Friday, December 30, 2016

NFL Week 17 Games

NFL Week 17 Games

I really don't have that much to say this week. We just need to see how the week ends up to see how the seeds fall for the playoffs.

A couple of games I find the most interesting are the Patriots at Dolphins and Packers at Lions.
New England will be playing to win because they haven't locked up the #1 seed yet. Oakland can still take it if the Patriots lose. The Dolphins are notorious for giving the Patriots problems in Miami.

The Lions and Packers game will be for the NFC North championship.

That's all for now. I am spending most of my time on researching the potential Super Bowl matchups, so next week I will make some articles on what I find.


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  2. We all know Eli Manning's birthday is 33 days before Superbowl 51. He will be 36 years old, SB51 is on the 36th day of the year.

    But I just discovered this. From Manning's previous birthday (1/3/2016) to SB51 is
    1 years 1 month 2 days (112)
    OR 57 weeks (championship number)

    PS. Sorry for deleted comments, I thought they would disappear. Just needed to correct a couple of typos

    1. Ronda Rousey's birthday was 33 days after her fight last night that she lost, just sayin

    2. Yeah I noticed that. After I saw the articles before the fight about how fit she is and how amazing her form is I thought she was being set up to lose.

      Eli Manning has a lot more connections than just the 33 days though. And perhaps it means he will be at the Superbowl but lose it.

      Time will tell.

  3. This is funny and a true story. I was "taking a shit"= 47 ,119 (pooping=47) Doing a "number two"= 41, 131 thinking about who would be in the 47th super bowl of the modern era. I noticed that a pack of "Scott Naturals"=39 had the dimensions of 15.2 c 13.3cm and the qty was 51. I was like what the hell? "Butt wipes"= 36. Isnt the super bowl on the 36th day of the year?? These are made by the Kimberly Clark Corp= 1152 Super bowl LI= 152, "Toilet bowl"=133. They are located in "Neenah"=47 in the state of Wisconsin= 44 Neenah is on the 44th par. The package says "Safe Flush technology"= 86. Greenbay=860. The address for the company is "PO Box twenty twenty"=79 like "champion." Safe flush=97, Rodgers=79, Neenah wi=79. The Kimberly "Papermakers"=51 just won the divsion one state champ in football in Wisconsin. The company was founded 144 years ago. The packers have #97 Kenny Clark, "Clark"=144. Kimberly=41 Super bowl=41. THe zip code in Neenah, wi is "five four nine five six= 112 Houston=112. Green bay wisconsin= 109 Kimberly Clark worldwide=109.
    I wonder who will play the Packers in this years Toilet Bowl. LOL

  4. With the Colts/Viks script being a switch gematria will lose well over 50% of its followers and I would bet things go right back to normal. That is if we ever see the 98th NFL season, midnight 12-31 eyes to the sky.

  5. Heavily Lean Lions

    Lions go 7-1 at home on the first day of 2017

    Lions can get their 69th win all time vs the Packers, Lions = 69

    New Years Day date numerology is 19, inverse 91. Detroit = 91

    Staffords starting his 109th game. 91
    Win= 19

    Lions win=43 (Reduction)
    Stafford, TX=43 (Reduction)
    matt stafford=43 (ordinal)
    Matt Stafford played high school ball in Texas.

    Lions lose=39 (Reduction)
    Date numerology for this game will equal 39.

    It's Caldwell's 48th game as a head coach with the Lions. If he wins, it will be his 28th win. Packers=28. Donald Trump=48.

    If the Lions lose, it will be Caldwell's 43rd career loss as a HC.

    Stafford can get his 52nd career win. And the Lions can go 10-6

    Prophecy = 52/106

    Stafford can get his 113th win in the superbowl and Mike McCarthy has 113 wins. Possible?

    Aaron Rodgers will be starting his 135th game with the Packers, and playing in his 142nd game overall.

    Aaron Rodgers=135.

    If he loses, it will be his 46th loss of his career.

    Sacrifice=46/73 (Reduction/Ordinal)

    On 11/13/16, Rodgers 135th overall game, the Packers lost to the Titans 47-25. Rodgers went 31/51 in the game.


