Wednesday, December 14, 2016

D'Qwell Jackson, Colts LB suspended 4 games for PED

Colts D'Qwell Jackson

News broke on 12/6/2016 that Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson has been suspended for the last 4 regular season games for PEDs.

This is the face of performance enhancement... right here! The Colts definitely need to enhance their performance to get to the Super Bowl.

12/6/2016 = 12+6+20+16 = 54
12/6/2016 = 12+6+2+0+1+6 = 27
12/6/2016 = 1+2+6+2+0+1+6 = 18
12/6/16 = 12+6+16 = 34

This looks like a piece of the Colts prophecy:

  • Jackson wears #52
  • He has 52 tackles this season.
  • Prophecy = 52.
  • Colts lost the deflate gate game 45-7 for a total of 52 points.

PED's are a secret way to show clues for the Championship...

  • Performance Enhancing Drug = 131
  • Performance Enhancing Substance = 131
  • Championship = 131
  • Performance Enhancing Drug = 239. 239 is the 52nd prime. Jackson wears #52 and has 52 tackles.
  • Performance Enhancing Substance = 293. Colt = 293.
  • PED = 79. Champion = 79.
  • PED = 69. Indianapolis = 69. Colts = 69. 
  • PEDs = 44. Super Bowl is on a day with 44 numerology. Jackson has played in 44 games as a Colt. D'Qwell Jackson = 47, if he comes back for the playoffs, he will be at 47 games played going into the Super Bowl. 

The title of the ESPN article states: "Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson suspended last 4 regular-season games for PED use"

  • "Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson suspended last 4 regular-season games for PED use" in the English Reduction system equals 229
  • Super Bowl Champions = 229.
  • Number Thirty Three = 229. Jackson is 33 years old.
  • The ESPN article was written by Mike Wells. Wells = 17/26. PEDs = 17/26. Mike Wells = 37. Jackson = 37. Wells = 71. Jackson was suspended 71 days after his 33rd birthday.

A closer look at D'Qwell Jackson and his path to the NFL.

  • Jackson was born on the 269th day of the year. 269 is the 57th prime. Fifty Seven = 131. Championship = 131. Performance Enhancing Drug = 131. 
  • Born in Largo Florida = 118. This matches his birth numerology of 118. (9+26+83 = 118)
  • Largo = 53. Super Bowl LI = 53. 
  • Went to High School at Seminole HS in Pinellas County FL. Seminole = 47. D'Qwell Jackson = 47. Pinellas County = 60/69. Indianapolis = 60/69. Seminole HS = 119. D'Qwell = 1019. 
  • Went to college at Maryland. In the movie Giant (1956), they go to buy a horse in Maryland and bring it back to Texas. Maryland = 34. Giants = 34. Jackson was suspended on a day with 34 numerology. Jackson was the 34th pick in the '06 draft. The deflate game game on 1/18/15 had date numerology of 34. 
  • Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in '06. Cleveland = 51, and we are in the season of SB 51. Browns = 37. Jackson = 37. Cleveland OH = 47. Ohio = 47. D'Qwell Jackson = 47. Maryland = 528. Cleveland = 528. 
  • Jackson signed with the Colts on 3/6/14. That was 205 days before his birthday on 9/26/14. Super Bowl on 2/5. 
  • Jackson will be 1741 weeks old on the Super Bowl. 1741 is the 271st prime. 271 is the 58th prime. We could see a rematch of the 1958 game of Colts vs Giants "The Greatest Game Ever Played", which was 58 years ago.
  • The State of Florida, where Jackson is from, is the 27th state established on 3/3/1845. That day has numerology of 24, 69, 51. Colts = 24. Indianapolis = 69. SB 51. Florida = 65. D'Qwell Jackson = 65. 

