Friday, January 6, 2017

Wild Card Weekend

NFL Wild Card Games

Saturday, 1/7/2017

1/7/2017 = 1+7+20+17 = 45
1/7/2017 = 1+7+2+0+1+7 = 18
1/7/17 = 1+7+17 = 25
7th day, 358 remaining.
17, 71
January Seventh = 1920, 183, 1098, 57/66/75/84,
29 days to Super Bowl.
29, 4/1 [ 30, 4/2
Saturday = 1396, 109, 654, 28/37, 

#5 Oakland at #4 Houston
Oak (12-4), Hou (9-7), Line (Hou -4)
11th matchup. Houston leads 6-4.
Last matchup: 11/21/2016 - Oakland won 27-20.
47, 1/17, 6/5 [ 48, 1/18, 6/6
The last matchup was 47 days ago and had 47 total points. This could be a clue towards Houston winning and sending the series to 7-4. Raiders = 74/47. Connor = 474.

Ref Crew:
Ron Torbert #62
Torbert = 647, 98, 588, 35, 417
Ron Torbert = 847, 145, 870, 55, 587
College: Michigan State
Ron Torbert = 870. Is this a clue that Jack Del Rio will get his 87th loss?

Houston: 106-134-0, 2-3 playoffs.
O'Brien: 48 games, 27-21, 0-1 playoffs, 27-22 overall. 49 total games.
Osweiler: 21 starts, 13-8, 9-2 h, 4-6 a.
Birthday spans:
O'Brien: 10/23/1969
p: 76, 2/15, 10/6 [ 77, 2/16, 10/7
n: 289, 9/16, 41/2 [ 290, 9/17, 41/3
Osweiler: 11/22/1990
p: 46, 1/16, 6/4 [ 47, 1/17, 6/5
n: 319, 10/15, 45/4 [ 320, 10/16, 45/5
Date numerology of 45. NRG Stadium = 45.
Game on 1/7. Bill = 71. Bill = 17. Osweiler wears #17. Houston is going for franchise win 107. The game comes 10 weeks 7 days (107) including end date after O'Brien's birthday. Houston can improve to 10-7 on the season.  Opposing QB, Cook = 17.
107 is the 28th prime. O'Brien can get his 28th overall win with Houston. Saturday = 28.
The 7th prime is 17, so that bodes well for Houston to get their 7th win on the series on 1/7.
Seven = 47. Series would go to 7-4 if Houston wins.
Seventy Four = 170, like the date of the game 1/7.
Seventeen = 37. Saturday = 37.
Forty Seven = 50, and this is O'Brien's 50th game as coach of the Texans.
47th prime is 211. Houston = 112, the reflection.
January Seventh = 183. Brock Alan Osweiler = 183.
If Houston wins, they would be 3-3 in playoff games. Del Rio is coaching his 33rd game with Oakland.

Oakland: 456-401-11, 25-18 playoffs.
Del Rio: 32 games, 19-13 with Oakland.
171 games, 87-84, 1-2 playoffs, 88-86 overall. 174 total games.
Cook: 0 starts.
Birthday spans:
Del Rio: 4/4/1963
p: 278, 9/3, 39/5 [ 279, 9/4, 39/6
n: 87, 2/28, 12/3 [ 88, 2/29, 12/4
Cook: 1/29/1993
p: 344, 11/9, 49/1 [ 345, 11/10, 49/2
n: 22, 3/1 [ 23, 3/2
Game on 1/7. Cook = 17.
Oakland = 22. Del Rio is trying to improve to 2-2 in the playoffs. Connor Cook's birthday is in 22 days. Brock = 22. Osweiler is making his 22nd start. Twenty Two = 39. NRG = 39. O'Brien comes into the game with 22 overall losses.
Del Rio's next birthday is in 88 days including end date. Jack Del Rio = 88.
Del Rio's next birthday is in 87 days. If he loses it would be his 87th overall loss.
Cook is making his 1st start against a fitting opponent. Houston Texans = 51. Connor Cook = 51.
Date numerology of 25. Oakland has 25 playoff wins.
Date numerology of 18. Oakland has 18 playoff losses.
If Oakland loses, they would get their 19th loss in the playoffs. Texan = 19, so a fitting team to get it against. William James O'Brien = 190.

