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Miami Miracle? 5 Years ago & Tebow's 316 Miracle

Mile High Miracle - 5 years to the day - 1/8/2012

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the "Tebow Miracle" which occurred on 1/8/2012 in a AFC Wild Card playoff game between the Broncos and Steelers. It is also called the "3:16 game", because Tebow had 316 passing yards, and completed 10 passes to average 31.6 yards per completion. Denver lost their last 3 games by an average of 16 points to finish the season at 8-8 entering the playoffs.
Pittsburgh's time of possession was 31 minutes 6 seconds. The TV Ratings peaked at 31.6. John 3:16 was the top Google search item the next morning.
3:16 is referring to John 3:16, the Bible verse Tim Tebow wore on his eye black during the 2009 BCS Championship game against OU.

Tebow threw an 80 yard pass on the first play of Overtime to Demaryius Thomas to lift the Broncos past the Steelers 29-23, total of 52 points.

There are a lot of interesting connections between this game 5 years ago and the Miami Dolphins who are playing the Steelers today.

Five Years = 1316, like 316.

Adam Gase was the Broncos QB Coach at that time, who is the current Miami coach.

Notice Tim Tebow syncs to Five and Fish:
Tim = 42, 252
Fish = 42, 252
Five = 42, 252
Dolphin = 42
One Hundred Forty Four = 252

Game was on 1/8/12. Broncos won 29-23, total of 52.
1+8+20+12 = 41
1+8+2+0+1+2 = 14
1+8+12 = 21
Broncos won with 29 points. Tebow and Thomas are both 29 years old now.

115 connections:
The 5th prime is 11. Saturn = 511.
Tebow wore #11 with Philadelphia.
Demaryius = 115. Matthew Erickson Moore = 115.
Killing = 115. There are links within this story to the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting that just happened on 1/6.

61 connections:
Miracle = 61. Five Years Ago = 61.
This is Tomlin's 161st game coaching. Roethlisberger = 161.
Sixty One = 131, 41 = Super Bowl. It is 4 weeks 1 day including end date to the SB. Tannehill = 41, who is injured for this game, but could come back if the Dolphins advance.
61 = Saturn Matrix, Religious, Trick,

There are also some connections to the Fort Lauderdale shooting that occurred on 1/6/17. (61, 16).
Fort Lauderdale = 61.
The shooter, named "Esteban Santiago-Ruiz" was born on 3/16/1990.
January Sixth = 53.
Seventy Five = 53, 152.
Super Bowl LI = 53, 152.
The Shooting was 16 miles from the Dolphins stadium.
1/6/2017 was a day with 44 numerology. Kill = 44. Shooting = 44. Dolphins were undefeated 44 years ago in 1972.
Three Sixteen = 71. Esteban Santiago = 71. Three Kings = 71.
Shooting was in Terminal Two, and this game is 2 days after the airport shooting.
Terminal Two = 51. Conspiracy = 51. Year of SB 51.

Big Ben had 289 yards passing in the 2012 game. 289 is 17 squared. Pointing us to 2017?

Matt Moore's birthday was 152 days ago, and 153 if you include the end date.
Three Sixteen = 152. Pennsylvania = 152. Super Bowl LI = 152.
153 is the number of the Miraculous catch of Fish in the Bible.
153 is the 17th Triangular Number.
Ryan Tannehill = 153, the QB Moore is replacing.

Five = 720. Matt Moore = 720. Dolphins undefeated in '72.
Timothy Tebow = 1984. Matt Moore is born in 1984.
Moore's birthday is 5 days before Tebow. (8/9 and 8/14)

Five Years = 660. Ties into the other 66 stuff for Pittsburgh losing.
Tomlin's next birthday is in 66 days. If Pittsburgh loses, Tomlin will be 6-6 in the playoffs. Moore = 66, so that would be a fitting opponent to lose against. January Eighth = 66, it is a fitting day as well. NFL = 66. Fishes = 66. Roethlisberger comes into the game with 66 losses. Sixty Six = 59. Pittsburgh = 59.

Five Years Later = 67. If Pittsburgh loses, Big Ben gets his 67th overall loss.

