Sunday, December 25, 2016

RIP Colts 2016

Rest in Peace, 2016 Colts.... Born 9-11-16, laid to rest on 12-24-16...

Capt. Andrew Luck has written a letter about the defeat in the Battle of Oakland...

Dearest Mother,

I write you with terrible news, our unit was engulfed in the dark orifice. The Oak Pirates were relentless in their attack. For men who battled wearing eye patches, and peg legs, they were exceptional. My men gave all they had, but we fell short. I know not what the future holds, but the men will regroup, we will march onward to the next engagement.


Well everyone, I'm equally stunned and disappointed that this is how the Colts season ended. It looked like the setup was in, with Derek Carr going down and the Colts set to get the ball back with 2 minutes. No big deal right? Then Matt McGloin hits a 3rd down pass into heavy coverage to ice the game.

Before today, I didn't subscribe to the theory that "the elites" can change the script since things are planned so far in advance. I still don't know, but it seems that is definitely possible since they eliminated the Colts and Vikings on the same day, with both scoring 25 points, and sent out a warning to the sports decoding community by wrecking a car into Zach Hubbard's house...

Can't Stop George had some good finds about the "mockery" that was done on this day.

RFG also released a video:
"RFG - Public Apology / NFL Owners are Terrified!

RFG was predicting a Colts Vikings Super Bowl, and Zach predicted a Colts Giants Super Bowl. I was more confident on the Giants than the Vikings, but we were all in agreement on the Colts.

The Las Vegas Review Journal went out of their way to make this article:
They mentioned that bettors have been making many Colts futures bets in Vegas, even though they have been stumbling through the season. It says that amateur astrologers claimed the numbers lined up for the Colts (which would be the predictions done by RFG and Zach). It called it a "steady attack" on the sports books.

This is what was done to Zach's house on Christmas Eve:

So where do we go from here?

The Giants still aren't eliminated and are playing well having defeated the Dallas Cowboys twice.
In my opinion, I think the next Super Bowl options are Giants vs Patriots Round 3 or Cowboys vs Patriots. I've seen some alignment for these teams. I guess we will try to figure out who it will be, but it doesn't salvage much because these teams are heavy favorites right now.  Perhaps the "Triple Jump" stuff from Odell Beckham is a tip they will beat the Cowboys 3 times in a season, and face the Patriots for the 3rd time in a Super Bowl.

It's confusing because we've been decoding these Colts clues all season. This is using the same methods that were successful in predicting the Cavs and Cubs to win this season, and also the same way they put out clues for Broncos and Panthers last season. There have been all the usual clues like ritual sacrifices and deaths, car/bus crashes, and a slew of other connections.

So onward we march to the next battle... Stay tuned.


  1. What a crazy day bro. As the game wore on, and Derek Carr took a dive with a questionable leg injury, it certainly seemed like the script was too perfect. And it was, was all a ploy to get us worked up, only to find that 33 sitting on the scoreboard all day was enough.

    The message was clear enough without the "accident" up there in Seattle. It's wild to see things from our perspective - it's like we're truly living in a different reality than the hordes of fools who continue to eat up the nonsense pro sports feeds them on a daily basis. For those with eyes, they made it a point to let us see their stamp. The devil will always be in the numbers.

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  3. Keep on Jeremy your work is great! I do wonder if we get fixated on an outcome and find those connections while missing others, no question it was a good read. Being that Zach has made the mainstream media before, while being directly quoted, it would not surprise me at all if they changed the script, I am sure they have to be fluid in their plans - the election may be another example. That being said I still think the Giants are a STRONG choice, they have beat the Cowboys twice :( (I still have my teams even though I know it's rigged old habits die hard). At one point you mentioned a commercial with the Steelers going to the top of the escalators - SW Airlines maybe?? Pennsylvania was a key state in the election as well. Any connections there? I personally am not good at the football research that's why I love your site and your contributors.