Game notes:
Series is currently at 6-4. Texan = 64.
If Houston wins, the series would go to 7-4. Raiders = 74. Raiders = 47. Oakland California = 74. Connor = 474. Osweiler's previous birthday was 47 days ago including end date.
The last matchup was 47 days ago, and had 47 total points.

OakVsHou = 949, 112, 672, 31. Houston = 112, 31. So this hashtag favors Houston.

It looks like more lines up for the Texans than the Raiders. The 74/47 connections are looking good for the Texans to win. I think they will improve to 10-7 for the season on 1/7 to go along with all the other 107 connections favoring the Texans.  

Connor Cook
Connor = 313, 79, 474, 34,
Cook = 143, 44, 264, 17/26,
Connor Cook = 456, 123, 738, 51/60,
Born: 1/29/1993
Age: 23
Birth numerology: 142, 52, 34, 123
College: Michigan State
Draft: 2016 / Round 4 / Pick 100

#6 Detroit at #3 Seattle
Det (9-7), Sea (10-5-1), Line (Sea -8)
14th matchup. Seattle leads 8-5.

Ref Crew: Brad Allen #122
Allen = 116, 44, 264, 17, 86
Brad Allen = 213, 69, 414, 33, 173{40}
College: Pembroke State
The referee favors the Lions. If Detroit wins, the series will go to 8-6. Allen = 86.
Brad Allen = 69, 414, 33. Lions = 69, 414, 33.

Seattle: 325-318-1, 15-14 playoffs.
Carroll: 112 games, 70-41-1, 8-4 playoffs, 78-45-1 with Seattle. 124 games.
176 games, 103-72-1, 9-6 playoffs, 112-78-1 overall. 191 games for career.
Wilson: 90 starts, 63-26-1, 38-7 h, 25-19-1 a.
80 regular starts, 56-23-1, 34-6 h, 22-17-1 a.
10 playoff starts, 7-3, 4-1 h, 3-2 a.
Birthday spans:
Carroll: 9/15/1951
p: 114, 3/23, 16/2 [ 115, 3/24, 16/3
n: 251{54}, 8/8, 35/6 [ 252, 8/9, 36
Wilson: 11/29/1988
p: 39, 1/9, 5/4 [ 40, 1/10, 5/5
n: 326, 10/22, 46/4 [ 327, 10/23, 46/5
Wilson is making his 91st start. Detroit = 91.
Wilson is going for his 39th overall home win. His birthday was 39 days ago. James Caldwell = 39.
14th matchup. 14th prime is 43. Seattle Seahawks = 43.
Wilson is trying to go 5-1 at home in the playoffs. Seahawks = 51. This game comes 51 weeks after Jim Caldwell's previous birthday.
Carroll going for his 113th overall win. Detroit MI = 113. It is also his 113th game with Seattle.
Carroll is coaching his 192nd career game. NFL = 192.
Carroll comes into the game with 70 wins as Seattle coach. Detroit Lions = 70.
Wilson can get his 64th win against the team from Michigan. Michigan = 64.

Detroit: 544-641-32, 7-12 playoffs.
Caldwell: 48 games, 27-21, 0-1 playoffs, 27-22 with Detroit. 49 games.
96 games, 53-43, 2-3 playoffs, 55-46 overall. 101 total games for career.
Stafford: 111 starts, 51-60, 31-24 h, 20-36 a.
109 regular starts, 51-58, 31-24 h, 20-34 a.
2 playoff starts, 0-2, 0-0 h, 0-2 a.
Birthday spans:
Caldwell: 1/16/1955
p: 357, 11/22, 51 [ 358, 11/23, 51/1
n: 9, 1/2 [ 10, 1/3
Stafford: 2/7/1988
p: 335, 11, 47/6 [ 336, 11/1, 48
n: 31, 1, 4/3 [ 32, 1/1, 4/4
Game is on 1/7. Matthew Stafford = 71.
14th matchup. Jim = 14.
If Detroit loses, it will be Stafford's 37th overall away loss. Playoffs = 37.
Caldwell is going for his 28th win with Detroit. 28th prime is 107. Game on 1/7.
Caldwell can improve to 3-3 in the playoffs. Lions = 33.

