, has been writing about the "Teen Wolf" theme that has been appearing in Sports this year.  The Minnesota Timberwolves are heavily associated with this symbolism.
Also, recall Wolves are associated with the occult holiday "Lupercalia", which is on the 44th day of the year, which is February 13. Lupercalia is pushed onto the unsuspecting masses as Valentine's Day. As it turns out, Randy Moss was born on 2/13. Oliver Luck was the 44th pick of the draft in 1982. It really is mind bending how tightly scripted all this is.
I looked up the meaning of the name Randy, and what do you know.... Randy is derived from Randolf, which composed of two elements: Rand meaning "shield" + Dolf meaning "wolf".
Thriller = 48. The last Super Moon was in '48.
Michael's sister, Janet Jackson was the halftime performer for SB 41, which was won by the Colts. This was the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" fiasco. Wardrobe = 41.

Michael Jackson's Thriller:

Harbaugh and the Wolverines:
Going along with the Moon theme... It is said that Werewolves transform when they see a full moon. This makes me think of Jim Harbaugh, the coach of the Michigan Wolverines and how he fits into this season's narrative.
Harbaugh played QB for Michigan from 1983 to 1986. 1983 was Warren Moon's last season in Canada, before went to the Houston Oilers in '84. Oliver Luck was Moon's backup in Houston.
Harbaugh was Andrew Luck's coach at Stanford.
He was Randy Moss' coach during his last season of 2012 in San Francisco. Moss played in SB 47 under Harbaugh.
Jim was Frank Gore's coach in SF, who also played in SB 47 against Baltimore and his brother John.
Harbaugh was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1987, and signed with Indianapolis in 1994. Also the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41.
Harbaugh threw for 129 TD's in his NFL career. Luck was born 12/9 and Odell = 129. Super Bowl LI... L = 12, I = 9. Ninety Nine = 129. America = 129.

Jim Harbaugh = 98. Michigan Wolverines = 98. Tom Brady = 98. Prophet = 98. Lupercalia = 98. Rigged Pro Sports = 98. Dark Side of the Moon = 98. Harbaugh has birth numerology of 98.

Randy Moss' rookie season with the Vikings was '98, where he scored a Rookie record 17 Touchdowns. His 17 TD's in '98 point to the year '17. Eli Manning = 98. The NFL season began on 9/8.
Moss was drafted Round 1, Pick 21; or 1/21. Revelation = 121.

The CFB National Championship is on January 9, 2017 (1/9/17) in Tampa, FL. 98 days before the championship falls on October 3 (10/3/16). 10/3 was the Feast of Trumpets (aka Rosh Hoshana) on the jewish calendar. So here the 98 connects back to the "Trumpet" theme, having to do with blowing the Trumpets on the New Moon, and Trump-Pence being elected President. This is the same day the Vikings beat the Giants on MNF, and Randy Moss sounded the Viking Horn. 103 is also the numer of wins the Chicago Cubs had in the regular season on their way to winning the World Series.

The Michigan Wolverines have claimed 11 national titles, with the last being 1997, which was also Randy Moss' last year at Marshall.
If they go on to upset Alabama, they can win #12. Luck wears #12. Moss = 12.

Jim Harbaugh
Jim = 59, 32, 192, 14, 639
Harbaugh = 417, 66, 396, 39, 307
Jim Harbaugh = 476, 98, 588, 53, 946
James Joseph Harbaugh = 826, 187, 1122, 79/97, 1846
Born: 12/23/63
357/358 day, 8 remaining.
Age: 52
Birth numerology: 117, 54, 27, 98
Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio
College: Michigan = 127, 64, 384, 46, 107
Wolverines = 1249, 142, 852, 52/61/70/79, 1899
Wolverine = 1149, 123, 738, 51/69, 1809
Michigan Wolverines = 1376, 206, 1236, 98/107/116/125, 2006
Draft: 1987 / Round 1 / Pick 26 by Chicago Bears
As player:
Chicago Bears (1987-1993)
Indianapolis Colts (1994-1997)
Baltimore Ravens (1998)
San Diego Chargers (1999-2000)
Detroit Lions (2001)
Carolina Panthers (2001)
As Coach:
Western Kentucky (1994-2001) (assistant)
Oakland Raiders (2002-2003) (QB)
U. of San Diego (2004-2006)
Stanford (2007-2010)
San Francisco 49ers (2011-2014)
Michigan (2015-Present)