  4. I think it will be a sleeper team that nobody put money on. Lions or Falcons I think

  5. Jeremy you and Zach were right about the colts (the article in the las vegas review proves that) I believe they CHANGED the script, because of the heavy betting on the Colts. This article also, really proves that Vegas is in on the gematria scripting also. How do we counter Vegas is the challenge.

    1. Bet closer to the game, not way in advance. They had nearly a whole year to rewrite this script while we were betting on Colts.

  6. Everybody seems to be blowing things way out of proportion. Colts losing is no big deal.

    The problem is that RFG guy talked about Colts in such absolute terms that it makes them losing seem like they changed the script. They definitely did NOT change anything. That "apology" video is absolutely the most pathetic thing i have ever seen. Blaming a news article & money for the Colts not making it. Thats the only joke here. RFG is truly a Fraud - this is how Frauds act & talk.

    Colts are on schedule for SB52. This year will be used to discredit everyone who dares to say Colts again. Indianapolis Colts =1152. Indy=52. The Indy Mayor just died on 12/17, & from then to SB 52 =414 days. Colts =414. The coding for Colts must play out for 1 more year.

    Jeremy is a great source who is growing & learning with each blog post - by next season everything will improve. Zach gets a bad rap because he & RFG were the leaders of the Colts movement. Hopefully Zach can put out a Colts video explaining things. I still can't get over what a pathetic piece of garbage that RFg shill proved to be - truly the worst, & 100% a FRAUD.

    Thats another thing - all this Fraud talk is ridic. You're not a fraud because you got a pick wrong. You're a fraud when you base your life on that pick. My main wager at the beginning of the season was Colts-Giants & Colts Vikings, but I also took Giants-Pats & Cowboys-Pats. My most trusted source gave me those latter 2 match-ups, & Cowboys-Pats paid $4000 for a $10 bet when I made my wager. That same source tells me Colts are a strong contender for SB 52.

    Keep your heads up everybody - we didn't lose anything. No pain - no here is the pain year, & next will be the gain!

    1. That's some legit decode there on the Colts in SB 52. Anyone but the Patriot please.

    2. That's what I was thinking everything for us to be wrong this year the script is right but it is SB 52

    3. There's actually a ton of high quality SB52 coding for the Colts - what I used as an example is just that - an example. Think about all the laughs we will get when we say Colts for SB52. Everybody will say "shill" "fraud" etc, ha. No worries about the pack catching on to us next season.

      I do believe the reason Colts didn't happen this year is because of the arrogant, loud mouths on YouTube.....not the money - these occult psychopaths don't care if we win money as long as we do it respectfully. Not blab & boast like children. Vegas has insurance policies for when they lose alot. Shows the lack of Vegas understanding by most.

    4. Gematria club had colts ,Vikings as their favorites for the SB so explain that

    5. Gematria Club also charges $400 for a membership. Making secret clubs is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. That goes for Numbersneverlie as well.

    6. Gematria Club also covers their ass by giving multiple teams, not just one matchup. Then they tweet out info AFTER it happens like they had it right all along. Just like this BS about Colts for next year's Super Bowl. They never said that at the beginning, but now that they're wrong, they push the agenda to next year. SMH

    7. Gematria Club forgot about the Falcons, but look at this article here...112 right in your face.

      Matt Ryan = 112

    8. Exactly they never said anything for colts next year until now ,if pats cowboys happen they are going to try and take credit like if that was their pick in the first place

    9. Yo Dominator. Pretty sure everybody knows Matt Ryan =112. Was that a secret? Maybe it was unknown in week 1, but surely by now we all are aware. But what seems to be missing is the conclusion.

      You say 112 like you found some sort of Gem. If you haven't noticed having 112 stamped on you is a kiss of death - Bridgewater=112, Peterson=112, Andrew Luck=112, etc etc. They are all being taken out.

      If you were in G Club you would know what to be looking for, but continuing to follow Jeremy will also bring you the answers. I like the secret club thing going on, & because I was w/ G Club from the beginning my other SB match-ups are still exciting. I like getting the inside scoop.

