Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Klay Thompson drops 60 in 29 minutes - GSW over Pacers on 12/5

Here we get a game in which the Golden State Warriors beat the Indiana Pacers 142-106, and Klay Thompson scored 60 points in 29 minutes. This came on a night where the Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets 41-10 on Monday Night Football. The point fest by Thompson is a tribute to the Football game, as all pro sports are interconnected. Let's go inside the mind of a Klay Thompson... he put the team on his back doe! So much determination doe....



The 29 minutes is the tip of the hand that this was a Football tribute.

  • Football = 29. 
  • Klay Thompson was born on a day with 29 numerology (2+8+1+9+9+0 = 29).
  • The 29th prime is 109. Klay Alexander Thompson = 109.
  • Andrew = 29. 

The win came against the Indiana Pacers, who scored 106 points in the contest. Prophecy = 106.

  • Klay Thompson = 52. California = 52. Indiana = 52. Prophecy = 52. 

As for the 142 points scored by the Warriors.

  • Thirty Nine = 142. Thompson = 39. Indianapolis located on the 39th parallel North. New York = 39. NY = 39. NRG = 39.
  • Thirty Five = 142. Oakland CA = 35. 
  • Forty Two = 142. 60 points was the highest-scoring performance by a Golden State player in more than 42 years. (Rick Barry scored 64 on 3/26/1974).

Thompson scored 60, a tribute to the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Indianapolis = 60. Oakland Raiders = 60. 
  • Sixty = 97. We are in the 97th NFL Season.
  • Sixty = 25/34. Giants = 25/34.
  • Klay went to college at Washington State = 60.
  • Game on 12/5. 12x5 = 60.

Thompson had 40 points at halftime in just 18-plus minutes. Andrew Luck = 40.
The score was 80-50 at halftime. NFL = 85.

Klay Thompson was 21 of 33 shooting in the game for 63.6% (round to 64%). He was also 8 of 14 from 3 point range (57%). Thompson averaged 2.07 points per minute. He was 10/11 on free throws.

  • Game was on a day with numerology of 33 (12+5+16 = 33). MNF = 33.
  • 21 shot attempts. This was the Warriors 21st game of the season.
  • 64% shooting. New York Giants = 64.
  • 57% from 3. Fifty Seven = 131. Championship = 131. 
  • 2.07 points per minute. Manning = 207.
  • 10/11 Free throw shooting. New York = 111.

Thompson was drafted in 2011, in Round 1, Pick 11.

  • New York = 111. 
  • Klay Thompson = 70. Giants = 70.

The Indianapolis Colts win over NYJ was all about the numbers 41 & 51.  Andrew Luck got his 41st regular season win, and the Colts got their 41st regular season win in the series against the Jets. Luck made his 66th regular start, and Sixty Six = 41. It was the last game of Week 13. The 13th prime is 41. They scored 41 points in the win, with the Jets scoring 10 for a total of 51.

  • Golden State = 41. Super Bowl = 41. 
  • 51 total points in the Colts/Jets game. Season of SB 51.
  • Fifty One = 100. Klay Thompson has birth numerology of 100 (2+8+90 = 100).
  • Fifty One = 100. It was said that Thompson was on pace for 100 points had he played the whole game.
  • Klay was ranked the #51 overall player in the nation coming out of High School.
  • From 12/5 to 2/8/17 (Thompson's birthday) is a span of 66 days. Andrew Luck made his 66th start and the Colts improved to 6-6. NFL = 66. Sixty Six = 41. 
  • Luck completed 22 of 28 passes in the MNF game. Klay = 22, and he was born on 2/8.

"Klay's Wild Ride: Zero to Sixty":

They even use language that connects to Colts... "Klay's Wild Ride"...
"Zero to Sixty" is used in measuring how fast cars can accelerate. Kind of a loose reference to road rage.

  • Klays Wild Ride = 912. Super Bowl LI = 912. Andrew Luck born 9/12. 
  • Zero to Sixty = 70. Giants = 70. Seventy = 29 (Thompson played 29 minutes).

"Klay, what? Thompson dropped 60 -- and it could have been more" was the title of the ESPN article.
"Klay, what? Thompson dropped 60 -- and it could have been more" = 3090. New York = 39.
"Klay, what? Thompson dropped 60 -- and it could have been more" = 209. Played 29 minutes. Football = 29.