Game notes:
Seattle is going for Franchise win 326. It is 326 days to Russell Wilson's next birthday.
If Seattle loses, it will be franchise loss 319. The factorization of 319 is 11 * 29. Russell Wilson's birthday is 11/29. So will loss 319 have a lot to do with Wilson's birthday?
If they win against Detroit their next game would be 319 days before his birthday. It would make a lot of sense for them to beat Detroit to get win 326 and get franchise loss 319 the next game (probably at Atlanta) 319 days before Wilson's birthday.

The hashtag #DetVsSea was used for the game. DetVsSea = 95. If Seattle wins the series would go to 9-5.

The alignment with Wilson's birthday numbers (326/319) scares me away from the Lions. I'm either not betting on this or taking Seattle.  There is nothing I see favoring Detroit except for the Referee syncing to them.  Seattle looks like they will take this.
The only reason I could see Detroit winning, is to send them to face Dallas next week. This would delay the potential matchup of Cowboys vs Giants until the NFC Championship.

Sunday, 1/8/2017

1/8/2017 = 1+8+20+17 = 46
1/8/2017 = 1+8+2+0+1+7 = 19
1/8/17 = 1+8+17 = 26
8th day, 357 remaining.
18, 81
January Eighth =  1389, 147, 882, 66, 
28 days to Super Bowl.
28, 4 [ 29, 4/1

#6 Miami at #3 Pittsburgh
Mia (10-6), Pit (11-5), Line (Pit -10.5)
24th regular matchup. Pittsburgh leads 12-11.
27th overall matchup. Series is tied at 13-13. (Miami is 2-1 playoffs).
Last matchup: 10/16/16 - Miami won 30-15.
84, 2/23, 12 [ 85, 2/24, 12/1
Previous game was on 10/16, like 116. Miami is trying to improve to 11-6 on the season.
In the previous matchup in Week 6, Tannehill got his 18th home win and the game was 81 days after his birthday. Now the teams meet up on 1/8.

Ref crew:
Craig Wrolstad #4
Wrolstad = 985, 112, 672, 31/40, 1245
Craig Wrolstad = 1095, 150, 900, 60/69, 1345
College: Washington

Pittsburgh: 601-535-20, 34-23 playoffs.
Tomlin: 160 games, 103-57, 6-5 playoffs, 109-62 overall. 171 total games.
Roethlisberger: 200 starts, 134-66, 75-25 h, 59-41 a.
17 playoff starts, 11-6, 6-3 h, 5-3 a.
Birthday spans:
Tomlin: 3/15/1972
p: 299, 9/24, 42/5 [ 300, 9/25, 42/6
n: 66, 2/7, 9/3 [ 67, 2/8, 9/4
Roethlisberger: 3/2/1982
p: 312, 10/6, 44/4 [ 313, 10/7, 44/5
n: 53, 1/22, 7/4 [ 54, 1/23, 7/5
Big Ben is making his 18th playoff start on 1/8. Pittsburgh Steelers = 81/108.
Tomlin's next birthday is in 66 days. If Pittsburgh loses, Tomlin will be 6-6 in the playoffs. Moore = 66, so that would be a fitting opponent to lose against. January Eighth = 66, it is a fitting day as well. NFL = 66. Fishes = 66. Roethlisberger comes into the game with 66 losses. Sixty Six = 59. Pittsburgh = 59.
Date numerology of 26. If Pitt loses, it would be Big Ben's 26th home loss.
Tomlin is coaching his 161st game. Roethlisberger = 161.
Pittsburgh comes into the game with 535 franchise losses. Steelers = 535.
Big Ben's birthday was 313 days ago. 313 is the 65th prime. Miami Florida = 65. Florida = 65.
If Pittsburgh loses, it will be their 24th playoff loss. Adam Gase = 24.

