Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NFL Week 16 Games +Playoff Scenarios

NFL Week 16

Current Playoff Picture:

Projected Playoffs at end of season:

Once again, the 2, 3, and 4 seeds in the NFC are interchangeable. In the AFC, it doesn't really matter who gets the 6 seed, and Oakland and KC are competing for the 2 seed. Baltimore could potentially take the 3 seed from Pittsburgh but I doubt it.

Now we only have 2 weeks left, and there are no more "alternate" roads for some of the teams. Some of the games MUST go a certain way. These last 2 weeks are a prime opportunity to hit some big parlays.

Let's look at the schedule of the playoff contenders:


Indianapolis (7-7):
@ Oakland - W
vs Jacksonville - W
Indianapolis must win both of these games to make it to the playoffs.

Oakland (11-3):
vs Indianapolis - L
vs San Diego
Oakland must lose to Indianapolis. The SD game is irrelevant except for the Raiders playoff seeding.

Houston (8-6):
vs Cincinnati - L
@ Tennessee - L
Houston must lose BOTH of these games for Indianapolis to make the playoffs. They just benched their starting QB so that will be the excuse for the collapse.

Tennessee (8-6):
@ Jacksonville - L
vs Houston - W
Tennessee must lose to Jacksonville and beat Houston for Indianapolis to make the playoffs. Tennessee still has a small chance for the #6 wild card slot.

Kansas City (10-4)
vs Denver
@ San Diego
These games are irrelevant except for Kansas City's playoff seeding.

Denver (8-6):
@ Kansas City
vs Oakland
These games are irrelevant except for Denver trying to get the #6 wild card. They are not playing well lately, and most of that blame is on the offense.

Pittsburgh (9-5):
vs Baltimore
vs Cleveland
Pittsburgh should have an easy win against Cleveland, and beating Baltimore would put the Ravens playoff hopes in bad shape.

Baltimore (8-6):
@ Pittsburgh
@ Cincinnati
These games are irrelevant except for Baltimore trying to get the #6 seed.


Minnesota (7-7):
@ Green Bay - W
vs Chicago - W
Minnesota MUST win both of these games to make the playoffs as the #6 seed.

Tampa Bay (8-6):
@ New Orleans - L
vs Carolina - L
Tampa Bay MUST lose both of these games for Minnesota to make the playoffs.

Washington (7-6-1):
@ Chicago
vs New York Giants
Washington must lose at least 1 of these games for the Vikings to make the playoffs. I'm not sure which one they will lose.  It is likely they beat the Bears to setup a more meaningful game against the Giants for drama, but it would be nice if they just lose to Chicago.

New York Giants (10-4):
@ Philadelphia
@ Washington
New York is locked into the 5 seed and I wouldn't be surprised if they win both of these games. Either way it doesn't matter much.

Detroit (9-5):
@ Dallas
@ Green Bay
Detroit must win 1 more game to capture the NFC North title. I suspect they will lose to Dallas to have them playing Green Bay for the division in Week 17. Detroit must win the division for Minnesota to make the playoffs. If they lose to Dallas they should be sure to beat Green Bay the next week.

Dallas (12-2):
vs Detroit
@ Philadelphia
Dallas has essentially locked up the 1 seed (Giants could still get it technically), but I think the Cowboys are safe to be #1. This will set them up to get upset in the playoffs.

Atlanta (9-5):
@ Carolina
vs New Orleans
Atlanta will either be the #3 or #4 seed.

Seattle (9-4-1):
vs Arizona
@ San Francisco
Seattle will likely be the #2 seed. It is unlikely they lose to either of these teams.

Top Picks (5):

Indianapolis over Oakland, Jacksonville over Tennessee, Cincinnati over Houston
These 3 MUST happen for Indianapolis to make the playoffs.

Minnesota over Green Bay, New Orleans over Tampa Bay
These 2 MUST happen for Minnesota to make the playoffs as the #6 seed.