Several of the Raiders players were in attendance, including Derek Carr.
This is probably foreshadowing of the game between the Colts and Raiders which is coming up in 3 weeks on 12/24/16. The Colts and Raiders could possibly meet again in the playoffs.

  • From 12/5 to 12/4 is 19 days. Nineteen = 41. 
  • If the Colts and Raiders meet in the divisional round, it would be on 1/14 or 1/15. From 12/5 to 1/15 is 41 days. Golden State = 41. 
  • Notice 12/5/16 and 1/15/17 have the exact same date numerology: 53, 26, 17, 33.
  • If the Colts and Raiders meet in the AFC Championship, it would be on 1/22. From 12/5 to 1/22 is 49 days. Warriors = 49. Klay = 49.

It actually would be fitting for the Raiders to make it to the AFC Championship if the Patriots get knocked out early.
The game is on 1/22/17. Oakland is located on the 122nd meridian West. Golden State = 122. Oakland = 22. Carr = 22. Klay = 22. David Carr has birth numerology of 122 (3+28+91 = 122).
It's in the realm of possibility that the 142 points scored by the Warriors, is a tribute to the Raiders going 14-2 on the season and getting to the AFC Championship. From 12/5 to 1/22 is also 6 weeks and 6 days. NFL = 66.
1/22/2017 is a day with numerology of 60, 33, 15, 40. Indianapolis = 60. Oakland Raiders = 60. Raider = 330. Colts = 15. Andrew Luck = 40. Carr = 40. The numerology certainly fits.
Oakland plays Kansas City on Thursday Night with the Division lead on the line. We will know shortly if Oakland projects to a top 2 seed and home field advantage, or if they will fall to a wild card.

It looks like this was another tribute for the Colts and Giants to make it to the Super Bowl, and for the Colts to possibly defeat the Raiders in the playoffs.

Box Score:


Klay = 751, 49, 294, 13/22,
Thompson = 588, 120, 720, 39/48,
Klay Thompson = 1339, 169, 1014, 52/61/70,
Klay Alexander Thompson = 2125, 253, 1518, 91/100/109,
Born: 2/8/1990
Age: 26
Birth numerology: 119, 29, 100
College: Washington State
Draft: 2011 / Round 1 / Pick 11
Klay was considered the No. 51 overall player in the nation in 2008 coming out of High School.

Date spans:
12/5/2016 to 2/8/17 - 301, 9/27, 43 [ 302, 9/28, 43/1
2/8/17 to 12/5/16 - 65, 2/3, 9/2 [ 66, 2/3, 9/3
12/5/2016 to 12/24/2016 - 19, 2/5 [ 20, 2/6
12/5/16 to 1/14 - 40, 1/9, 5/5 [ 41, 1/10, 5/6
12/5/16 to 1/22 - 48, 1/17, 6/6 [ 49, 1/17, 6/7
1/22/2017 = 60, 33, 15, 40
1/14/2017 = 52, 25, 16, 32
1/15/2017 = 53, 26, 17, 33
12/5/2016 = 53, 26, 17, 33

Divisional round: 1/14 & 1/15

Golden State = 662, 122, 732, 41/50,
Warriors = 940, 121, 726, 49/58,
Golden State Warriors = 1602, 243, 1458, 90/108,


  1. You are definitely on point i new something was up with klay scoring 60 and colts jets game =51

  2. He played for 29 minutes but only touched the ball for 88.4 seconds, crazy lol

  3. I'm in new England and a pizza ad is mentioning the tuck rule and Belicheck was talking a lot about field goals and 2001 and Oakland

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  5. yall crazy if u think giants and colts will go to SB, giants just lost their top Defensive guy for 6 weeks at least in JPP,
    and colts lost theirs to PEDs (Colts lose LB D'Qwell Jackson to four-game PED suspension)

    1. And Patriots just lost Gronkowski, and Seahawks just lost Earl Thomas. What part of it's all rigged don't you understand?

    2. LMAO its rigged because players are suffering injuries... sure makes sense

    3. They have players getting injured on all the teams, so a player being out on the Giants or Colts doesn't mean they lose. It's easy to fake injuries. Just fall on the ground and grab your achilles tendon and say it ruptured. Or better yet pretend your kidney is lacerated.

    4. remember all player in NFL are super stars lol ( world class athlete ) it like wrestling the people up top decide you going to be a super star !. it called play calling. you know be intresting if somebody patched into the mic in the helmets to see what the coach or people are saying to them . probably like throw a crappy pass or interception to soso , we need to throw the game lol

  6. I got a new BLOG 2 find NFL Winners weekly, different formula so hope you guys can stop through.

    1. That is good, that way you can document everything. What is it called?

    2. Jeremy I figured I do not want to be on bad terms so I will do my own blog. Having troubles with the link and how to share my link so any advice would be0great.