      Its a shame about the Colts this year, but not the end of the world. We're talking about a football pick, right? This is hardly a big deal. We'll get em next year with or w/out the Colts.

    10. Yo Maestro, STFU and stop with the ass kissing and promoting. Anybody can pick a handful of teams at the beginning of the year. Gematria Club picked 5 AFC teams (3 don't even make playoffs) and 4 NFC teams (1 didn't make playoffs). The rest are the popular teams that the sheep would pick, not rocket science. How about the other sports? I have yet to see them predict correctly from the beginning or even before playoffs. What about the non-sports stuff? Fail...anyone can explain the past, but can you predict the future correctly? If you're going to have a secret club that requires people to pay with their hard earned money, then your decode/predictions better be correct, not 50/50 bullshit. They're no better then those sports "experts" or touts that sell picks. I can flip a coin and get the same results, plus it saves lots of time and energy LMAO.

    11. I'll give you the respect of a reply, but not sure why you are angry at me or them? I don't care to speak for somebody else, but can tell you that G Club only Predicts - they rarely go back & decode after the fact - I can't even think of an example of them decoding after the fact.

      I'll also defend them by saying they did not pick 4 AFC teams - they only picked 2. What they did is gave us SB match-ups in August. When you give the match-ups in August (before the season started) - Cowboys/Patriots was paying an absurd amount as nobody picked the Cowboys to contend before the season - except for G Club - Thats a pretty big call in itself.

      Again, I don't care to argue, or even talk about what goes on in the Club, but wanted to help clear some stuff up. I can't help but talk well about them. I like talking well about Jeremy too, & Brother Berg. The transformation Jeremy made this year is remarkable. This blog is booming!

      Its the tone of people like Dominator & RFG that is really hurting things. I'm always happy to chat about this kind of stuff, but a certain level of respect needs to be shown. Saying STFU never gains you credibility. Anybody that wants to talk more about this stuff can reach me on Twitter - @TheMaestro2x

      We have NFL Playoffs up next - lets get back to work!

    12. Why is everyone in this "community" burning it down to the ground? I've taken a step back and it's just flat out gross. People are attacking over 1 missed pick when technically one of the teams is still alive (giants). The shit going on with Zach is suspicious to say the least. There's very few trustworthy people in this community, Jeremy and Dan are the 2 most honest people in this group. To me it's pretty obvious pats are going to the SB, there's 4 bum quarterbacks in the AFC starting playoff games (Mcgloin, Savage, Moore, Smith), only threat is the steelers. NFC could go to NY, or GB or if Romo comes back maybe them. If people start zeroing in on these teams, it'll likely be figured out quickly. Right now though what people are doing isn't helping. People are showing themselves to be fools over one prediction and some are showing themselves to be more questionable than originally thought.

    13. I don't care about getting respect from you or anyone else. I'm posting to shed the truth. FACTS ARE FACTS. If you're going to talk about the positives, then you better talk about the negatives as well. Otherwise you're just a shill/promoter for them.

      You need to go back and read Gematria Club's newsletters and pay attention to what they say (and tweet). In short, they mentioned multiple teams during the year and told people to put money on ALL the teams/matchups.

      Maybe this is just sports to you and the money doesn't matter, but for others, they joined for the sole purpose of making money to SURVIVE. In case you haven't noticed, this matrix game of life revolves around three things: money, energy, and time. EVERYTHING in this world involves those three things.

      Why do you think all these people concentrate on sports events? Zachary Hubbard never decoded sports before like he did this year, but he noticed how there were so many more hits/visits to his blog and Youtube pages, so he gave in to the peer pressure and covered sports daily. If you read/watched his earlier stuff, he says he's not even into football (or sports in general). He still thinks sports are fixed by using magnets LOL. Also, notice how his non-sports stories get very low hits and comments, but all the sports stuff get hundreds of comments! All these decoders' work on news of deaths, accidents, terror events, TV commercials, etc. all try to find something related to sports. Hmmm, I wonder why...because WE ALL WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE ELITES TO SURVIVE! If we could bet on when/where the next plane crash happens, I'm sure everyone would be trying to decode that stuff too.