D'Qwell Jackson
D'Qwell = 649, 73, 438, 28, 1019
Jackson = 244, 73, 438, 19/28/37, 794
D'Qwell Jackson = 893, 146, 876, 47/56/65, 1813
Born: 9/26/1983
269/270 day, 96 remaining.
Age: 33
Birth numerology: 137, 56, 38, 118
Place of Birth: Largo, Florida
Largo = 188, 53, 318, 26, 158
Largo Florida = 388, 118, 708, 64, 328
Largo FL = 224, 71, 426, 35, 184
College: Maryland = 916, 88, 528, 34, 576
Draft: 2006 / Round 2 / Pick 34 by Cleveland Browns
High School: Seminole HS in Pinellas County FL
Seminole = 299, 92, 552, 38/47,
Seminole HS = 407, 119, 714, 47/65,
Seminole High School = 592, 196, 1176, 97/115,
Pinellas County = 1608, 186, 1116, 60/69,
Performance Enhancing Drug = 1004, 239, 1434, 131
Performance Enhancing Substance = 1364, 293, 1758, 131
PED = 79, 25, 150, 16, 69
PEDs = 179, 44, 264, 17/26, 159
Mike Wells = 739, 109, 654, 37/46/55, 1089
Wells = 665, 71, 426, 17/26, 1035
Deflate = 251, 53, 318, 26, 141
Deflate Gate = 464, 86, 516, 41, 254
Signed with Colts on 3/6/14 = 43, 16, 23

Suspended on 12/6/16. = 54, 27, 18, 34
This is the same day that Nikita Whitlock had his home burglarized.
Nikita Whitlock was born on the 137th day of the year. Jackson has birth numerology of 137. 137 is the 33rd prime and Jackson is 33 years old.
He is eligible to return on 1/2/17. = 40, 13, 20
1/22/2017 = 60, 33, 15, 40

Date spans:
9/26/2016 to 12/6/2016 = 71, 2/10, 10/1 [ 72, 2/11, 10/2
12/6/2016 to 1/22/2016 = 47, 1/16, 6/5 [ 48, 1/17, 6/6
12/6/2016 to 2/5/2017 = 61, 1/30, 8/5 [ 62, 1/31(2), 8/6
1/18/2015 to 1/22/2017 = 736, 2/5, 105/1 [ 737, 2/6, 105/2
3/6/2014 to 9/26/2014 = 204, 6/20, 29/1 [ 205, 6/21, 29/2

A look at D'Qwell Jacksons stats:

Several interesting stats:

  • D'Qwell = 73. Jackson = 73. He averages 73 tackles per year in his career.
  • Jackson has played in 141 total games. Deflate = 141.
  • Jackson played in 97 games for the Browns. We are in the 97th NFL season and the Colts need a 9-7 record to get into the playoffs.
  • Jackson has played in 44 games for the Colts. The Super Bowl is on a day with 44 numerology. 
  • Jackson had 137 Total tackles at Maryland. 137 is the 33rd prime, and Jackson is 33 years old.

The Deflate Gate Prophecy....

The reason the Deflate Gate controversy started back in 2015, was because D'Qwell Jackson intercepted Tom Brady. He took the ball back to the Colts sideline and that is how they discovered it wasn't properly inflated. Or so the story goes...

Checkout the highlight of the play:

Deflate Gate was on 1/18/2015. = 54, 27, 18, 34.
Wow check that out! The date that Jackson was suspended for PED's has the same date numerology as the Deflate gate game!  12/6/2016 = 54, 27, 18, 34.

Jackson was a fitting player to initiate the Deflate gate storyline, because he connects to 118, the date of the game. Largo Florida = 118. He has birth numerology of 118.
Deflate Gate = 41. Forty One = 118. Patriots = 118.
Patriots = 37. Jackson = 37.
Patriots = 730. D'Qwell = 73. Jackson = 73.

The play where Jackson intercepted Brady occurred in the 2nd Quarter with the Patriots leading 14-0.
Patriots had the ball on the Colt 26 with 9:21 remaining on the clock. Jackson intercepted the pass and returned it to the Colts 7 yard line with 9:11 remaining on the clock. Patriots connected to 9/11 through all the Patriot stuff that happened after 9/11. It would have also been fitting for the clock to stop on 9:12, since Andrew Luck's birthday is 9/12.  So the ball moved from the 26 to the 7, which is 19 yards. Jackson = 19. 7 is significant because the Colts need to win 7 games in a row to win the Super Bowl.
Jackson was tackled on the play by RB Shane Vereen. Vereen now plays for the Giants, and just returned last week from a triceps injury. It all comes full circle. Vereen = 33. Jackson is 33 years old.
Vereen = 69, 414. Colts = 69, 414. Shane Vereen = 53. Deflate = 53. Super Bowl LI = 53.
Vereen wore #34, and the game was on a day with 34 numerology. Jackson was suspended on a day with 34 numerology. Another note about Vereen: in college at Cal, he led the Golden Bears to an upset over #14 Stanford and Andrew Luck on 11/21/2009 rushing 42 times for 193 yards. 193 is the 44th prime. SB on a day with numerology of 44. Cal's home opener that season was a win against Maryland, where D'Qwell Jackson went to college.