    The 20 incompletions symbolize death. He was sacked 5 times for a loss of 46 yards.

    GB has won 20 out of 23 past week 17 games. 20 symbolizes Death, 23 for the Lions winning the division

    Mike McCarthy will be coaching his 176th game with the Packers.


    Could the Packers possibly get revenge from their week 10 loss to the Titans? Or is it the Lions revenge for the Hail Mary?

    The Lions can go 1-5 on SNF with a win. Inverse of 51.
    Stafford was born in Tampa
    Tampa = 51 or 15
    Stafford had 51 wins coming into this game

    It's been 23 years since the lions won the division. 23 is the 9th prime number. Matthew Stafford is #9.

    Lions can get their 69th win all time vs GB. 69/3= 23. The Lions can clinch for the first time in 23 years. They played each other week 3. Combined score was 61.

    Jim Caldwell is 61
    Detroit Lions = 61
    Lions go 10-6= 61
    Span of 16 days from game to his birthday
    Lions went 0-16, 8 years ago
    Eight= 31
    Six seed = 31
    Lions started 1-3

    Last week the score of the Lions and Packers games was 63.

    Aaron Rodgers = 63
    Multiples of 63 are 9-7
    Packers go 9-7 in the 97th season of the NFL, being the first team to win the superbowl

    Ford Field = 52
    Super Bowl on 2/5

    Hail Mary = 87
    Lions in their 87th season

    The combined score of the packers and lions games last week is 126
    Run the table= 126
    The Lions can go 6-2 at home this season with a loss
    Matthew Stafford= 62

    23 years since they won the division. #23 in the Lions is Darius Slay
    Darius Slay= 39 (like the date numerology)
    He was out with a hamstring injury
    Hamstring= 46
    Sacrifice= 46
    Win= 46
    End = 23
    Damarious Randall is #23 on GB.
    Damarious Randall=64
    He has 33 combined tackles.
    Lions = 33

    If Darius Slay sits out as a Sacrifice. The Lions win the game.

    NFC North= 44
    Champions= 44
    Division Champions = 91
    Kill = 44. Can the lions kill the "run the table"?

    Packers come in 4-1 vs the Division
    Jim Caldwell = 41
    If the Lions win. They both go 4-2 in their division
    Hail Mary = 42
    Lions = 42
    Nine (Matt Stafford)= 42

    1. The Lions can go 8-4 vs the NFC
      This is Caldwells 48th game as a HC
      Michigan was a swing state won by Trump
      Trump win 48% of the vote.

      Narrative for the lions in the Super Bowl:

      Stafford was born in 88.
      88 was a vital number to the cubs
      Dodgers last won in 88. Kershaw is his long time friend that was also born in 88.
      NFC North Champions=88
      Matt Staffords birthday Numerology is 97.
      97th season of the NFL.

      Aaron Rodgers birth Numerology is also 97. Either the Lions or Packers have to go 9-7, and with Rodgers being 33. I think it will be them. Lions = 33

      The Lions wear WCF patches on their uniform

      WCF= 32

      23 years since they won the division. It's happening

      WCF also = 14

      He died in '14 on 3/9

      39 date numerology for Sunday's game

      They're competing for the division on week 17 vs the packers for the 2nd time in 3 years. 23

    2. Yeah lions win, GB goes to 9-7 and stays at a 6 seed. I think for the 97th season, there will be a 9-7 team in the Superbowl. I think GB goes and plays Patriots/ Raiders/ Dolphins in the SB. My pick is GB vs Miami. I've found some solid evidence towards that matchup, but then again, we found solid evidence on Indianapolis...

    3. If Miami wins this week along with Oakland, I'm taking Miami vs GB. I'm only going with Miami if NE gets the 2nd seed. Dolphins have a better shot if they can beat PIT, then OAK, then KC or NE last.

  6. I was think a lot about a potential KC vs ATL SB...Alex Smith wears #11 and Matt Ryan wears #2. There's an obvious 112 there. Also Matt Ryan #2 and teammate Julio Jones #11 makes a 112. Another 112 would obviously be Eli #10 and Brady #12 - 112. Then you have the only 11-2 teams - NE and DAL. Then you have the 123(Indianapolis=123) coding we saw this year...Brady vs Wilson #12,#3. And the 912 (Superbowl LI=912)coding...Stafford vs Brady #9,#12. Then you've got Stafford #9 and Big Ben #7, 97 for the 97th NFL season. So many possibilities!