      So if you're going to start a secret club and charge people $$$, then you better bring the correct results. Otherwise, there are people like Jeremy and Brother Berg who do this for FREE and they stick with one team/matchup.

      P.S. you know exactly what I'm referring to about Gematria Club giving multiple selections (ie. hockey, golf, tennis, baseball), but it's funny you don't talk about those losses.

    14. Here's some FREE info. You think the Super Bowl and half-time show is just a game? THINK AGAIN.

      Quick facts:
      Super Bowl and half-time show are for them to harvest energy for their dark magic rituals for that year or near future.
      All the stadiums are built on specific ley lines for gathering of energy. (SB51 is hosted in NRG Stadium. N...R...G = ENERGY)
      The Super Bowl host is chosen specifically by when its stadium lines up to the Silver Gate in astrology (Google it) at the time of the game and half-time show (just like how the pyramids line up to various stars). This enables them to "download" demons into our 3D world.

      After you check out that website and read up on past Super Bowl rituals, you'll realize Gematria is just one tool (like HTML is just one tool among many for building websites). Gematria is NOT the be all end all tool.

    15. G-club is a scam ,charge like 400 and don't have their final SB pick until playoffs

    16. Interesting info, Dominator, thanks

    17. I now the owner we are friends, But he thought incorrectly the Carolina Panthers would beat Denver last year, only after I gave him a big ole Gematria sandwich of Denver coding for an easy WIN did he say after words damn I missed that.... He has a great web site and all he shows is very true about the harvest of energy and all as I too decode that stuff on my youtube channel , As for Gematria club yes they give multiple picks a lot and I hate that, Had N Carolina winning NCAA, Had Masters golf Wrong, Had Boston Red sox as first choice in baseball, They did nail Cleveland Cavaliers ... Had British open golf wrong , I still value there hard decoding but I don't bet big on it for sure...

    18. @Shawn Clayton: What's your Youtube channel?

  7. 100% the script was changed cuz why the fuck would there be nearly 50 years of Colts coding to win Super Bowl 51 for nothing, the elites wouldn't waste their time with all the coding and clues for the Colts if it wasn't met for to win it!!

  8. "They" would rather sacrifice all their work, coding, tributes, etc. than going through with it and giving us a victory. Think about it. If Colts actually won this year, it would totally put Gematria, Numerology, etc. in the spotlight and go viral. They obviously don't want that. They want to keep the sheep brainwashed instead of waking up. Refer to the Matrix movie. At the end where Neo meets the Architect, he tells Neo "There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept". We live in a Matrix (aka virtual reality/computer program). Just like with Microsoft Windows and video games, they can release updates and patches to our Matrix world to "change" the program/game.

    1. And remember the part in the Matrix movie where Neo has a deja vu and sees a black cat walk by twice? That was a "glitch" in the Matrix and meant something was changed/updated. Same thing can happen in our Matrix world. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    2. The concept of time only exists in our 3D world. There's no such thing as "wasted time" for them as long as the status quo remains where we continue to be their slaves providing energy to them, mainly NEGATIVE energy. Refer to Monsters Inc. movie where the monsters scare kids in order to provide negative fear energy to the monsters' world. Why do you think our world has been in a continuous state of war, fear, racism, sexism, ageism, etc. since the beginning? Even this whole NFL Gematria thing has become under their control...people arguing every week about who's right/wrong and therefore creating NEGATIVE energy. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. You've all been played. Wake up people!

    3. well said.....were attention goes energy flows they need your energy stop giving your energy it for family and friends

    4. exactly. ur smart. the people ive seen on multiple boards don't use their fucking brains. this is bigger than just the NFL. even the NFL itself is a multi billion dollar industry. people were ready to stop watching period if the colts and vikes met up. people don't use their damn brains

    5. Yes this. With that Vegas article, and with the hit on Zach's house the same night the Colts get eliminated, I think it is quite clear. They couldn't let truthseekers win MILLIONS and expose their league all at once. The damage would've been too great.