In another plot-line twist to the season, starting Michigan QB Wilton Speight went down with a collarbone injury in their 14-13 loss to Iowa last week.  The backup QB is John O'Korn.
Now here comes the bombshell: O'Korn transferred to Michigan from HOUSTON.
O'Korn wears #8, so when next to Speight who wears #3 it makes 83. Football = 83.
Collarbone = 97, a fitting injury to give us a clue about the 97th NFL season. James Joseph Harbaugh = 97.
So like I was saying, O'Korn started for the University of Houston Cougars in 2013 and 5 games of 2014.  He announced he was transferring to Michigan on February 5, 2015... 2 years to the day before Super Bowl 51.  He sat out in 2015 due to NCAA transfer rules.

And here we are with O'Korn leading the 9-1 Wolverines against their next opponent, who just so happens to be Indiana.  His first action came on 9/3 against Hawaii, coming into the game with a 49-0 lead. Revelation = 49. 9/3 and 3/9 connect back to New York.
O'Korn threw for 34 TD's while playing for U of H. Warren = 34. Giants = 34. Eli = 34. Beckham = 34.
He was born in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Sounds a lot like Huntington, West Virginia, where Randy Moss went to college.
O'Korn was born 11/22/1994. That is 31 years to the day after JFK's assassination. His birth numerology is 127 (11+22+94 = 127), and Michigan is in their 127th season. Michigan = 127. 127 is the 31st prime. James Joseph Harbaugh = 1122.
  • John O'Korn = 48. Donald Trump = 48. Last Super Moon in '48.
  • Wilton Speight = 69. Wolverine = 69. Indianapolis = 69. Colts = 69.
  • Speight = 39. Harbaugh = 39. New York = 39. NY = 39. NRG = 39.
Does it get any more obvious truth seeker? A backup QB from Houston, playing for Andrew Luck's old coach, in a game against Indiana?

Enter Jabrill Peppers... and back to the number 5. Peppers wears the #5 jersey, and is a talented all around player. He is primarily a defensive back and linebacker, but also plays on offense and special teams. It is said he can play TEN positions. The dude looks like Reggie Bush combined with Charles Woodson, with playmaking ability AND defensive skills.
  • Jabrill Peppers = 69. Wolverine = 69. Indianapolis = 69. Colts = 69. Texas = 69. Adrian Peterson = 69.
  • Jabrill = 64. Michigan = 64. New York Giants = 64. Minneapolis = 64. Colts in their 64th season.
  • Peppers = 41. Super Bowl = 41. Peppers born Oct. 4; 4/10 (41)
  • Peppers = 95. Houston located on the 95th meridian West.

Look for Peppers to kick it up a notch to carry the Wolverines.
So going into the Indiana game, Michigan needs to win 5 straight games to take the Title back to Ann Arbor. Indiana, Ohio State, Big 10 championship, CFB Semifinal, CFB Championship.  I see a nice storyline fitting in with #5 Peppers leading to 5 victories and the 'ship. Also, Michigan is home to the "Fab Five" basketball team, which was the 1991 recruiting class.
It all fits together oh so nicely...

Trumpets and Horns:
As I pointed out, there is a theme here of Trumpets and Horns.  In the Bible, the Trumpet is used to celebrate feasts and new moons, to sound a warning, and also to lead troops into battle. The Horn is associated with Oil, as it would hold annointing oil to be poured out. Also, leaders of nations are symbolized as Horns.  "The powers that be" love to code symbolism from the Bible, as a way of mocking the truth, and to fulfill their own man-made prophecies.
  • Feast of Trumpets = 60. Rosh = 60. Hashanah = 60.
  • Indianapolis = 60. Randy Eugene Moss = 60. Moon 60 years old.
  • Four = 60 (Harbaugh wore #4). Blast from the Past = 60. Oliver Luck born in '60.
  • Feast of Trumpets = 204. Hail to the Victors = 204. Football Showdown = 204. Andy Dalton passed for 204 yards in the MNF moon game.
Randy Moss was the guest of honor to blow the Viking Gjallhorn a few weeks back. And get this: It was on 10/3, the day of Feast of Trumpets, at the Giants and Vikings Week 4 game.  The Vikings won 24-10.