Miami: 439-341-4, 20-20 playoffs.
Gase: 16 games, 10-6.
Moore: 28 starts, 15-13, 9-6 h, 6-7 a.
Birthday spans:
Gase: 3/29/1978
p: 285, 9/10, 40/5 [ 286, 9/11, 40/6
n: 80, 2/21, 11/3 [ 81, 2/22, 11/4
Moore: 8/9/1984
p: 152, 4/30, 21/5 [ 153, 5, 21/6
n: 213, 7/1, 30/3 [ 214, 7/2, 30/4
Gase's next birthday is in 81 days including end date. Pittsburgh Steelers = 81. Game on 8/1.
Moore's previous birthday was 152 days ago. Pennsylvania = 152.
Matt Moore = 39. Steeler = 39.
Moore is making his 29th start. It is 29 days to the Super Bowl including end date. Tomlin = 29.
Matt = 231. Dolphin = 231. Moore's next birthday is in 213 days.
27th matchup. Miami = 27. Miami = 270. Matt Moore = 720. Florida is the 27th state.
The 27th prime is 103. Steelers = 103. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania = 103. Tomlin currently has 103 regular season win. Will they finish the season with a tribute to 103? Also, the series is tied 13-13. The winner will pick up win #14.
Moore = 30. Steeler = 30. Matt Moore = 39. Steeler = 39.
Moore's next birthday is in 153 days including end date. Ryan Tannehill = 153. Tomlin is born on 15/3. Will Moore get them past the Steelers for Tannehill to return?

Game notes:
Antonio Brown wore cleats with Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez on them in the last matchup between Miami and Pittsburgh, which Miami won. Brown was born in Miami.
That game was 84 days ago, and Brown wears #84. Steeler = 84.
Fernandez wore #16. Matt Moore is going for his 16th win as starter.
Fernandez's death was 105/106 days before the game. 106 = prophecy.
He died on 9/25, which leaves 97 days remaining in the year. Dolphins = 97. 97th NFL Season. Matthew Erickson Moore = 97.
He died on a 32 foot boat. NFL = 32.
Cleat = 360. Miami Dolphins = 360.
Furthermore, Fernandez was born on the 212th day of the year. Miami can improve to 21-20 in playoff games, like 212. Charles Prince of Wales = 212. Charles = 66. Connecting back to the 66's on Pittsburgh losing.

I think the 66 alignment bodes well for Miami. The details about the cleats favor them as well. The 27th matchup goes to the team from the 27th state.

Matt Moore
Matt = 441, 54, 324, 9, 231
Moore = 255, 66, 396, 30, 215
Matt Moore = 696, 120, 720, 39, 446
Matthew Erickson Moore = 1546, 250, 1500, 97/106/115, 1646
Born: 8/9/1984
Age: 32
Birth numerology: 120, 39, 101

This game is the 5 year anniversary of the "Tebow Miracle" where he beat the Steelers in the playoffs on the 1st play of Overtime.
Adam Gase was the Broncos QB Coach at that time, when Tebow knocked off the Steelers on an 80 yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas.

Tim = 42, 252
Fish = 42, 252
Five = 42, 252
Dolphin = 42
One Hundred Forty Four = 252

Game was on 1/8/12. Broncos won 29-23, total of 52.
1+8+20+12 = 41
1+8+2+0+1+2 = 14
1+8+12 = 21
Broncos won with 29 points. Tebow and Thomas are both 29 years old now.