      So they let decades of coding go to waste because too many of us had it figured out. This is a win for the good guys! We fucked them over and forced them to change their plan.

  9. I'm going to look more into the ghost ship fire where 36 people died. Ghost ship has gematria of 49 and 121 revelations numbers. The super bowl is on the 36th day of the year and there were 36 deaths. I am also going to look into arnold palmers death and the recent comments terry bradshaw made about mike tomlin being a "cheerleader guy" 74 and 137. 137 the 33rd prime.

  10. Jeremy keep up the work love your blog it has good energy

  11. Cubs-Indians World SeriesDecember 25, 2016 at 6:46 PM

    I think it will be a sleeper team that nobody put money on. Lions or Falcons I think
    Falcons wouldnt be a surprise. They are building a new stadium. Vikings went to a playoff game last year while building a new stadium,its consistent. Atlanta should/will be in conference championship but win I do not know.


  13. Jeremy we forced them to change their plan. Too many people were onto it. Unfortunately we don't get our enormous life-changing payouts, but we scored a victory over them. This was the first prediction that if we actually got it right, would have given truthseekers millions of dollars and hurt the credibility of the NFL massively. Much more so than was the case with Cavs or Cubs.

    It means for the future that if we predict something too far ahead of time and start spreading the info, they are likely to change the plan, which is good. Probably means we shouldn't bet well ahead of time though.

    1. As the field gets cut to the 12 playoff teams, we will have a better shot at figuring out the riddle before the wildcard round starts...

    2. I'm still on the Giants at the moment.

      Giants = 25, like 2/5
      Eli = 17 like the year it will be, also SB51 has date numerology of 17
      Manning = 36, SB51 on 36th day of the year
      Eli Manning = 53
      Superbowl LI = 53
      His birthday is 33 days before SB51.
      Eli in his 13th season, birthday is 1/3

      That coding, plus what Brother Berg found in the BFG film and Jack the Giant Slayer.

      On AFC side, I think Patriots are most likely, but Raiders would be my second choice, then Chiefs.

    3. Texans last game (which was in Houston), finished 10-12, 1 month 12 days before the Superbowl.

      Manning wears 10, Brady wears 12.

      On that day, the Patriots also scored 41 (superbowl), total points 44 (SB51 has 44 date numerology)

  14. Just seen this on CNN.

    The last story about Mount Union is interesting as they had 112 game winning streak snapped. Houston=112

    Also their name is the Raiders but the lettering is similar to the Giants. The team that beat them is called the Blue Streaks

    Both teams are from Ohio (Ohio St. clue?)

    Going to look deeper but wanted to put this out there

    1. Good find! I'll see if anything stands out

    2. Yea McGloin has some key #s and that "injury" to Carr looked shady

    3. watch the replay. when he lifts his leg up you can clearly see it is broken. Just my opinion on it. I know injuries are faked all the time and they are saying it could be only 6-8 weeks when they are saying 3-4 months for marriota.

  15. I can't believe they wasted a playoff spot with Houston with no jj watt! The titans would be more interesting

  16. The Falcons gave Greenbay Brett Favre, I think there is a lot that lines up for the Falcons going to the superbowl. Lookup the 96 season and look at the players and coaches, you will find a bunch of connections.

  17. KC vs ATL superbowl 51

  18. This is the year of breaking the curse. In 1974, following a bad season and managing differences with then General Manager Jack Steadman, Hank Stram was fired. Stram cursed the team saying they would never make it to the Super Bowl until he wore Chiefs red again. In 1976, Stram returned to the NFL to coach the Saints for two seasons before becoming a broadcaster and settling down in New Orleans, where he is buried. The Chiefs made the playoffs once in 16 years after Hank Stram's dismissal, followed by 25 years of post-season disappointments.