Likely to happen:
New England over New York Jets, San Diego over Cleveland, Seattle over Arizona, New York Giants over Philadelphia

The rest:


Thursday 12/22:

New York Giants at Philadelphia
166th regular matchup. New York leads 84-79-2.
170th overall matchup. New York leads 86-81-2 (including 2-2 playoffs)

Saturday 12/24:

12/24/2016 = 12+24+20+16 = 72
12/24/2016 = 12+24+2+0+1+6 = 45
12/24/2016 = 1+2+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 18 
12/24/16 = 12+24+16 = 52
12/24, 24/12
12+24 = 36, 12*24 = 288
December Twenty Fourth = 2473, 250, 1500, 97,
Christmas Eve = 961, 142, 852, 52/61/70/79,
Week Sixteen = 1499, 140, 840, 50/59/68,
Sixteen = 969, 96, 576, 33/42, 549, 53
43 days to Super Bowl.
1 month 12 days to Super Bowl (112).
43, 1/12, 6/1 [ 44, 1/13, 6/2

Miami at Buffalo
101st regular matchup. Miami leads 58-42-1.
105th overall matchup. Miami leads 59-45-1 (including 1-3 playoffs)

New York Jets at New England
112th regular matchup. New England leads 58-53-1.
115th regular matchup. New England leads 60-54-1 (including 2-1 playoffs)

Tennessee at Jacksonville
44th regular matchup. Tennessee leads 24-19.
45th overall matchup. Tennessee leads 25-19 (including 1-0 playoffs)
Jacksonville: 155-196-0
Tennessee: 412-448-6
The 45th overall matchup occurs on a day with 45 numerology.
It is also the 44th regular matchup, and it is 44 days to the Super Bowl including end date.
43 days to the Super Bowl. Jacksonville = 43.
1 month 12 days to the Super Bowl (112). Douglas Charles Marrone = 112.
Jacksonville is going for their 20th win in the series. Doug = 20. Titans = 20.
The Jaguars can give Tennessee franchise loss 449. 449 is the 87th prime. Ever Bank Field = 87.
Game is on a day with 52 numerology. Christmas Eve = 52. Doug Marrone is 52 years old and has birth numerology of 52.

Doug Marrone
Doug = 371, 47, 282, 20,
Marrone = 336, 84, 504, 39,
Doug Marrone = 707, 131, 786, 59,
Douglas Charles Marrone = 1075, 229, 1374, 94/112,
Born: 7/25/1964
Age: 52
Birth numerology: 115, 52, 34, 96
Place of birth: Bronx, New York
College: Syracuse

Minnesota at Green Bay
111th regular matchup. Green Bay leads 58-50-2.
113th overall matchup. Green Bay leads 59-51-2 (including 1-1 playoffs)

San Diego at Cleveland
25th matchup. San Diego leads 15-8-1.

Washington at Chicago
43rd regular matchup. Washington leads 21-20-1.
50th overall matchup. Washington leads 25-23-1 (including 4-3 playoffs)

Atlanta at Carolina
44th matchup. Atlanta leads 26-17.

Indianapolis at Oakland
14th regular matchup. Oakland leads 7-6.
16th overall matchup. Oakland leads 8-7 (including 1-1 playoffs)
Notice Oakland leads the matchup 8-7 overall. The Colts come into the game 7-7, and will improve to 8-7 on the season. The regular season matchup will become 7-7 which is the Colts current record.
It is 1 month 12 days to the Super Bowl (112). Andrew Luck = 112. Horseshoe = 112.
Indianapolis has to win this game.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans
50th matchup. New Orleans leads 30-19.

Can't Stop George at Decoding Sports has broken down this game so checkout his breakdown here:
New Orleans should win this one.

Arizona at Seattle
36th matchup. Series is tied at 17-17-1.
The winner will get their 18th win on a day with 18 numerology.

San Francisco at Los Angeles
134th regular matchup. San Francisco leads 66-64-3.
135th overall matchup. San Francisco leads 67-64-3 (including 1-0 playoffs)

Cincinnati at Houston
9th regular matchup. Series is tied 4-4.
11th overall matchup. Houston leads 6-4 (including 2-0 playoffs)
If Cincy wins, the overall series will go to 6-5. Bengals = 165. Brock Osweiler = 65 (he is not starting however, Tom Savage is starting for the Texans)
Savage = 804. Cincinnati Bengals = 84. Cincinnati is located on the 84th meridian West.
The series will go to 5-4. NRG Stadium = 45/54.
Cincinnati must win this game to help Indianapolis.

Tom Savage
Tom = 300, 48, 288, 12, 180
Savage = 514, 55, 330, 19/28/37/46, 804
Tom Savage = 814, 103, 618, 31/40/49/58, 984
Thomas Benjamin Savage = 1090, 199, 1194, 73/82/91/100,
Born: 4/26/1990
Age: 26

Sunday 12/25:

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
42nd regular matchup. Pittsburgh leads 21-20.
46th overall matchup. Pittsburgh leads 24-21 (including 3-1 playoffs).