Tim Tebow #15
Tim = 249, 42, 252, 15, 139{34}
Tebow = 767, 65, 390, 20, 1057
Tim Tebow = 1016, 107, 642, 35, 1196
Timothy Tebow = 1984, 175, 1050, 58, 1754
Timothy Richard Tebow = 2189, 236, 1416, 101, 1939
Born: 8/14/1987
Age: 29
Birth numerology: 128, 47, 38, 109
College: Florida
Draft: 2010 / Round 1 / Pick 25

Demaryius Thomas
Demaryius = 1249, 115, 690, 43/52, 819
Thomas = 409, 76, 456, 22/31, 279
Demaryius Thomas = 1658, 191, 1146, 65/74, 1098

Five = 420, 42, 252, 24/42, 720, 11
Three Hundred Sixteen = 1738, 226, 1356, 100/109,
Three Sixteen = 1277, 152, 912, 62/71,
John Three Sixteen = 1405, 199{46}, 1194, 82/91,
March 16 is the 75/76 day, 290 remaining.
Five years = 1316, 110, 660, 47/56/65/74,
Five years later = 1642, 166, 996, 67/76/85/94,
Five years ago = 1384, 133, 798, 61/70/79/88,
Miracle = 178, 61, 366, 34, 148

5th prime is 11. Tebow wore #11 with the Eagles.
Matt Moore's previous birthday was 153 days ago. 153 is the miracle catch number.
Five Years = 660. Ties into the other 66 stuff above for Pittsburgh losing.
Five Years Later = 67. If Pittsburgh loses, Big Ben gets his 67th overall loss.
Five = 720. Matt Moore = 720. Dolphins undefeated in '72.
Three Sixteen = 152. Pennsylvania = 152. Super Bowl LI = 152.
Timothy Tebow = 1984. Matt Moore is born in 1984.
Moore's birthday is 5 days before Tebow. (8/9 and 8/14)

#5 New York Giants at #4 Green Bay
NYG (11-5), GB (10-6), Line (GB -5)
54th regular matchup. GB leads 28-23-2.
61st overall matchup. GB leads 32-26-2 (including 4-3 playoffs)
Last matchup: 10/9/2016 - Green Bay won 23-16.
91, 2/30, 13 [ 92, 3, 13/1
Last matchup was 91 days ago. Lambeau Field = 91.

Ref Crew: Ed Hochuli #85
Hochuli = 418, 76, 456, 40, 298
Ed Hochuli = 427, 85, 510, 49, 307
College: UTEP
I guess we know why Ed wears #85. It matches his name and National Football League = 85.

Green Bay: 730-553-37, 32-21 playoffs.
McCarthy: 176 games, 114-61-1, 8-7 playoffs, 122-68-1 overall. 191 total games.
Rodgers: 148 starts, 97-51, 56-16 h, 41-35 a.
13 playoff starts, 7-6, 3-2 h, 4-4 a.
Birthday spans:
McCarthy: 11/10/1963
p: 59, 1/29, 8/3 [ 60, 1/30, 8/4
n: 306, 10/2, 43/5 [ 307, 10/3, 43/6
Rodgers: 12/2/1983
p: 37, 1/6, 5/2 [ 38, 1/7, 5/3
n: 328, 10/24, 46/6 [ 329, 10/25, 47
Date numerology of 46. Packers = 46. Lambeau Field = 46.
McCarthy's next birthday is in 306 days. McAdoo = 306.
If Green Bay loses, Rodgers would become 7-7 in the playoffs. Green Bay = 77.
If Green Bay loses, McCarthy would become 8-8 in the playoffs. Elisha Nelson Manning = 88.