    3. http://upsidedowntruthnfl.blogspot.com/2016/12/upside-down-nfl-truth.html
      See if this works, if so leave a commencomment

  7. 142 to 106 Raiders can be 14-2 or colts could be 10-6...unfortunatly they play eachother so cant have both, but Colts 10-6 is possible, great find thx

  8. Nice jeremy.

    Gematria fade pick is up - https://sportsbetcapper.wordpress.com/blog/
    I'll try to get another game as well.

    1. Right on, I haven't done much basketball decoding since I'm focusing on football, glad you are doing that

    2. If you can link me on your links that would be awesome. Trying to get atleast one game up per day.

      I posted my work on a well known betting forum, the responses are hilarious... hahaha..
      Heres a few.
      "This is something else. Thanks for the effort?"
      "What? I mean... what? "

      Nothing like trying to get the gambling sheep to see how these numbers work. lol.

    3. Why do you say "fade the pick"? And say to pick against yours? I don't understand

    4. When I get around to it I'll make an NBA reference sheet like my NFL one.

    5. Forget the nba, too many games..I know the flow of a nfl season and where most upsets will come...these next 2 weeks and month are gonna rock the fans world

    6. Agreed, I don't mess with NBA and NCAA basketball until February. We are in football crunch time, and it's time to eat!

    7. so nba is all rigged too? haha ok! i can see some games being rigged but not all sorry folks not buying it

    8. who do we have winning the NFC South, Atl or tampa.?..obviously both teams going in different directions and I never thought Tampa would go this far...but they do have a black QB and they need those in the playoffs to lose....Atl notorious for fading but many were confident they were the team going to playoffs as they host SB in couple yrs

    9. Jeremy - I'm trying to look at my decodes at a different perspective, so that's why I say fade the team I pick. I'm currently 0-7, but 7-0 in my pocket haha. I believe my record is 2-13 so far.

    10. everybody knows Nba rigged , where you been under a rock haha , do u actually watch it ! youtube nba rigged , there like a million video haha

  9. Hey man are you going to do week 14 picks? You let me down a little on week 13 lol but I know youre not perfect. Please do all week 13 games including tonights game. This is huge for me

  10. Hey man are you going to do week 14 picks? You let me down a little on week 13 lol but I know youre not perfect. Please do all week 13 games including tonights game. This is huge for me

    1. He let you down? What are you talking about?

      Why don't you do it yourself if it is so "huge" for you ....

    2. I was just saying he got more wrong that week then usual thats all. I follow him for a reason dick because I trust his stuff. I know the shits righed you have to be a moron with a half of brain to not realize that. Take a chill pill homie


    3. Control your emotions bud. Why you negative words? I am chill thank you.

      Just saying your probably will learn more when you do things yourself instead other people doing the job for you.

    4. I only called 2 games last week. Packers over Houston and Indy over Jets. I looked at Dallas/Minnesota and NYG/Steelers, but I said those were too close to call. You probably don't even read the commentary to see what I say. I spent most of my time on the Joe McKnight stuff because it is much more important to get the season narrative than week to week games. If you want straight up picks with no explanation check out RFG's facebook. He hasn't been hitting very well as of late though.

  11. Hey Jeremy, just wondering if you see anything leaning towards other teams for the SB...U have Colts/Giants/Vikings as the big 3....Have you noticed any trends for other teams insofar as gemotria and current events, not win/loss records like Cowboys/Pats/Raiders lol??? THX

    1. There has been some deaths related to the Cowboys lately, Dez Bryant's dad, Emmitt Smith's mom, and Linebacker Dave Edwards just passed as well. Rayne Dakota Presscott = 1386. Super Bowl Fifty One = 1386. Cowboys are a possibility but it seems like they are the fall guy for the Giants, their time will come when the rookies pay their dues.

    2. DUde you gematria guys are stuck on Giants... It's not the Giants fuck....

    3. At the end of the day, it's all just advice. You can believe whatever you want.

    4. mikey chill, just a difference of opinion, and from a betting standpoint, everyone here has money on Giants and Vikings so were all covered....tho seems Giants more likely as Vikings have 0 players of Interest

  12. That Colts Jets game was coded like crazy, and the connections you found here are crazy too! Good work.
    In my mind that game makes >90% certain that the Colts are going to SB51.