Denver at Kansas City
113th regular matchup. Kansas City leads 58-54.
114th overall matchup. Kansas City leads 58-55 (including 0-1 playoffs)

Monday 12/26:

Detroit at Dallas
24th regular matchup. Dallas leads 12-11.
27th overall matchup. Dallas leads 14-12 (including 2-1 playoffs)


  1. Jeremy, the Colts can still get in as a wild card, if Miami, Baltimore and Denver lose last 2 the ESPN machine is wrong (intentionally?). I also suspect the Giants will finish 11-5 (based on recent clues) I think they will beat Philly and lose to the Skins when they have nothing to play for. If thats the case I expect the Bears to upset the Skins since they need to lose 1 to help Min.

    1. Yes Brad that is possible but to me that doesn't make sense cuz they would have to play the Patriots in the Divisional round not the Championship. If the Colts are destined to win Super Bowl 51 it would make better sense for them to beat the Patriots the team Luck has never beaten in the Championship to get to SB51!!

    2. I also think Minny plays the Lions in the wild card match up, lions have beaten them twice this season Minny gets their revenge especially with Peterson back!.. Giants play Falcons would be way more exciting than Lions!

    3. Brad I believe your mistaken there, as Minnesota is to get in the #6 seed, Washington had to lose two of their final three, they just lost their first, (Monday Night vs Carolina), now they have to lose @NYGiants Week 17, leaving their victory against Chicago; 1-2 in their final three games, with loses vs Carolina, and at NYG.

    4. Idk I don't like the fact that both wild card teams win. If Minnesota gets in I think Giants could be a first round exit

    5. @James its based on my theory that the Giants will finish 11-5. If they beat the Eagles they would lose to Washington esp based on having nothing to play for. Therefore Washington can't win both because that would take out Minny. Therefore they lose to Bears.

    6. @tam Yea its definitely a less likely scenario but certainly worth covering just in case.

    7. There is Beckham-Norman Part 3

  2. Lions and Packers will go down to week 17 and the Lions will win guaranteed.

    The Lions can go 7-1 at home in Week 17 on the first day of 17.

    The Lions can get their 69th win all time vs GB with a win. Lions=69

    1/1/17 is a date numerology of 19. 91 = Detroit

    And all I'm saying it will be the 9 year anniversary of the 0-16 Lions. Keep an eye out for #9. Possibly has a career game or a GW Hail Mary

  3. Yee Haw, either it is or it isn't! Let's Rock and roll this Christmas Eve!

    If not, we live and learn.

    Thanks so much Jeremy.

  4. Strong possibility giants lose to eagles I recall first game giants won in NY Zach called that one also stating the rematch( which I documented) shows NY losing in Philly Tom so idk but I'm ML eagles... Giants are in either way so a lost now makes all sense being no one will take eagles over eli


    2. Lol done it already friend thanks tho

  5. I think Jets could possibly upset the Patriots making the Jets 5-10 (Super Bowl 51) and Patriots 12-3 (123=Indianapolis)

    Season rematches usually are at the beginning/end of season no?
    Their last matchup was less than 3 weeks ago.. ODD....

    gets me thinking...

    Jets held NE to 22 Points, only lost by 1 possession...
    A loss to NYJ would show New England to be beatable..
    ESPECIALLY after the Colts spanked the Jets
    so when the Colts actually do knock them off... its believable

    1. Jets just got blown out by Miami 😂 No way Jets winning! Patriots at home they had tough offensive pts at Denver in sure Brady will kill the jets! Probably not covering the spread but at least 13-14 pts.

    2. Also patriots will need that dominant look entering the playoffs. So when it's time colts meet patriots the money is lopsided to NE. Colts win!

    3. At least we agree on something.. COLTS WIN!!

  6. this is what will happen on Saturday:
    date numerology 72 45 18 52 36
    43 days til superbowl
    43= champion
    52 = prophecy
    colts will beat raiders and win out
    titans will go 1-1 (9-7) *
    hou 0-2 (8-8)*Houston bench osweiler for this game. Cin has a better defense then jaguars. Does i't make sense for there star qb to be bench on Christmas eve? Looks like osweilers role is done this year and now having savage, he will take the blame for Houston losing twice and hou miss the plaoffs

    Titans have a chance to take 6 seed if Miami,baltimore lose out. if they lose out and broncos end uo9-7 tennese will win over broncos for the 6th seed

  7. Colts will get the 4th seed. Dolpins will beat the patriots because the patriots will lock everything up with a win over the Jets this week. The last week in football the teams whove wrapped up division spots and clinched homefield always rest their players and dolpins will win against the pats at home so colts 6th seed scenario is out the door.