    1. It was weird in the last Chiefs game Al Michaels told a long story about Hank Stram at the end. Also Chiefs would follow Warriors and Indians

  19. As hard as it is to see Miami getting to the SB, we shouldn't sleep on them, as Dan has found some very interesting connections (check out his page), and I found a few more. Two former Dolphins with major Super Bowl connections died this year. Bill Stanfill, who was a big part of both Dolphins SB wins in the 70's died, his birthday is 13/1. Also Fulton Walker, a kick returner for both Dolphins SB teams in the 80's, including SB XVII, where he ran back a record 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, the first kickoff ever to be returned for a touchdown in Super Bowl history. He died 10/12, 112!

    A couple other interesting numbers I found, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be 4004+ weeks old at the SB, a date with 44 numerology. The Dolphins franchise will be 18,801 days old, and their last SB appearance was 11,704 days prior. Miami pitcher Jose Fernandez's tragic "death" came 133 days before the SB. Some definite sacrificial numbers in there, but all very interesting numbers nonetheless.

    1. No doubt, I've going through all of Dan's articles about the punters too (Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler). I'm working on a Dolphin article coming soon!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Nah, they didn't flip the script or nothing... didn't we say that this stuff is planned years in advance?
    We just got the wrong year.

    Here is some decoding for Colts Super Bowl 52:
    - Super bowl 52 host candidates were Minnesota, Indianapolis and New Orleans.
    - Indiana = 52
    - Indy = 52
    - Colts v.s Vikings have met 25 times
    - Colts beat Vikings 34-6 (colts will play 34 season in indy)
    - Colts v.s Vikings played 9/16/12 = 9+16 = 25 (1st career win for Luck)
    - Vikings Chad Greenway #52 (born 1/12)
    - Colts and Vikings both score 25 points on 12/24/16 = 52
    - Deflategate game final score 45-7 (sum of 52)
    - Super bowl 49 final score 28-24 (sum of 52)
    - Ravens Ray Lewis retire 2012 season (number 52)
    - D'quell Jackson (number 52) started deflate gate with his interception.
    - Jackson was suspended for the last 4 games of the season.
    - Last time colts won a super bowl was 2/4/07, Super bowl 52 will also be 2/4 (first time 2/4 since 2007)
    - Super bowl 41 final score: 29-17 (17 season)
    - Colts v.s bears game in 2016 , 29-23 (sum of 52)

    1. give it up bud, and btw vikings have no shot next yr, thy hpst sb,historically teams that host are not contenders

    2. im not saying Vikings will be in SB 52.
      Just Colts.

  22. But with the Texans making it in this year and the Cardinals doing it a while back, they are softening up the possibility in the future. The Rams might be the first to go all the way and win while hosting

  23. Stumbled on this article off FB today check out the loaded picture at the bottom of Dez making throwing up the diamond with the 5 pointed star in the middle. Kinda makes you sick...

    Dez wears 88 born in 88
    dr pepper=588
    five eighty eight = 93

  24. Found this video interesting. Supports Pats Giants 3 via USA Today

    1102 lbs of coke

    1. cocaine: co CAIN e, Eli the cain actor...
      police: po LI ce, superbowl LI
      Parsley Bay, P=16 B=2, cain = 162, Giants 92nd season, australia = 612
      australia = 102, #12 Tom Brady
      australia = 30, is it indeed brady vs manning take 3 ?

    2. Nice I'm working on a spreadsheet. Giants vs Pats most likely now but I'm seeing some sneaky good #s with Matt McGloin too. Has some connects with Keion Carpenter as well

    3. Brad: if you got the time, take a look at the new Peyton Manning commercial (christmas background).

      god i blow their minds this year = 2300
      ho ho ho = 174, 414 (Patriots Super Bowl stats is 4-4)
      ho = 23
      Elisha Nelson Manning = 1230, 88 (trump=88)
      touchdown = 123

      end = 23

  26. Hey, guys. I have a little bit of information that I came across while watching the movie a few days ago called Manchester by the Sea. Now I'm going off memory because I saw this in theatres and the scenes went by quickly so bare with me.
    The main character in this movie is a handy man who lives on the east coast. He is a younger brother and an uncle. Soon into the movie he gets news that his brother passes away which leaves him charge of all the arrangements that one has to deal with post a family death. He soon finds out that his brother made him the sole guardian of the teenage son. Throughout the whole movie it switches from past to present tense.