  13. not sure where the Giants aspect is coming from..all the so called strong coding can just be playoff teams designation. Teams that build stadiums make it to the SB..Cards/Rams/Titans/Niners all recent examples..Vikings are in line For that. The 1958 connection doesnt mean much or last year would have been Pack v Chiefs as a 50th anniversary thing maybe, ya know?

    dont be surprised if Saints get hot since the flood and the cop incident and Mcknight

    1. Klay Thompson's name syncs to New York and Giants

    2. could just be about NY vs Dallas

    3. 60 is the perfect amount of points to connect Colts and Giants. Indianapolis = 60. Sixty = 25/34. Giants = 25/34. Just my opinion.

    4. thats fine but like I said..before I saw your gematria stuff i already researched patterns of the league once i realized its just a show. Move/get a new owner/build a new stadium/ host a SB , translates to post season success and at the very least appearances in post season if you arent a team that the fans care about or media pushes like Texans and Atl ..texans are hosting so the last 3 of 4 years they get a one and done.. Atl is building a new stadium so theyll be in playoffs this year and next... NY is in playoffs because they are every 2.7 years anyway. They are the godfather/Marlon Brando of the league

  14. checked the record for viking and Detroit , basically they need lions to lose there last three games and viking to win there finally three to even have a chance at a wild card spot ! so there could be some gold if you believe viking make playoffs! because if lion win one more game viking out of playoff picture , lions own tie breaker and record just not good enough to cut it if viking go 2-1 for a wild card playoff spot

    so take bears + 8 and viking -2.5 if you believe the viking hype also they could let the packer win there next 2 game and on there last make it a must win mini playoff vs min
    since min has tie breaker vs GB but GB beat DET so , for some reason i feel that the better story line to make more drama and to keep packer fan content instead of letting them get have a complete waste of season , not mention GB are in half the NFL commerical

    So final week 14 picks are Bears +8 , Viking -2.5 , Packers + 3 , let see if there winner ! the bears and packer will be big upset so stay turned to WWF NFL haha . ps. i didnt use any gematria persay just a script for more drama, also they had Salaam heisman winner death who played for Bears , maybe a tribute for a bears win! since there running game showing life also Mcnight from USC who just died could also be a short tribute to bears QB Barkley who played for USC also ! in short will see best of luck , i personally put all three of those picks in a $25 parlay bears / packer ML and viking spread should pay around $ 372.00 of $25 yay let hope it true

    1. I'm thinking the Vikings can still get the #6 seed, even if the Lions win the division. Packers and Vikings play on 12/24, and Peterson will be back. Packers out of the playoffs, and Giants get the 5 seed and Vikings the 6. Maybe Detroit gets in because of the Zurlon Tipton shooting who played for the Colts.

    2. you forgot about nfc south - (saints,falcons,bucs, panthers) div they have to have one in wild card maybe two only because tampa and falcons are 7-5 so they have a one game lead for better record then vikings, so it a easier route for viking to just straight win there div . they have a better chance . not unless tampa or falcon just straight up lose there last 4 games! dont see that happening. but it going to be hard for viking to get in if detroit doesnt bomb .

    3. Winner winner , i see what the stories have for this next week and see , i am intrested in micheal flyod WR getting releases from Arizona i think he might get picked up by colts idk will see if they can do it , to help them out and make them seem or legitmate lol

  15. Lions can still beat Bears and lose next 3

    1. they need bears to lose if lions beat bears there be 7-2 in div and at most viking would be 6-6 in div games also packer have a chance to pass them if packer win last 3 games since there all div games. so for viking to be in playoffs they need lions to lose div games and nfc south to do bad also , i still like bears +7.5 , packers +3 and also under 45 for pac/seahawks game , it going to be snowing so i hope that is slow offenses down by a lot! and MIN -2.5 . packer could win this game to keep drama up in division and it a non conference game also packer win make good story line with bears next week assuming bears beat lions , nfl loves as much drama as possible , if the plan for the viking to make playoffs there has to be drama

  16. Since this game I'm pretty convinced that Colts win AFC, but I'm not 100% on NFC, so I'm going to look over them all again.

    I just noticed that Eli Manning's birthday is exact 33 days before Superbowl LI

  17. Jeremy..thanks for having the balls to post your picks...hate the cat and mouse games on other sites...

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