Gronkowski = 52. Jackson wears #52. Prophecy = 52.
Rob Gronkowski = 1062. New England = 1062. Jackson suspended on 12/6.

Tom Brady began the season with a 4 game suspension from Deflate Gate punishment. D'Qwell Jackson ends the season with a 4 game suspension from his PED use.
Four = 60. Indianapolis = 60. Four = 24. Colts = 24.
The 4th prime is 7. The Colts need to win 7 games in a row to win the Super Bowl.

Now on to Deflate Gate 2.0 - The potential rematch on 1/22/17 in the AFC championship game.

  • From the day Jackson was suspended (12/6/16) to the rematch of 1/22/17 is 47 days. D'Qwell Jackson = 47. 
  • From the day Jackson was suspended (12/6/16) to the Super Bowl on 2/5/17 is 1 month 31 days (or 2 months). Championship = 131. Performance Enhancing Drugs = 131. Foxborough = 131.
  • From the 1st Deflate gate game on 1/18/15 to the 2nd on 1/22/17 is 737 days. Decoding Reality = 737. History = 737. The Guardian of the Gate = 737. It is also 2 years 5 days, and the teams will be playing to go to the SB on 2/5.
  • AFC Championship is on 1/22/17. Date numerology is 60, 33, 15, 40. Indianapolis = 60. Jackson is 33 years old. Colts = 15. Andrew Luck = 40. 
  • Brady = 50, 300. Colt = 50, 300. 

Last point... the Tennessee Titans play a role in this storyline. The Titans were originally the Houston Oilers, the site of this year's Super Bowl. In Week 17, they play the Houston Texans, and by defeating them they can open the door for the Colts to win the AFC South division.

  • Nashville = 612. Jackson suspended on 12/6. 
  • Nashville, Tennessee = 73. Nashville TN = 73. D'Qwell = 73. Jackson = 73.
  • Nashville, Tennessee = 118. Jackson born on a day with 118 numerology. Largo Florida = 118. Patriots = 118. Deflate Gate 1.0 played on 1/18/15. 
  • Titans = 83, 498, 20/29. Texans = 83, 498, 20/29. Football = 83, 498, 29.
  • Tennessee = 520. Jackson wears #52. Has 52 tackles this season. Prophecy = 52. 
  • Tennessee = 106. Prophecy = 106. 

And with that I will conclude the Deflate Gate Prophecy....


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    1. Already got a bot spamming PED's on my PED article... how fitting

  2. does Minnesota still make the playoffs this year or was the tributes just for the new stadium because if they lose to the colts this weekend it will be hard for them to get into the playoffs, I think skins lose to panthers, but they would have to also lose the last wo games, the bucs I'm not sure about because I think they beat dallas but lose to saints and possibly panthers(I'm not sure about the tie breaker scenarios between Minnesota and tampa though)

    1. afc last playoff spot will be between Miami, buffalo, and Baltimore,and Pittsburgh; I don't think Denver gets in and I see Oakland winning more games than kc to take back the division because I think it would make more sense for kc to play colts in first round, unless raiders get the sixth seed and play Pittsburgh and then go on to play patriots in second round

    2. Bucs lose out and go 8-8 for Minnesota to get the #6 seed at 9-7. That's my opinion anyways

    3. I have a playoff projection article that I am going to publish tomorrow

    4. ok the skins would also have to lose three straight for Vikings to get in also because Washington beat Minnesota earlier in the season, so I'm gonna try to see if I can decode the skins next two games.

    5. Skins need to lose 2 to go 8-7-1. Vikings would be 9-7.

    6. oh okay so the tie would keep them out, its gonna be interesting to see what seed dallas or Detroit get because the two of them play next Monday night and I was thinking they would hype up that game to determine playoff seeding because I think the cowboys at least lose one more game this season plus I was thinking Detroit beats the giants this weekend.(plus the media has been hyping up whether room should come back and replace dak and if dak loses another game this would be a good qb controversy to have going into the playoffs because jerry jones came out today and said there's a possibility room can take over again.)