Also, let me mention that Warren Moon was born in Los Angeles. LA is where the Rams just relocated this season from St. Louis. The horns that are blown on Feast of Trumpets are made from a Ram's horn.

Now let's look at some verses that mention Trumpets and Horns in association with the Moon.

Joshua 6:4-5
And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams' horns: and the seventh day ye shall compass the city seven times, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets.
And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram's horn, and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city shall fall down flat, and the people shall ascend up every man straight before him.

--This is when Joshua marched around Jericho for 7 days with 7 trumpets and 7 priests and the walls were destroyed.  Interesting to think about, in regards to Trump being elected on the 27 year anniversary of the Berlin Wall being taken down, and making promises in his campaign to build a wall between Mexico.  On the Feast of Trumpets, 10/3/16, the Hebrew Calendar began the year 5777.  Donald Trump will be 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on inauguration day. A lot of 777 being shown here...

1 Kings 1:39.
38So Zadok the priest, and Nathan the prophet, and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and the Cherethites, and the Pelethites, went down, and caused Solomon to ride upon king David's mule, and brought him to Gihon. 39And Zadok the priest took an horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon. And they blew the trumpet; and all the people said, God save king Solomon.

--Here we see Solomon riding on a Mule (half horse/half donkey)(Side note: maybe the mule represents the kingdom splitting in half after Solomon), and anointed with Oil (Oil associated with Luck and Houston), and the people blow trumpets for the new King.

Psalm 81:3
Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day.

There is also a 112 verse associated with the Colts.
Mark 11:2
And saith unto them, Go your way into the village over against you: and as soon as ye be entered into it, ye shall find a colt tied, whereon never man sat; loose him, and bring him.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:
A new movie is being released that has Werewolves in it. The movie is "Fantastic Beasts", which is a prequel to the Harry Potter movies by J.K. Rowling. The movie releases worldwide on 11/18/2016. As it turns out, Nov. 18 is Warren Moon's birthday!
The movie's run time is 133 mintues, which is 2 hours 13 minutes.  213 connects back to Randy Moss' birthday on 2/13, and the start of Lupercalia.  213 = Nimrod, the original builder/freemason.
The setting of the movie is in New York in 1926. Calculating from the SB in 2017, 1926 would be 91 years ago.
  • Rowling = 98. Lupercalia = 98. Moss a rookie in '98.
  • Vikings = 91. November Fourteenth = 91. Odell Beckham = 91. 
  • Randy = 26. Eli = 26. Go Blue = 26. Magick = 26. 13x2 = 26.

Additional thoughts:
It would be interesting if the Giants path through the playoffs was the teams Warren Moon played for in his career. His last team was the Kansas City Chiefs, who were originally the Dallas Texans.
If New York beats the Cowboys, Seahawks, and Vikings in the playoffs they would get to Houston to complete the "Full Moon".
Also, the Colts could take the path of Randy Moss' career teams. I could see them beating the Raiders and Patriots in the AFC playoffs to face the Vikings in Houston. Raiders and Patriots were the two teams from the famous "Tuck rule" game, and we just saw Justin Tuck get inducted in the Giants ring of honor during the 11/14 MNF game.

And with that... get your 84 jerseys out, cause it's gonna be a fun ride. Everybody One Clap!
Straight Cash Homie...


Randy Moss - Super Freak. Highlight Video of Moss' career by Bored Grad Films.

Randy Moss - One Clap by DJ Steve Porter

Randy Moss moons Packer Fans in 2005 Wild Card

Jabrill Peppers Highlight Reel

Michigan 2016 Hype Video: The Rise

Super Moon:

Here is my pre-game breakdown of MNF projecting a Giants win:

Monday Night Football

11/14/2016 = 11+14+20+16 = 61
11/14/2016 = 11+14+2+0+1+6 = 34
11/14/2016 = 1+1+1+4+2+0+1+6 = 16
11/14/16 = 11+14+16 = 41
318/319 day, 47 remaining.
November Fourteenth = 1576, 226, 1356, 91/109, 
11+14 = 25, 11*14 = 134
11/14, 14/11
83 days to Super Bowl.
83, 2/22, 11/6 [ 84, 2/23, 12
Week Ten = 785, 83, 498, 29/38, 
Ten = 255, 39, 234, 12, 145, 29

Cincinnati at New York Giants
Cin (3-4-1), NYG (5-3), Line (Cin -1)
10th matchup. Bengals lead 6-3.
Last matchup: 11/11/2012. Bengals won 31-13.
1464, 4/3, 209/1 [ 1465, 4/4, 209/2

MNF records:
Giants: 57 games, 21-35.
Bengals: 32 games, 10-22.