    1. My guess 1. Pats 2. Chiefs 3 Pittsburgh 4 Colts 5 Raiders 6 Dolphins and for the NFC 1. Cowboys 2. Seattle 3. Falcons 4. Detroit 5 Giants 6 Vikings

  8. Upsidedown Truth
    NFL Picks...


    Chicago over Washington
    Bills over Fins
    Saints over Bucs
    Atlanta over Carolina
    Minnesota over G.B.
    N.E. over N.Y.
    Jags over Titans
    Cleveland over S.D. (1st time taking Browns)
    S.F. over L.A.
    Arizona over Seattle (if Sea. Wins L.A. wins)
    Cincinnati over Houston
    Ravens over Steelers
    Denver over K.C.
    Dallas over Detroit

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I hope the Colts win but I got some good numbers for the Raiders and the one I worry about the most is Indy matching loss 441 regular season matching DelRios D.O.B. 4-4-1962 (Think "62", even know that part don't matter)

    3. Will you post your blog link again?

  9. has anyone else decoded jags vs titans because the numbers dont point to a win for the jags

    1. Did your numbers come out for a Colts win ?

    2. 12/24/2016=72 mularkey 72nd game
      =45 jags can get 197th loss, 197 is 45th prime, if mularkey wins he stays at 45 losses
      =18 marrone can pick up 18th loss

      the most concerning number to me is that the jags can get their 197th loss(197 is the 45th prime)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. direct bet digital only they don't hold your money they pay into your account instantly after a win

  11. ram might be right colts will have to probably get a 6 seed

    1. It does bring the final week 17 matchup for the AFC South. Bring Titans or Texans to their knees to win if Miami and Baltimore lose out.

  12. I'm not do sure about a wildcard thing anymore actually...I use the reddit season thing and its doing different things now and might be flawed or I'm not checking off something,..if Titans do win I have to believe it's because Colts can still be a wildcard,lucky team

  13. If Colts win division, I think Ravens end up wild and not Miami.Miami is still paying for 14-0

  14. whats a legitimate playoff predictor to use since the espn one is supposed to be flawed?

    1. There are others but I don't trust em. I just did it manually

  15. Lions win on MNF boys its revenge from the blown call of last time they played each other last year in Dallas

  16. Replies
    1. then again maybe titans still lose because the jags had a lot of favorable numbers last week but they still lost plus they lost their coach

    2. The Jaguars fired their coach so the players will have a "morale boost" playing for their new coach. The Texans benched Osweiler and backup QB Savage is the reason they will lose out. How do ya'll not see the setup of the script?

    3. i see the setup but I'm also being cautious because when I decoded the game I saw a lot of prime numbers for the titans

    4. I agree with Jeremy it seems pretty clear if colts are to make it, they're gonna be a 'division' winner. Division=47, Luck=47, 47th modern era nfl season. Marrone was hired for a reason, 'Doug Marrone'=59, from last titans-jags game to this one is 59 days. The titans could get their 449th loss all-time loss against the jaguars, 449 is the 87th prime, Luck guaranteed 87 million, Titans could drop to 8-7, Mularkey the titans head coach was a 'tight end' in the nfl during his playing days, 'tight end'=87. 'Super Bowl Fifty One'=87 R and 'early christmas gift'=87 R which is what it would be for the colts if the titans lose to the lowly jags.


    6. Jeremy, savage losing out Texans is the best possibility. Jaguars beating titans tooi can see happening. All teams in the south will be 8-7 and jaguars 3-12 like 123=Indianapolis so colts winning the division is the best possibility. And if chiefs lose to Denver and win against chargers they'll be 5th seed and could possibly play colts first round then colts would play Oakland again in Oakland. And then patriots conference game. 8-7 this week will fulfill our findings and we can guarantee see week 17 outcome

  17. i dont think colts will make playoffs, titans will win this week

    1. Patak, your first three words gave you away.

    2. again , the definition of a troll is anyone who thinks the Colts, with a 4% chance to make playoffs, don't make/win SB, smh