  7. Jeremey your very good at reading script so don't ever let m get u discouraged brother I truly no your work first hand also I honor your distortion for forcing the power that be too alter there plans so I will stay tuned until your return ENJOY your new years an mainly be safe

  8. Anyone come across any tips with gematria in fantasy players, decoding the players individual ?

  9. stop following Zachary l ron hubbard

    1. Why you so upset? Zach puts in time for truth and regaurdless you have to show love for that.

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  11. You know how I know Gematria/Numerology doesn't tell you who wins? Because there is one side saying Clemson will win National Championship and then another saying Alabama LMAO. COME ON MAN! If this decoding stuff worked, then we'd all come to the same conclusion!

    1. Some people don't know how to read the script why some veer off and pick the terrible team, look at how Tony does his videos that'll teach you how not to decode.

    2. I'm talking about credible clubs/groups. This is Trump vs. Clinton all over again.

    3. There's a narrative for every team, I'm working on a decode for all 12 teams at the moment, but it's also clear that there's certain teams with a way bigger narrative. You have to use numerology/gematria along with the narrative then it becomes a bit more clear, not completely done with the NFC yet but all signs point to the Pats in the AFC, chiefs/steelers don't have a big enough narrative/enough coding for them.

  12. Jeremy thanks to your blog and the contributors here I won a tiny bit of money in my football pool. Not first place due to the destruction of the Colts but still wouldn't have done as well without taking in everything that was written by the more credible contributors and your work. I used that info to make up my own mind and learned alot along the way. So thanks. I know you've posted your paypal before but can't find it and would like to give you some support. Please continue with your blog.

  13. you jewmatria morons make me laugh, i got the pick it's not the giants either

    1. Gary, your a dumb cunt. Stop using a fake name, everyone knows its you. Please kill yourself.

    2. Miley James you had colts vikes all year and I remember you saying you had "inside sources" st stfu

  14. im going to cash in on it now while you gematria clowns play flip flop on your picks... colts pick went down shitter

    1. The same colts-vikings pick you were all over, you're the biggest retard in this community, you defended RFG vehemently then when his pick turned out wrong you attacked him and mocked him, you're a wolf in sheep's clothing. Dude you don't know shit about shit, get the fuck out of the community, you're a user and a taker.

    2. Also shows your character not to say your pick lol, likely don't want to be wrong on record. If it's as good as that Washington over Alabama pick, I can only imagine. Probably Dan Orlovsky leading the lions to a Super Bowl lmfao.

    3. George what the link to your blog?

    4. Never said Washington would beat Alabama fool.....

    5. @TheTruth58

    6. mikey james your really an maggot. For 4 months straight you went on every youtube channel commenting every post how its Colts v Vikings and everyone who disagrees is a fu*king retard.

      So, How much did you cash out on all those correct tickets?

      Return to the back of the bus, and put your seatbelt on. Child.

  15. whats up with the Rose Bowl? 1,9,4,2, all over the place

  16. The last time Dallas played the Texans, the score was 20-17 (2017). The last time Dallas played New England, the score was 30-6. The 306th Prime is 2017! Jason Garrett will turn 51, 51 days after Superbowl 51. I think this is going to be the SB. I've found a lot for other teams, but I think the NFL is going to cash in on the ratings of a NE vs DAL SB.

    1. Dak Prescott is not going to bring the Cowboys to the SB. They need Romo, that's the only way. Giants are going to beat the Cowboys for a 3rd time

  17. First choice Patriots VS Falcons Second Choice Chiefs VS Falcons Its gonna happen, everyone is counting out ATL. I think this year they are having everyone think that controversy related teams will make it. This year its Atlanta walking in quietly, with all the attention on Patriots. The Patriots will then lose due to some kind of controversial play. Pats VS Falcons SB51 book it.



  19. I'm pretty sure Zack is still going with NY Giants. There is still a good price on them, anyone else have Giants to win NFC Conference?