John Parry - #132
Parry = 951, 78, 468, 33,
John Parry = 1079, 125, 750, 53,
College: Purdue = 769, 85, 510, 31,

New York: 678-570-33
McAdoo: 8 games, 5-3.
Manning: 202 starts, 110-92, 54-45 h, 56-47 a.
191 regular starts, 102-89, 53-43 h, 49-46 a.
Birthday spans:
McAdoo: 7/9/77
p: 128, 4/5, 18/2 [ 129, 4/6, 18/3
n: 237, 7/25, 33/6 [ 238, 7/26, 34
Manning: 1/3/81
p: 316, 10/11, 45/1 [ 317{66}, 10/12, 45/2
n: 50, 1/20, 7/1 [ 51, 1/21, 7/2
10th matchup in the series, to finish out Week 10, and Eli Manning wears #10.
Ten = 39. New York = 39. NY = 39. Meadowlands = 39.
The Giants are going for their 22nd MNF win. Twenty Two = 39. The Bengals are from the 39th parallel North as well. Dalton's birthday was 2 weeks 2 days ago (22).
Eli Manning is going for his 111th overall win. New York = 111, so it would be fitting for him to get it at home. It is also 10 months 11 days after his previous birthday (111).
Manning is also going for his 103rd regular win. 103 is the 27th prime.
Date numerology of 34. Giants = 34. Eli = 34. McAdoo's next birthday is 34 weeks away. Beckham = 34.
This is the Giants 58th MNF appearance. Met Life Stadium = 58.
Manning is going for his 55th home win. Marvin Lewis = 55. Lewis has birth numerology of 55. With a win, it would give the Bengals their 23rd MNF loss. Twenty Three = 55. The 23rd prime is 83, and it is 83 days to the Super Bowl. Marvin Ronald Lewis = 83. Week Ten = 83.
Eli comes into the game with 110 wins. Marvin Ronald Lewis = 110. Andy Dalton = 110.
Manning's previous birthday was 317 days ago. 317 is the 66th prime. Dalton = 66. NFL = 66.
Eli Manning's birthday is 51 days away. Giant = 51. McAdoo = 51. Cincinnati = 51.
If Giants win, it would give the Bengals franchise loss 404. Eli = 44. The last matchup was 4 years 4 days ago (44). The last matchup had a total of 44.
If Giants win, it would give Lewis his 106th overall loss. Elisha Nelson Manning = 106.
If Giants win, the series would be at 6-4, or 4-6. This is favorable for the Giants, as New York Giants = 64, and NYG = 46. McAdoo's previous birthday was 4 months 6 days ago (46). Odell Beckham = 46.
November Fourteenth = 91. Odell Beckham = 91.
Manning's next birthday is 51 days away, and his previous birthday was 10 months 12 days ago (112). Those are favorable numbers as we project him to be in SB 51 in Houston (112).
If Giants win, it would give Lewis his 99th loss. Ninety Nine = 129, and this game comes 129 days after McAdoo's previous birthday. Odell = 129. Odell = 99. I would expect a big game from OBJ here.
Game on 11/14. 11+14 = 25. Giants = 25. Beckham = 25.