  18. the colts can get a six seed but miami, denver, and baltimore have to lose out, the only thing is if colts get six seed do they play pats in second round , orwould it be better for them to get the 4 and play them in the afc championship

    1. If the Colts get into the playoffs Jeremy showed they will walk into the SB. 4th or 6th seed it will not matter.

    2. I think it's going to be 4. If they face New England the 1 seed, you have 4 vs 1, Deflate Gate = 41, and if they face Giants you get 4 vs 5, 45 like the 45th president. Trump and Pence from NY and Indiana

  19. Eagles WILL WIN. The spread is down to one point and the money will load up on the Giants, This is one of them WoW spreads at 1 point. No doubts in my mind the Eagles win. The numbers I found shows good for both but the odds give you your winner. Philadelphia

    1. problem with eagles winning is it means giants have nothing to play for week 17, so for Minnesota to get in Washington would have to lose to the bears. Or Washington can win this week and Dallas can lose this week giving the giants something to play for in week 17.

    2. skip Bayless been saying if eagles win dallas will play tony romo the last two games because dallas can lock up the division tonight with a giants loss and the next two games will be irrelevant, qb controversy will then be carried into the postseason

    3. Same line movement as Colts Jets game and Colts cruised. Expecting the Giants to do the same and lose next week with nothing to play for and finish 11-5. Also should point to a Bears upset and a Cowboys win

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Here's a helpful tip. Remember how NFL kept saying their ratings were down this year? Well what's one solution for that? To have as many teams as possible fighting for a playoff spot in the last week! Look at week 17's schedule. The only game that's guaranteed not relevant for playoffs is ARI at LA. All the other games have playoff implications. So work BACKWARDS and figure out what teams need to win this week to keep their playoff hopes alive (or to get better seeding).

    Giants (still can win NFC East and #1 seed if Cowboys lose last two games but I doubt it)
    Redskins (need to win this week to keep next week's game vs. Giants relevant)
    Bills (need to win to stay alive while Dolphins just need one win for #6 seed so this week isn't mandatory)
    Saints (same as Bills and Dolphins)
    Panthers/Falcons (Panthers are still alive after beating Redskins, but Falcons are fighting for #2 seed)
    Vikings (obviously need to win to stay alive)
    Patriots (need one more win to clinch #1 seed)
    Jaguars (because Colts duh...but also "buy low, sell high"...Jaguars are low after head coach fired and Titans are high after beating Broncos and Chiefs)
    Chargers/Browns (they're fighting for draft position lol)
    Colts (if they lose then it's the end of the world...of Gematria lol)
    49ers/Rams (draft position)
    Seahawks (fighting for #2 seed)
    Bengals (Texans don't need to win this one, they can win next week and still win AFC South title)
    Ravens/Steelers (fighting for AFC North)
    Broncos/Chiefs (Broncos need to win to stay alive while Chiefs fighting for AFC West title and #2 seed)
    Cowboys (Lions lose because Packers will lose to Vikings setting up week 17 NFC North showdown...I bet they schedule Packers at Lions for SNF ratings booster in week 17)

  21. Besides Bovada, what sites to you use for your wagers. Thanks, All the best!

  22. All time regular season led by NY 84-79-2 with 79 being the 22nd prime and today being the 22nd.

  23. I'm really thinking Chicago beats Redskins this weekend

  24. Hey Jermey check this guy out, I'm sure you can find more than I already have

  25. There was a article "early Christmas gift for colts playoff hopes" early Christmas gift = 87
    Could it be that the three teams fighting for the division all end up 8-7 this Christmas Eve?

    1. If you have the article can you link it please? I threw that phrase in as a joke when I broke down Marrone's hiring, everything about the titans-jags games this week comes back to 87. "The titans could get their 449th loss all-time loss against the jaguars, 449 is the 87th prime, Luck guaranteed 87 million, Titans could drop to 8-7, Mularkey the titans head coach was a 'tight end' in the nfl during his playing days, 'tight end'=87. 'Super Bowl Fifty One'=87 R and 'early christmas gift'=87 R+game is at 'EverBank Field'=87

    2. Also 'Early Christmas present' for people who say that = 97 R, this is the 97th NFL season.

    3. Tony did a video on how the Browns could get their first and only win this year as a Christmas present. What do you think?

    4. It's possible if they're to win a game this would be the one, they're 0-14, 'End'=14 'SD'=14 S-exception. I just don't trust a team that should be playing high school teams. Plus odds aren't that on a 0-14 team, only a +170, maybe a sign they win and don't allow the public to cash in.