    In the opening scene it shows that the three of them fishing on the older brothers boat. I forget the full name of the boat, but it had the word Claudia in it.
    In the movie, the main character was a sports fan. A coupled times the camera turned to a tv. I noticed that he was watching a basketball game. It was a basketball game and the announcer was saying Isiah Thomas. I forget who the Boston Celtics were playing but for a split second the camera showed the score and right before Isisah Thomas was about to lay it up and in I noticed the score of the game was 104 -100. I believe the Celtics were playing at home. The interesting thing was that they showed the score right before Isiah Thomas layed it up and in. That means the score became 100-106 with the Celtics ahead.
    Prophecy= 106
    There only one other thing that I remember that I wanted to remember. During the film it showed that the teenage son had a fan flag of the Minnesota Vikings hanging on the wall.
    I'm not sure if that has ny relevance since the Vikings are out of contention now.
    But either way I would like to watch this movie once again because I think it has a lot of hidden messages encoded in it.
    Also, the main character(the younger brother) apparently had 2 daughters of his own that were burned in a house fire. And we've been hearing about all the fires that have been in the news lately.

    I hope I can rewatch this as I know I've missed a lot. But could this hav something to do with the Patriots in the Super Bowl because they could have showed the score of that game at any time but they showed Thomas giving he Celtics 106 points.
    Also, Celtic=25,52
    It also showed a little bit of a hockey game where the Boston Bruins were playing.
    Bruins=83(like football)

    1. I just looked up Manchester, New Hampshire and the first thing that popped up is "Conviction of a Cop killer caught in Manchester."
      This killing occurred on November 20, 2002. Like 11/2.. wow
      The name of the cop that was killed was Officer Mobilio=83(football),137(33rd prime)
      Manchester is the tenth largest city in New England.

  27. On 7 May 2013, BT Sport acquired the rights to air Ultimate Fighting Championship events and taped programming in the Uk and Ireland for three years, from 1 August. Two days later it was announced that BT Sport had acquired an exclusive 5-year deal to broadcast MotoGP races from the 2014 season, including free practices and qualifying in addition to full coverage of Moto2 and Moto3. BT Sport also announces the FA WSL, A-League and programming from Red Bull Media House.

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    Later in May BT Sport acquired rights to the Football Conference for two years with 25-30 live games a season, including the end-of-season play offs.

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    In January 2014, it was reported that BT Sport had acquired the rights to broadcast the World Rally Championship for the 2014 season.

    On 10 February 2015, BT Game announced they had won the rights for 42 stay Premiere League games for 2016/17.

  28. Triple jump? Giants need 3 wins to win it all!

    Regarding the trainwreck in brooklyn.

    103? 13? Eli's 13th year, Odell #13.

    Nod to the 103rd Rose bowl?

    "From the September 29, 2016 incident, until today's incident, is 97-days, or a span of 98."

    "Eli Manning began this NFL season with 97 wins, securing his 98th win by defeating the Cowboys 20-19, September 11, 2016."

    From the 9/11 game to Dec 11 game vs Cowboys is 91 days.
    Factors of 91 or 7 and 13, Triangular(13), 7th prime = 17, 2017? 13th prime = 41, Superbowl?

    91 sum of Divisors = 112. :)

    Giants can go either 5-1 or 4-2 in SBs. Superbowl 51, Superbowl 42 where the Giants won.

    More and more I can't help think of this Pats/Giants Part 3, like Back to the Future part 3, came out 27 years ago, 27th prime = 103

    Part 3 was mostly the old west, Cowboys? Couple train crashes. Run time 119 minutes. Wish I had the time to rewatch the movie.

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