Gase was quoted saying after Demaryius Thomas made the game winning TD, that many of the Bronco players didn't know they had won because of the new Overtime rules.  He said they told them "over 100 times" that a TD ends the game.
Three Sixteen = 100. Fifty One = 100.

Demaryius = 43/52. Dolphins = 43/52.
Tebow game had 52 points.

I think all of these connections are interesting, and it definitely gives Miami a chance of pulling off the upset. I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I will be looking for tributes to the numbers discussed.
I'll update this if I find anything else, but I want to post it before kickoff.


Tim Tebow #15
Tim = 249, 42, 252, 15, 139{34}
Tebow = 767, 65, 390, 20, 1057
Tim Tebow = 1016, 107, 642, 35, 1196
Timothy Tebow = 1984, 175, 1050, 58, 1754
Timothy Richard Tebow = 2189, 236, 1416, 101, 1939
Born: 8/14/1987
Age: 29
Birth numerology: 128, 47, 38, 109
College: Florida
Draft: 2010 / Round 1 / Pick 25

Demaryius Thomas #88
Demaryius = 1249, 115, 690, 43/52, 819
Thomas = 409, 76, 456, 22/31, 279
Demaryius Thomas = 1658, 191, 1146, 65/74, 1098
Born: 12/25/1987
Age: 29
Birth numerology: 143, 62, 35, 124
Place of birth: Montrose, Georgia
College: Georgia Tech
Draft: 2010 / Round 1 / Pick 22

Five = 420, 42, 252, 24/42, 720, 11
Three Hundred Sixteen = 1738, 226, 1356, 100/109,
Three Sixteen = 1277, 152, 912, 62/71,
John Three Sixteen = 1405, 199{46}, 1194, 82/91,
March 16 is the 75/76 day, 290 remaining.
Five years = 1316, 110, 660, 47/56/65/74,
Five years later = 1642, 166, 996, 67/76/85/94,
Five years ago = 1384, 133, 798, 61/70/79/88,
Miracle = 178, 61, 366, 34, 148

Notes from previous decode:

Sunday, 1/8/2017

1/8/2017 = 1+8+20+17 = 46
1/8/2017 = 1+8+2+0+1+7 = 19
1/8/17 = 1+8+17 = 26
8th day, 357 remaining.
18, 81
January Eighth =  1389, 147, 882, 66, 
28 days to Super Bowl.
28, 4 [ 29, 4/1

#6 Miami at #3 Pittsburgh
Mia (10-6), Pit (11-5), Line (Pit -10.5)
24th regular matchup. Pittsburgh leads 12-11.
27th overall matchup. Series is tied at 13-13. (Miami is 2-1 playoffs).
Last matchup: 10/16/16 - Miami won 30-15.
84, 2/23, 12 [ 85, 2/24, 12/1
Previous game was on 10/16, like 116. Miami is trying to improve to 11-6 on the season.
In the previous matchup in Week 6, Tannehill got his 18th home win and the game was 81 days after his birthday. Now the teams meet up on 1/8.

Ref crew:
Craig Wrolstad #4
Wrolstad = 985, 112, 672, 31/40, 1245
Craig Wrolstad = 1095, 150, 900, 60/69, 1345
College: Washington

Pittsburgh: 601-535-20, 34-23 playoffs.
Tomlin: 160 games, 103-57, 6-5 playoffs, 109-62 overall. 171 total games.
Roethlisberger: 200 starts, 134-66, 75-25 h, 59-41 a.
17 playoff starts, 11-6, 6-3 h, 5-3 a.
Birthday spans:
Tomlin: 3/15/1972
p: 299, 9/24, 42/5 [ 300, 9/25, 42/6
n: 66, 2/7, 9/3 [ 67, 2/8, 9/4
Roethlisberger: 3/2/1982
p: 312, 10/6, 44/4 [ 313, 10/7, 44/5
n: 53, 1/22, 7/4 [ 54, 1/23, 7/5
Big Ben is making his 18th playoff start on 1/8. Pittsburgh Steelers = 81/108.
Tomlin's next birthday is in 66 days. If Pittsburgh loses, Tomlin will be 6-6 in the playoffs. Moore = 66, so that would be a fitting opponent to lose against. January Eighth = 66, it is a fitting day as well. NFL = 66. Fishes = 66. Roethlisberger comes into the game with 66 losses. Sixty Six = 59. Pittsburgh = 59.
Date numerology of 26. If Pitt loses, it would be Big Ben's 26th home loss.
Tomlin is coaching his 161st game. Roethlisberger = 161.
Pittsburgh comes into the game with 535 franchise losses. Steelers = 535.
Big Ben's birthday was 313 days ago. 313 is the 65th prime. Miami Florida = 65. Florida = 65.
If Pittsburgh loses, it will be their 24th playoff loss. Adam Gase = 24.