    5. The line was at +200 earlier this week. There is a key prime number in their overall record that you may want to consider...

    6. I just checked, you mean the 509th win possibility right? If they win they get their 509th win all-time, 509 is the 97th prime, 97th NFL season plus 97 is the 25th prime and this is the 25th game between the browns and chargers. Also find it interesting Doug Marrone=509 and he is coaching the jags 59 days after their last match-up with the titans, 509 is a key number in the browns game and in the jags game.

    7. Chargers coach is Mike Mccoy:
      'Mike Mccoy'=97 R
      'Mccoy'=59 O
      Browns coach is 'Huey'=59 O Jackson

    8. Crazy how a 0-14 team is only +170...The Vikings are much bigger dogs and they are 7-7 smh. No point betting the Browns unless ur certain, which nobody is

    9. Browns are actually 0-17 from last year. I think they win Christmas eve

    10. What your picks this week 16?

      MIN(this the only one
      I feel shaky about, but if colts can beat gb on lambeau field why can't Vikings?
      I ADMIT I WAS WRONG ABOUT 7-7 but 8-7 with the numbers is much more meaningful. Especially Christmas Eve.

    12. What about the Saints? It a must win for the Viking to go through the playoffs

    13. Why you think the Viking can't pull it through. When all we talk about Colts vs. Viking super bowl

    14. Why Vikings? No one wants to see them in the superbowl

    15. I didn't say Sacrifice, it was tributes. You guys can figure it out if you DID ONCE GEMATRIA yourself. I am not going to tell you what they say.

      I think you guys need to stop being LAZY. This is one of tools for enlightenment. USE IT!

  26. AP is out for the Vikings vs Packers .

  27. Packers are skitzo and have 6 losses, no run game and a,week defense in their narrative. So that doesn't mean much with all the unrealistic outcomes you've already seen

    1. plus vikings have been without AP all season and started out 5-0. It does destroy RFG's theory of AP lighting it up on christmas eve since he's purple jesus though.

    2. Plus read the headline it is dishonest information.

    3. Looks like tributes to New York, that is why Peterson is out.

    4. What about the headline? What tribute?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. and yet the Vikings are still involved..what are you giving up on? the Vikings are making the playoffs. They get to be what the Texans dont get to be.

  28. Final Picks @ Upside-down Truth

    Philadelphia over New York (Spread is NOW 1) - W
    Buffalo over Miami
    New Orleans over Tampa Bay
    Minnesota over Green Bay
    New England over N.Y. Jets
    Jacksonville over Tennessee (A Must Win)
    Cleveland over San Deigo (Upset Special)
    Chicago over Washington
    Atlanta over Carolina
    Indianapolis over Oakland (A Must Win)
    Los Angeles over San Francisco
    Seattle over Arizona
    Cincinnati over Houston (A Must Win)
    Baltimore over Pittsburgh
    Broncos over Kansas City
    Cowboys over Lions (Still like the Cowboys being +7)

  29. For colts to play the 2 seed instead of the pats in the next round the 6 seed would have to upset the 3 seed which will most likely be the steelers. Or else we are right back to Indy playing New England in the second round if there are no upsets

    1. Denver/Baltimore could easily upset Pittsburgh as a 6 seed if one of those 2 end up being the 6 seed. Dolphins/titans are not as good so if they get the 6 seed I wouldn't expect an upset from either of them.

    2. I don't see that happenening hope colts win division and Baltimore get the 6th seed. They have the better chance of beating pitsburg in the wild card game

  30. Todd Bowles hospitalized. May miss game against patriots. Could be good for the jets

  31. whoever called a Jets upset

  32. ok lol so, Just Colts as far as sensationalized unlikely stuff

  33. also noted, the two receivers showcased in the game were white guys.

  34. Not looking so good for the Colts, 33-7

  35. Replies
    1. I feel like Dak will play bad and the Lions will win to create more controversy

  36. The cowboys are 44-32 all time on MNF. 33=Lions. They can get their 33rd loss.

    Lions are 15-15-1. Don't see much there.

    Dallas leads the all time series 14-12 (12-11 regular season record) Lions can get 12th win. They're 2-1 vs NFC East this season

  37. The outcome was ultimately atupid. Dallas had no reason to win or care and Detroit needed that win and just rolled over and played dead.

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