New York Giants: 684-572-33, 24-24 playoffs
McAdoo: 16 games, 11-5.
Manning: 210 starts, 116-94, 58-45 h, 58-49 a.
11 playoff starts, 8-3, 1-2 h, 7-1 a.
Birthday spans:
McAdoo: 7/9/1977
p: 183, 5/30, 26/1 [ 184, 6, 26/2
n: 182, 6/1, 26 [ 183, 6/2, 26/1
Manning: 1/3/1981
p: 5 [ 6
n: 360, 11/26, 51/3 [ 361, 11/27, 51/4
Date numerology of 46. NYG = 46. Odell Beckham = 46.
Date numerology of 26. Eli = 26.
Eli's next birthday is in 360 days. Manning = 36. Ben McAdoo = 36.
Eli is going for his 59th away win, and this game is 59 days after McCarthy's birthday.
McAdoo = 306. Game is 306 days before McCarthy's next birthday. A fitting day to beat him.
Eli is trying to become 9-3 in the playoffs. It is a fitting opponent as Aaron Charles Rodgers = 93.
Eli is trying to improve to 8-1 in road playoff games. Game is on 8/1.
January Eighth = 882. Odell = 288.
New York is trying to improve to 12-5 on the season. Wisconsin = 125.
Giant = 157. 157 is the 37th prime. The game comes 37 days after Rodgers previous birthday.

Game notes:
61st matchup. 61 is the 18th prime. Game on 1/8.

The Giants winning is the game I feel best about this weekend. They have had clues being dropped for them the entire season, and they will advance past the Packers.


  1. I think the Lions win based on the fact it creates better matchups down the line. Plus

    Pete Carroll goes 9-7 in the playoffs during the 97th season against a guy who's birthday Numerology is 97.

    Stafford gets his 52nd career win and puts the Seahawks at 10-6


    The game is 11 days before Caldwell's birthday. And he can go 1-1 with the lions in the playoffs. This game is 335 days after Staffords birthday. 3+3+5=11

    Seahawks have 9 straight home playoff wins, will lose to #9

    Stafford is starting his 112th game. 31 days before his birthday

    Stafford has 108 interceptions coming into this game

    Date numerology of 25, like 2/5

    Carroll loses 7th game in postseason as Seahawks head coach on the seventh day of the year.

    With a lose Carrolls record with the Seahawks goes to 8-5 in the playoffs. All time series is tied 8-5 coming into the game.

    14th all time game between the Lions and Seahawks. Jim Caldwell=41

    The Lions stared wearing WCF patches in 14 to represent William Clay Ford who died on 3/9/14.

    WCF= 14

    This game is 39 games after Wilson's birthday.

    Lions can get their 8th all time playoff win with a win vs Seattle. The line is +8. 8=49 Carroll can go 9-4 to win against the Lions with the Seahawks.

    Wilson can lose his 24th game. 24=Lions

    With a win they go 1-5 in the Playoffs.

    Lean Lions although it could go either way

    1. The Lions aren't even in discussion about who Dallas wants to play. Only Packers and Giants.

    2. I wouldn't mind them winning, I hate Seahawks with a passion.

    3. Lol I hope u know Wilson has 39 bday numerology & 39 days from bday to game is 39 days he's gonna get his 39th overall home win

    4. Someone forgot to tell the NFL and refs that the numbers lined up for a Lions win LMAO.


    My version of Brady vs Eli Part lll

    I'll be dropping a huge decode on Monday after the Giants win Sunday.

    1. Shouldn't you keep this on the down low until the week before the SB. Don't things get messy if we are early?

  3. Atlanta- Lions, isnt a tv grab like the Seahawks who barely beat them on a bullsh-- call like last time. Its a better tv storyline

    1. Yup Seattle is going to Atlanta & they have previous playoff history Wilson vs Ryan

  4. Anybody else think Steelers will beat Miami? Cause I do. Ive seen so many posts about miami going to sb, its not gonna happen ppl

    1. The odds being 10 points should show that the money will be on the Dolphins and with the money loading up on Miami will Show the Steelers will win by double digits. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS IN THE LONG RUN.

    2. all the money is on the steelers -10....went to -11 today, so i see Miami likely covering the spread...but winning the game or SB is just strange and a long shot...but i threw a few bucks on them for fits and is the 5 yr anniverary of Tebow beating the steelers FWIW :)

    3. sry ur right, the money is on steelers...shit!!