    7. meant to say romo not room in above statement

    8. Tampa needs to lose 3 straight games and skins need to lose 2 of 3 games for vikings to get 6th seed. They have panthers, chicago, giants, don't see them losing to chicago so prolly lose to panthers and giants beat them last week to get the 5th seed

    9. Here's my playoff scenario


    10. yeah I know but I was wondering because the numbers point to a tampa win on snf plus, I forget the exact number but tampa hasn't played in a meaningful primetime game in several years, koetter has the same bday as the sb 51 date, they got the former #1 pick Winston who just settle the sexual assault case this week, also got young up and coming stars on defense, jerry jones is ready to put romo in the qb controversy has been on every sports station espn, fs1, etc. plus I never thought dak would last long term I feel like at some point he is suppose to fall for romo to come back at some point, dallas has already won two snf games this year, i think this is tampa's time to shine because they already lost tnf and this would be their first big win in a meaningful primetime game, plus i don't think its a coincidence they scheduled lions vs cowboys next Monday night that game has to be meaningful if dallas loses and Detroit wins this week that game will determine who will get the top seed.

      Lean bucs, more work needed though, watch out for cowboys with 39 connection though

      12/18/2016=66 dirk koetter bday#
      =46 garrett could pick up 46th loss, buccaneers= 46
      =39 jerry jones bday#, cowboys
      =21 jerry jones bday#, dallas, tx, jameis
      =30 winston bday#, Winston’s 30th game,jameis, cowboys=30, Elliott, if dallas falls to 11-3 113 is the 30th prime

      5-1 away
      @ saints on Saturday next

      5-1 at home
      Vs lions on mnf next

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers Franchise Encyclopedia
      Seasons: 41 (1976 to 2016)
      Record (W-L-T): 249-391-1
      Playoff Record: 6-9
      Super Bowls Won: 1 (1 Appearance)
      Championships Won*: 1

      4-11 vs cowboys, this will be the 16th meeting
      Overall: 4-13 vs cowboys, this will be the 18th meeting

      Dallas Cowboys Franchise Encyclopedia
      Seasons: 57 (1960 to 2016)
      Record (W-L-T): 491-366-6
      Playoff Record: 34-26
      Super Bowls Won: 5 (8 Appearances)
      Championships Won*: 5

      dirk koetter" in the English Reduction system equals 55 (4+9+9+2+0+2+6+5+2+2+5+9), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1

      "week fifteen" in the English Reduction system equals 55 (5+5+5+2+0+6+9+6+2+5+5+5), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1

      If Winston loses he will have 14 wins
      Koetter’s 14th game
      Till end of year
      Time period between December 18, 2016 and December 31, 2016 (exclusive) equals to:
      • 13 days(14)
      • ... or 1 weeks & 6 days
      Between December 18, 2016 and December 31, 2016 (exclusive) there are:
      • 9 working days (72 hours),
      • 4 non-working days including:
      • 1 Saturdays,
      • 2 Sundays,
      • 1 federal holidays falling on weekdays

    11. also if Minnesota is a 6 seed dallas cant be the number one seed because they would play dallas in the second if vikes go to postseason they would likely need to play Detroit then seattle, the giants are gonna see the boys for a third time so we either need dallas to lose the top seed or the giants better fall to the last seed

    12. DAL will stay #1 that's the only team in the NFC bringing revenue and ratings. Vikings will beat ATL like they did couple years ago in the playoffs and they will rematch DAL and beat them in DALLAS! Romo will likely be playing that game I think DAk gets hurt sometime in the season. Then Vikings will travel to the 5th seed giants.they will lose that gamebtoo GIANTS win

    13. tamsmooth00 I like the look of your predictions. I'm looking at Vikings Lions which you listed, and their previous games. I don't know what the significance is, but their last 5 meetngs have ended with either 16 or 19 points being scored by one team.

    14. Annon I think they meet up again in the wild card match both losses they had against the lions this season was without AP now he's back and vikings get them this time!