Cincinnati: 341-403-4
Lewis: 216 games, 115-98-3, 0-7 playoffs, 115-105-3 overall. 223 total games.
Dalton: 88 starts, 52-34-2, 28-14-2 h, 24-20 a.
84 regular starts, 52-30-2, 28-13-2 h, 24-17 a.
Birthday spans:
Lewis: 9/23/58
p: 52, 1/22, 7/3 [ 53, 1/23, 7/4
n: 313, 10/9, 44/5 [ 314, 10/10, 44/6
Dalton: 10/29/87
p: 16, 2/2 [ 17, 2/3
n: 349, 11/15, 49/6 [ 350, 11/16, 50
Bengals are playing their 33rd game on MNF. 33 is always a big number on Monday, as MNF = 33. Bengals = 33. Parry = 33. Dalton's birthday was 16 days ago. Sixteen = 33. Thirty Three = 156. Cincinnati Bengals = 156. Eli = 156. 
Date numerology of 41. Bengal = 41.
47 days remaining in the year. Ohio = 47.
83 days until the Super Bowl. Marvin Ronald Lewis = 83. Week Ten = 83.
Dalton's next birthday is 349 days away. 349 is the 70th prime. Giants = 70.
Dalton is going for his 53rd win.  It would be a fitting opponent for him to get it against, as Eli Manning = 53. 53 is the 16th prime, and the date has numerology of 16 and is 16 days after Dalton's previous birthday. John Parry = 53.
Dalton is also going for his 25th road win. Giants = 25.
The Bengals come into the game with 341 franchise wins, and are 3-4-1 on the season.
Dalton is making his 89th start. 89 is the 24th prime. Giant = 24. McAdoo = 24.
Eighty Nine = 116, and Lewis is going for his 116th win.
If the Bengals win, it would be a tribute to the Master Numbers (multiples of 11). They would be 11-22 on their 33rd MNF game. 11+22 = 33.

Game notes:  There are several Revelation and Prophecy connections for this game. These are numbers to look out for when decoding games.
Lewis' next birthday is 10 months 10 days away (1010). Revelation = 1010. Lewis' previous birthday was 52 days ago. Prophecy = 52. If he loses, it would be his 106th overall loss. Prophecy = 106.
Eli's next birthday is 1 month 21 days away (121). Revelation = 121.

I just saw a commercial on ESPN for the Monday Night game, which had Odell Beckham and AJ Green. Then it said the words "Just Do You".
Just Do You = 1734, 150, 900, 33.
So are they dropping a hint for the Bengals with the 33?  Or is it just a tribute to MNF in general?

The ESPN preview article is titled "Offenses expected to rule when Bengals visit Giants".
Offense = 232, 70, 420, 34/43.
Giants = 70, 420, 25/34.
So the word "Offense" syncs with "Giants". I would say this is a positive clue that ESPN has given for the Giants offense to have a big game.
Offenses = 89, 35. Dalton making his 89th start, and if he loses it would be his 35th overall loss.

Notice the Referee seems to sync with the Bengals. Parry = 33. Bengals = 33. John Parry = 53, and Dalton is going for his 53rd win. If the Bengals win, this is an important clue, to keep looking at the Referee crew for each game.
On the other hand, he wears Ref #132. Eighty Two = 132, 51. New York Giants = 82. Giant = 51. So it seems to cancel out since there are connections to both teams.

NOTE: I am finding different stats for Andy Dalton's record. Pro Football Reference is showing him to be 53-30-2, and Football Database is showing 52-30-2. I need to figure out a way to know which one is right. If he already has 53 wins, that is better for the Giants, because he could stay stuck on 53 against Eli Manning = 53.

Commentary:  I am expecting the Giants to be in the playoffs, and they need to keep pace with the other NFC East teams. The NYG connections to 39 should overpower the Bengal connections. The Giants win to get to 6-3. "Six and Three" = 55/64. New York Giants = 64, and Eli gets his 55th home win. 


  1. jermey.... you are rockin it! a rolling stone gathers no moss...

    1. Moss grows on the North side of trees... NFC North! haha

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  3. I want to leave a comment as awesome as that post, but I'm left speechless ;)

    Viking =775. Supermoon =775.

    1. Ha! I just searched 775 on gematrix to see what else matches. Jordan = 775, and the Michigan uniforms are sponsored by the Jordan brand.

  4. mind blown! still going with Colts/Giants super bowl

  5. Good nice interesting piece of reading bro... Appreciate your time truther ... To add to the 5 this week looks like a few teams will become. 5 & 5 as a few are now....u no me bro just give me da cue... Also I think from my research SAINTS RAVENS LOOK GOOD

    1. Thanks for the support, time to get cracking on these Week 11 games!

    2. Ravens are going for the 41st prime win, If Romo was to play he would get his 41st win as Flacco gets loss 41, Dak goes to 4-1 at home. 41 = SuperBowl.