Miami: 439-341-4, 20-20 playoffs.
Gase: 16 games, 10-6.
Moore: 28 starts, 15-13, 9-6 h, 6-7 a.
Birthday spans:
Gase: 3/29/1978
p: 285, 9/10, 40/5 [ 286, 9/11, 40/6
n: 80, 2/21, 11/3 [ 81, 2/22, 11/4
Moore: 8/9/1984
p: 152, 4/30, 21/5 [ 153, 5, 21/6
n: 213, 7/1, 30/3 [ 214, 7/2, 30/4
Gase's next birthday is in 81 days including end date. Pittsburgh Steelers = 81. Game on 8/1.
Moore's previous birthday was 152 days ago. Pennsylvania = 152.
Matt Moore = 39. Steeler = 39.
Moore is making his 29th start. It is 29 days to the Super Bowl including end date. Tomlin = 29.
Matt = 231. Dolphin = 231. Moore's next birthday is in 213 days.
27th matchup. Miami = 27. Miami = 270. Matt Moore = 720. Florida is the 27th state.
The 27th prime is 103. Steelers = 103. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania = 103. Tomlin currently has 103 regular season win. Will they finish the season with a tribute to 103? Also, the series is tied 13-13. The winner will pick up win #14.
Moore = 30. Steeler = 30. Matt Moore = 39. Steeler = 39.
Moore's next birthday is in 153 days including end date. Ryan Tannehill = 153. Tomlin is born on 15/3. Will Moore get them past the Steelers for Tannehill to return?

Game notes:
Antonio Brown wore cleats with Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez on them in the last matchup between Miami and Pittsburgh, which Miami won. Brown was born in Miami.
That game was 84 days ago, and Brown wears #84. Steeler = 84.
Fernandez wore #16. Matt Moore is going for his 16th win as starter.
Fernandez's death was 105/106 days before the game. 106 = prophecy.
He died on 9/25, which leaves 97 days remaining in the year. Dolphins = 97. 97th NFL Season. Matthew Erickson Moore = 97.
He died on a 32 foot boat. NFL = 32.
Cleat = 360. Miami Dolphins = 360.
Furthermore, Fernandez was born on the 212th day of the year. Miami can improve to 21-20 in playoff games, like 212. Charles Prince of Wales = 212. Charles = 66. Connecting back to the 66's on Pittsburgh losing.

I think the 66 alignment bodes well for Miami. The details about the cleats favor them as well. The 27th matchup goes to the team from the 27th state.

Matt Moore
Matt = 441, 54, 324, 9, 231
Moore = 255, 66, 396, 30, 215
Matt Moore = 696, 120, 720, 39, 446
Matthew Erickson Moore = 1546, 250, 1500, 97/106/115, 1646
Born: 8/9/1984
Age: 32
Birth numerology: 120, 39, 101


  1. If Miami wins, that makes the AFC picture very unintresting, like miami vs pats & texans vs chiefs, 2 very predictable games in terms of the outcome, more $ is to be made with pitt winning

  2. gematria is a scam all Zach does is wait till the game is finished to come up with some garbage numbers then he lies and says he picked the team before the game started watch whats gonna happen with the packers game coming up he originally said giants are goin to the superbowl now hes coming up with some bullshit numbers to hedge his pick and now hes leaning packers, Zach either has some type of split personality disorder or he is just mentally ill

    1. Please don't shit up all the other blogs with your spam too

    2. lol Zaccary frubbard is the biggest fraud out their, and this guy is just a branch off.. I followed these clowns blogs all season, I think this guy has a good heart, he is just clueless as to how NFL works and his Jewmatria numbers aren't working... FUCK nigga I got the superbowl pick, all you jewmatria tards come together for your ball and chain and push off the ledge.. hahaha fuckin retards.