  5. there wont be any Brady v Eli part 3. You guys are pretty young typical, surface level fans if you thing that. Sorry lol if that sounded mean. I'm just saying if you are younger you arent really thinking about it. They know the tv viewing audience is sick of the Pats.
    Although theyve been using the Pats as a big FU to the public. Cheating and winning with no cares all the way. While at the Same time still bowing down to the elite Giants

    1. Yeah and you probably said that before Part ll happened.

      Who is "they" viewing audience? You know millions of people that watch the SB?

      Why don't you contribute instead of spewing your shit all over these blogs. All you do is troll everyone's comments.

    2. Then who makes it out of AFC @RamJackson? hopefully pitt

    3. no dispresepct Ram, but ur picks throughout the season were just horrible...and im not even talkin about the Vikings Colts picks that u never gave up on no matter what happened, just pretty much everything u predicted shit the bed week by week,..New Orleans, Buffalo especially....the only thing u got right was atlanta making the playoffs...actually if one picked against everyone of ur picks, they would be @ about 80% correct, and i aint kidding..go to Zacks forum for confirmation lol

    4. Yep the guy was preaching saints gonna make the playoffs, I'm sure there were other teams, I just can't remember all he said.

  6. Jack overall (174) 88-86; 1-2 playoffs;
    Whitney Mercilus = 87; 88-87 if Jack lose.
    Jack 1/7/17 - 4/4/17 87 days; 12 weeks and 3 days;
    Connor Cook = 123;
    Brock get 14th overall win & Jack 14th overall lost.
    14th prime-43; Osweiler = 43; Jack Del Rio = 43;

  7. Sports bet capperJanuary 6, 2017 at 9:37 PM

    Yeah and you probably said that before Part ll happened.

    Who is "they" viewing audience? You know millions of people that watch the SB?

    Why don't you contribute instead of spewing your shit all over these blogs. All you do is troll everyone's comments
    you are probably a pc influenced child. Where did I insult you? no where. I'm not trolling, I'm giving my experienced, wisdom filled,aged opinion without apology. Grow up and get use to it. And I thought football was real the last time they played lol so that doesnt have anything to do with now. No one is hurting or insulting you so get over it. You are acting like a fan who still thinks its real.

    1. You gave your opinion, I gave mine. You still didn't answer my question?

      I'm not as old as you but I also didn't have the Luxury of google back in my days.

      You're basically saying the "people" don't like to see a dynasty, the jews running the show don't give two fucks what the "people" think. I.e. Celtics, lakers, just to name a couple...

  8. patakashowJanuary 6, 2017 at 9:48 PM

    Then who makes it out of AFC @RamJackson? hopefully pitt
    KC is actually looking like a real option along with Pitt.
    But they seldom do two old school powerhouses at the same time ie Pitt V NY.
    its usually a major player vs a patsy. but if you googly the sb 51 host committee logo and sb 51 mascot..they look like KC Chief hints

    1. someone can say Dallas hints but I highly doubt that.. I am willing to Concede Dallas v Chiefs if Dallas beats old school fandom doesnt want Dallas lol

  9. Sports bet capperJanuary 6, 2017 at 9:37 PM

    Yeah and you probably said that before Part ll happened.

    Who is "they" viewing audience? You know millions of people that watch the SB?

    Why don't you contribute instead of spewing your shit all over these blogs. All you do is troll everyone's comments
    dont call yourself sportsbetcapper and act like a sensitive child. That name is reserved for 49 year old mafia bosses

    1. actually it was incredibly witty and concise and factual and truthful.
      whats with the anger? we are on the same team. Its your immaturity getting in the way.

  10. detroit is looking for their first playoff win in 25 years on a day with 25 numerology

  11. plus dont forget the last time detroit played seattle on mnf the hawks won on a controversial call

  12. Sports bet capperJanuary 6, 2017 at 11:11 PM

    You gave your opinion, I gave mine. You still didn't answer my question?

    I'm not as old as you but I also didn't have the Luxury of google back in my days.