  6. Good nice interesting piece of reading bro... Appreciate your time truther ... To add to the 5 this week looks like a few teams will become. 5 & 5 as a few are now....u no me bro just give me da cue... Also I think from my research SAINTS RAVENS LOOK GOOD

  7. Do 2 parlays people


    Just to be safe haha

    1. Better do three to be x-tra safe Dallas vs Colts

    2. Dallas isn't, it's either colts vikings or colts giants.... Cowboys don't make sense they are the hot team they will fold like usual just wait

  8. this was a sick fuckin breakdown m8

  9. oh man hold onto your seat...
    so i pointed out a few days ago if the giants got into the playoffs as the wild card and won the superbowl eli mannings playoff record would be 12-3 as he is 8-3 right now
    123 = conspiracy
    Indianapolis = 123
    also! if eli wins the super bowl his away playoff record would go to 11-1 as its 7-1 right now
    new york = 111
    now get this..... andrew lucks record is 3-3 in the playoffs right now assuming the colts loose in the superbowl lucks playoff record would go to 6-4
    new york giants = 64
    algorithm fucking cracked! i was already sold on the giants beating the colts with all the stuff out the giant movie jeremey broke down the fact that elis and lucks dad played on houston with them wearing numbers 8 and 10 cubs just won after 108 years, the greatest game ever played in 58, 58 years ago ... and everything else, this is it the fucking nail in the coffin.
    get your bets in friends

    1. i feel like the other teams with 112 coding are the teams that will be beat in the playoffs
      my educated guess is that the giants beat falcons, cowboys, vikings in the nfc and the colts beat kansas city, oakland and new england revenge for deflate gate in the year brady was suspended for it....

    2. Got em! I like how that lines up. Harbaugh has a good record alignment as well. If he wins the 5 in a row to win the championship, he would have 53 overall wins and 24 wins with Michigan. Super Bowl LI = 53, Eli Manning = 53, Colts = 24.

    3. I don't see the NFL giving Eli more rings than his brother Peyton. Peyton is the poster boy of the league and that would not make sense in my opinion to give Eli another ring.

    4. Who you got Winning it all Jeremy?

  10. What a break down Jeremy great work! What you think the NFC winner will be Giants or Vikings ? Both very heavily coded
    Colts seem the pick by most for the AFC very intriguing

    1. Seems like it's going to come down to a heavy weight bout between Zach and the Giants, vs RFG and the Vikings for the Sports Prediction Championship haha. I'm leaning toward Giants based on my research. The Luck vs Manning storyline is strong

    2. Ha heavy weight clash sad those two don't get on. I think all the gematria heads and blogs should work together you can have friendly competition no doubt. I think for overall break downs you ,Dan Behrendt and brother berg are the best so much detail yet so easy to take in. Mind blowing for me this scripted sports to be honest

    3. I'm in the we need to get along camp. No one has it all figured out yet.

    4. yeah the gematria community needs to collaborate and get along so that we can gain more knowledge

  11. another article: Saints join Warrick Dunn to host families of Baton Rouge shooting victims:

  12. Ive posted you Video and Blog post to Zach new Facebook Group Page...Hope you dont mind...

    I havent had to to look through all of this yet. But I know its connected to Prince, cause I connected the Super Moon to Prince and the Cubs winning the WOrld Series...

    Here is Zachs new group...Spread the word..

  13. Saints @ Panthers 8:30 ET :Saints:

    Steelers @ Browns 1:00 ET :Steelers:
    Ravens @ Cowboys 1:00 ET :Cowboys:
    Jags @ Lions 1:00 ET :Lions:
    Titans @ Colts 1:00 ET :Colts:
    Bills @ Bengals 1:00 ET :Bills:
    Bucs @ Chiefs 1:00 ET :Bucs:
    Bears @ :Giants: 1:00 ET :Giants:
    Cardinals @ Vikings 1:00 ET :Vikings:

    Dolphins @ Rams 4:00 ET :Rams:
    Patriots @ 49ers 4:30 ET :Pats:
    Eagles @ Seahawks 4:30 ET :Seahawks:

    Packers @ Redskins 8:30 ET :Packers:

    Texans @ Raiders 8:30 ET :Raiders:

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  15. Good stuff Champ...Salute for the brilliant work...we all should unite

  16. Brilliant as always, Mr White.

  17. Jeremy, what do you think about Warren Moon playing for Vikings in 1995 last time Vikings beat Dallas??

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