  3. Zach is a big fat liar on his discussion article he showed numbers that pointed towards a dolphins win then all of a sudden after Antonio brown starts scoring tds he puts out this bullshit article during the game saying the steelers are gonna get revenge at no point during this weekend before the game started did Zach say the steelers were gonna win

    1. 😂😂😂I called him out on that and he deleted my comments

    2. That's what Jews do.. Gematria should never be followed to figure out winners EVER.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. bro..... you serious? we have already exposed him as a fraud. His picks suck, study his crash vid, it was total INSIDE JOB, he tells you superbowl match up within 30 seconds, you guys can't be this gullible... wtf He's controlled opposition paid shill, wake the fuck up... You retards couldn't swallow your pride half way through season when it was obvious colts/vikings were dead and that wasn't the match up.. Even the Giants were a long shot, they aren't that good.. ELI manning hahhah get fuckin real. WAKE UP already.

    2. Zach's House was an Inside Job!

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Trolls have a hard time comprehending what they read. If someone says this team has this connection, the dumb fuck trolls run with it, haha!! I'm glad I make more than $10 am hr to troll, I rather flip burgers...

    1. heres a quote from Zach after the game ended:"I told everyone, the Dolphins had no chance. Everyone who asked me about the Dolphins odds, I responded with these words, "Fish bait".
      The divisors of 44 sum to 84. I know everyone was looking at that '44' pattern with the Dolphins.", on his discussion page he showed numbers pointing to a dolphins win, if he thought steelers would when why didn't he just say it or show us numbers that pointed the steelers. what Zach did was play both sides he showed numbers favoring the dolphins, then when the game is over he said he picked the steelers but no where on his blog or youtube does he say he's picking steelers. Zach plays both sides then waits till the game is over to say I told u so by jumping on the bandwagon of the winning team

    2. Zach always does that, it's annoying cuz ur lookn for his predictions and they are only found after the game is over lol

    3. exactly because he is paid to deceive you .... hello, he is disinfo agent. CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, how do you think he has time to post 100 vids a day and 10 blogs an hour? gosh smh This really proves how gullible society is.

  6. so..the team that cant stop the pass because all the CBs are injured and the best WR is out and had no stats in the first the one winning the game? they cant even fake it with any amount of logic. Seriously...and all the dumb fuck fans say you cant practice hail mary's when the same QB does it 3 times? people are truly stupid. I'm thinking Atl v Pitt or GB vs KC but i would think no CBs would be a problem against Dalla like it should have been,fucking stupid

  7. and hey, look, Rodgers is in a commercial during the game. But yeah, they are just lucky he never gets injured and stays a star so they paste him all over tv

  8. Sports bet capperJanuary 8, 2017 at 3:25 PM

    Trolls have a hard time comprehending what they read. If someone says this team has this connection, the dumb fuck trolls run with it, haha!! I'm glad I make more than $10 am hr to troll, I rather flip burgers...
    lets not make fun of what people make since we know the job world was created by liars to begin with and college educations dont prove intelligence

  9. Cavaliers vs. WARRIORS
    Cubs vs. INDIANS

    Packers vs. CHIEFS...rematch of Super Bowl I.

    1. 1,51 like 151 will make a nigga sick. haha Nigga your nuts Pats/Packers

    2. Falcons VS Steelers, just a gut feeling, it would have some top notch ratings, explosive offense vs well rounded attack.

    3. 'Steelers face Falcons in SB fifty one = 1997 in English gematria. In 1997 their record was 7-9 and Champion = 79. There are all kinds of connections leading me to believe Falcons take it all, the Falcons receive their payment for Favre.

    4. In 1996 PIT and ATL played eachother the score was 20-17. We all know there are tributes to 25, 78, and 96.

  10. once again never BET your hard earned money based on Gematria.. Its awesome and fun to decode scripts in life, but not betting!! Lets use our Brains, would anybody who knows anything about football bet MIAMI at PITTSBURGH in January, with a shitty backup QB, with steelers looking for revenge!!!! NO fucking way would anybody have bet the Dolphins other than some code of gematria favoring them... Lions same thing!! At Seattle on the road? are you kidding me seattle easily destroys them, but Gematria shows synchs for Lions and you don't bet seahawks who you know with your own eyes will destroy the ,Lions... Lesson again, do not use Gematria to gamble!! If you Win you had a 50 50 shot anyway and it wasn't because you decoded the winner... Gematria is what we need to be using to cipher the Bullshit the High Priests have coming our way in the future.....