    1. I have the Patriots vs either Dallas/New York, Atlanta is my dark horse NFC team. The Dallas and New York coding runs deep though so I expect it to be one of them and not Atlanta.

    2. Zach is a jew shill, he knows who is winning and is giving you niggaz wrong picks... SMH

    3. coding for what???? getting their dicks sucked? we had coding for colts/vikings and they didn't win. Keep your codes bro, you getting wrong info.. Giants/falcons/dallas are out.... get your game up nigga. Pats and.................

    4. First off cocksucker I'd beat your faggot ass any day of the week. Secondly is Tony/Bobby/Jeremy/cutcash/rfg all zionist shills too lol? You're a fucking joke and you call people shills as a cop-out. I really hope you paid that $40 RFG is charging for the lions-chiefs pick, i'd roll over laughing. Not a chance in hell both of them make it, if one makes it i'll be surprised. You likely paid $40 for his pick so the joke is on you, goy gonna goy. I don't even get mad at those in power because the people they're ruling over are too fucking retarded anyway, they should screw useless fucks like you over. You're the textbook definition of a goy and a fucking jarhead. Gonna laugh when KC loses to either Pittsburgh or NE and when Detroit loses to Dallas/Seattle.

    5. you wouldn't bean no ones ass keyboard warrior, your a pussy, shut the fuck up fagot, yes they are shills and your a fuckin twit

    6. Bobby is only one out of that group that isn't a shill

    7. I would never pay RFG money for his fagoty picks.. DETROIT/KC is not making it thats a joke. I got the match up for the superbowl, I will let all you jewmatria freaks guess and talk about it while I know who will be there.

  20. from the train wreck in brooklyn

    103? 13? Eli's 13th year, Odell #13.

    Nod to the 103rd Rose bowl?

    "From the September 29, 2016 incident, until today's incident, is 97-days, or a span of 98."

    "Eli Manning began this NFL season with 97 wins, securing his 98th win by defeating the Cowboys 20-19, September 11, 2016."

    From the 9/11 game to Dec 11 game vs Cowboys is 91 days.
    Factors of 91 or 7 and 13, Triangular(13), 7th prime = 17, 2017? 13th prime = 41, Superbowl?

    91 sum of Divisors = 112. :)

    Giants can go either 5-1 or 4-2 in SBs. Superbowl 51, Superbowl 42 where the Giants won.

    More and more I can't help think of this Pats/Giants Part 3, like Back to the Future part 3, came out 27 years ago, 27th prime = 103

    Part 3 was mostly the old west, Cowboys? Couple train crashes. Run time 119 minutes. Wish I had the time to rewatch the movie.

    1. Sorry Giants going home this week.

    2. good work capper polarization nation media really breaks down the mcfly code...on youtube

    3. Giants going home to practice and get ready for Dallas, part lll

  21. Miami vs. Detroit. Super bowl

    1. Which year? Because it certainly won't be this year. LMAO

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  22. Giants, Packers have no defense at all now

  23. Defense wins championships. Tell me the last team that won with all offense and no defense. 2007 Patriots with Brady and Moss going for perfect season couldn't do it. Neither could 2013 Broncos with Peyton breaking records. If those guys couldn't do it, nobody can.

    1. So based off of just defense, the SB should be Chiefs/Texans vs Seahawks/Giants

  24. Who got some wild cards picks?

    1. cant believe u think lions and phins will be in sb😂😂😂

    2. Why not? Anything can happen

  25. Replies
    1. That easy! I got Miami over Steeler

    2. how many while card teams do you guys think are gonna win because I also see Detroit beating seattle

  26. there pushing odell beckham undercover lyft video on youtube

    1. seen this as well. Odell asks one of the riders. "Have you ever been to Houston? "

  27. see the giants not knock down the hail mary wow giant #21 pulled his hand away from the ball at last second

  28. Ninja 13January 4, 2017 at 7:57 PM

    But Aaron Rogers been running the table
    Sports bet capperJanuary 4, 2017 at 9:43 PM

    And Giants have no offense.
    because its a lie to begin with. But this just pathetic. the Team with no defense is the one with the big lead and Rodgers just gets lucky on a third hail mary..America is truly stupid

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