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  5. I remember they were saying that Peyton Manning was under investigation for HGH/PED right before playoffs last year that seemed to be some distraction to play into the public's emotions. Then he wins the Superbowl.

  6. Don't worry about how. The Colts and Minn are getting in no matter will be clearer how they do it depending on who wins Colts v Vikings. I think it has to be Vikings be because people would then favor them in the SB. If Vikings lose this game, I would maybe see them losing to Giants in conference final. Don't be surprised if conference final is Minn vs ATL with ATL getting a new stadium next year. But as you pondered above.....if the conference final is Minn-NY, Minn would be divided winner and NY would be wildcard so game is on Minn for new stadium extra revenue.....Rodgers is the only premium QB left aside from Wilson in nfc. so I don't see them leaving Pack out of playoffs

    1. GB is out for Minnesota to get in. Minnesota can't win the division because Detroit beat them twice. If GB wins the division Minnesota is out of the playoffs.

  7. One time Minn Twin, Rod Carew is getting a heart transplant today...

  8. Jeremy WhiteDecember 15, 2016 at 12:31 PM

    GB is out for Minnesota to get in. Minnesota can't win the division because Detroit beat them twice. If GB wins the division Minnesota is out of the playoffs.
    Well, no, there is a scenario that can have Vikings win division and GB wildcard. you are just assuming the other games have to go a certain way for your bias.
    you just dont want to watch if Colts have to have other teams win and lose games if they lose this weekend LOL. I'm not pointing at you yelling you are wrong lol just saying that yes its very possible for Vikings GB without Detroit

    1. That's not possible. I did it in the simulator. If Detroit loses out and GB wins 2 of 3 they win the division. Detroit would be 9-7 with a tie breaker over Minnesota. Vikings out. It has to be Vikings and Detroit, or GB and Detroit. Or if Vikings are out it can be Washington or Tampa in the Wildcard, but the whole projection is Vikings vs Giants in the NFC Championship so this is the only scenario for that to happen.

    2. If Colts lose, they can only go 8-8 and would need a whole lot of help from Jacksonville. Like I said, if it isn't Colts, Chiefs, Cowboys winning this week the whole thing is going down the drain

    3. the espn sim is missing data aspects,doesnt account for tie season/strength of victory. and you might want to check if every single game is checked each time you do it. if minn wins out and GB goes 2-1 losing to minn, minn wins div. while Det loses out. are you just assuming gb beats minn?

      I may actually be wrong but ive checked this a few times

      if i'm wrong,i'm wrong but this doesnt say so and i've played with it all year.
      after this weekend this will be sorted out LOL

    4. technically true
      vikes would be 10-6 and det 9-7 but colts would then have to rely on jag winning this sunday as well for taht vikes to go division sccenario

    5. the only definite hope crusher this weekend is if colts lose and texans win. If that happens then all bets are off lol

    6. Ram, why do the Giants and Vikings HAVE to win their divisions?? Isnt making the playoffs sufficient considering the magnitude of events it would take for these 1/million scenerio of the teams winning out and losing out...That is just beyond unlikely

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. 58th year anniversary. Game in 58. World Series trophy visited Indiana 58 days before SB

    2. this was printed last year Dec 2015. predictive programing?

  10. myeskimofriendsDecember 17, 2016 at 8:28 AM

    Ram, why do the Giants and Vikings HAVE to win their divisions?? Isnt making the playoffs sufficient considering the magnitude of events it would take for these 1/million scenerio of the teams winning out and losing out...That is just beyond unlikely
    something fake is not unlikely or is already beyond unlikely could go the other way with Detroit and minn getting in but that wouldnt help the over all narrative, I think. Minn needs to win to be the favorite in the SB when the teams meet. Minn neeeds to win to host a playoof game/playoff games in the playoffs because that usually happens when teams make playoffs who built new stadiums which is another reason I picked them to make playoffs without need of gematria. we arent talking about Pitt losing to Cleveland and Bengals back to back here lol that would be more unlikely then the suck ass Titans/Texans/Jags beating each other ( I also know the texans arent making the playoffs in the first place because they are host team) next year the Vikings will suck. The year the Titans made it to SB was just as unlikely. the year the Panthers/jAGS made to the conference championship in their second year was just as unlikely...fake,fake fake

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