    1. I know Matt Moore hahahah against the steelers in Below 0 weather. you jewmatria tards were really stupid for believing Dolphins/lions or whatever dumbass match ups you had... LMAO roftlmao

    2. Hey shawn it's not a perfect science! I have made more $ using numerology and gematria in sports than ever before. Had a streak in baseball where I got 17 out of 20 games. Sports gamblers don't hit #'s like that. And I don't care what your eyes see, they don't see that good wise guy! I also got all 7 games correct in the world series this year. By the #'s bitches...

  11. dumbasses when will you learn GEMATRIA sucks, it doesn't give you winners.. These guys should just bet the opposite of what they pick they are horrible.. JEWMATRIA R.I.P you fuckers are pathetic.

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  13. more passive aggressive lol ...without gematria I learned the world is not what it seems. I learned sports outcomes were too unrealistic and too fantastic. Then I looked at history and saw patterns or repetitions. i got rude here and I''m sorry..but the fact is I'm not the one who attacked. Kids just cant handle flat statements. I didnt make fun of anyone. I just gave my view without insulting anyone. Others put some kind of emotion behind it or think it has to be gematria based or they dont like it. I'M going to continue my way. I'm not going to invest that much time with gematria but I'll pay attention to it. gematria didnt matter when learning the bears beat the Vikings on halloween on Halas Death anniversary. And i dont think the all orange jersey works 100% either now

  14. Jordy Nelson OUT Geronimo IN -

  15. 1/13/17 NBA Game up -

    I'll have one NFL game up for Saturday.

  16. Fields of not this week,apparently lol

    1. nope he gave up, his gematria failed him every time..he is good at gematria but apparently that doesnt prove who is going to win... R.I.P to fieldsofwhite, true fraud. BYE BYE, don't listen to this guy or that shill zaccary hubbard, they will lose you money and you will be in the poor house.. crack pots LOL

    2. You're a useless prick Mikey, you don't appreciate the effort any of us put in, go fuck yourself dude you worthless piece of shit.

    3. EFFORT, you want to talk about effort tough guy???? I was involved with this whole colt fiasco since JULY, I have been looking at rosters, looking at numbers thinking about this for hours and hours and looking up stuff and doing research. I have almost completely abandoned my wife and my every thought has been consumed with this shit, even after the colts pick who I thought was a sure thing was wrong.. Don't tell me about effort you little pussy ass bitch. I put as much effort as any of you guys and tried to help with as much info as needed but enough is enough, I can man up and admit that the way we were decoding games was wrong. IM JUST BEING HONEST, you think fields of white just got bored with it at this time when were in the playoffs????? He knows its a dead end, and I respect him for trying but guys give it up, GEMATRIA is garbage. I do believe sports are rigged and im working on decoding as we speack.. Try someone else bitch. Im not the one talk about effort and worthless.. Fuck you little bitch.

    4. Not being able to 100% predict what the banker tyrant assholes rigging the league are doing doesn't reflect anything on me as a person. Neglecting your family over some rigged sports is a pretty bad trade. Mikey James is Bobby Broussard's butt buddy, who is a known for plagiarizing others work. Why is Mikey condemning gematria in one breath and saying he spends all this time decoding the next? There's not much point in figuring out a couple games now, the ship to make real money has already sailed. I'll be back to decode some horse races and NCAA basketball. As for Mikey, his opinion doesn't mean anything, just another jackass on the internet. Thanks and have a nice day

    5. Bro you're a Zach Hubbard but buddy I don't give a f*** what you say your f****** blog sucks you have no decoding skills Gematria sucks you're basically a fraud on the internet I don't plagiarize anybody's work if anything I give credit to anybody that I use their work from you're a piece of s*** online with a fake ass f***** es block that isn't going to do s*** but die on the internet because you have no skills dumb f***

  17. Replies
    1. guys are funny, 4 teams left and you can't figure it out yet.....your troll or shill lol, it's not pats, falcons I guarantee that


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