    You're basically saying the "people" don't like to see a dynasty, the jews running the show don't give two fucks what the "people" think. I.e. Celtics, lakers, just to name a couple...

    you are incredibly immature and one dimensional in your thought process. Where did I say People dont like dynasties? I said they are sick of the Pats and they are/the fans.
    I already said they dont care what the people think at the end of what I said but they could have broken everyones heart last year too with Manning.
    what question didnt I answer? have a nice weekend

    1. You said they know the viewing audience are sick of the Pats... then say they put a big FU with the success and cheating the Pats have. My thought process isn't one dimensional, but trying to decipher your contradicting opinions is like banging my "immature" head against the wall.

      With your contradicting opinion, what makes you think there won't be a part lll? There's a reason why Brady served his suspension for deflategate, there's a reason why he went 11-1, there's a reason why The Pats beat the defending champs 16-3. Are you here to learn or try to spew the "eye ball test" bullshit comments when someone has a legitimate prediction?

  13. Not what I wanted to read about the Raiders :/

  14. anybody see any clues in this:

  15. Sports bet capperJanuary 7, 2017 at 2:00 AM

    You said they know the viewing audience are sick of the Pats... then say they put a big FU with the success and cheating the Pats have. My thought process isn't one dimensional, but trying to decipher your contradicting opinions is like banging my "immature" head against the wall.
    there is no case of any contradiction. We are of course talking about dishonest people who have no boundaries. Pay attention; obviously the world that thinks its real think the Cowboys and Pats cant lose, Therefore odds are they do because thats where most money will be made. Could I be wrong? sure. I dont care because at the end of the day its just sports talk thats not important even if it was legit..but I'VE Looked at the history of sports in depth enough to be confident in my choice. Calm down and stop banging your head

  16. FirestaryaJanuary 7, 2017 at 6:51 AM

    Not what I wanted to read about the Raiders :/
    their the team looking for a stadium deal. I think that they win.
    if anything,their starting QB has two C's in his name lol

  17. With your contradicting opinion, what makes you think there won't be a part lll? There's a reason why Brady served his suspension for deflategate, there's a reason why he went 11-1, there's a reason why The Pats beat the defending champs 16-3. Are you here to learn or try to spew the "eye ball test" bullshit comments when someone has a legitimate prediction?
    are you here to examplify your immaturity? we have already learned that no one here knows how to use gematria for final outcomes. Sure, I am here to learn but it obviously wont be from young inexperienced ,immature people like you who know less then me about the history of sports.
    dont even use that eyeball test crap with me. I know its fictional therefore thats a pointless statement. Theres a reason they beat defending champs? no there isnt, aside from the fictional idea they had no offense. The so called defending champs have nothing to do with it since it was known they would suck in the first place.
    Theres a reason he went 11-1? yes, to lie to the public that he's a great QB,so what? its why all the money will be on them and lost.
    Calm down,no one is hurting you and we are on the same team. Stop acting like a child.
    No one here knows gematria well enough for me to not be right without even using it but I do use it through you to learn possible things.
    all gematria has done so far in this case is show how match ups line up but not anything to do with the outcomes a lot of the time. I already knew sports was staged before seeing this and got picks right based on that. I'll use my judgement otherwise.

    have a nice day! stop arguing with my views

    1. Go over to my blog and read why they beat them champs the way they did, and why Brady went 11-1. Yes most of the stupid public will be on Brady when he goes to the SB, i didn't say he would win it. I'm saying the they don't give a shit what the sheep think about the Patriots, they've been doing it for 15 years, and yes they've won.

  18. they way they are promo-ing this game lol...oh God, if they have Texans win so Brock goes and beats Brady again lol

    1. Texans would play chiefs, because Miami will most likely beat pit

    2. Possible, but a Pitt vs pats Conferrence would be huge...

    3. Steelers vs Pats makes it a guarentee that whichever team wins, makes a great SB against Giants/Packers/Cowboys or even Atlanta...

  19. pats texans has much better storyline potential; so doubt dolphins

    osweler-brady; vince wilfork etc.

    1. better? lol at least just a tad more playoff history recently..and Brock.

    2. the only twoteams to win a super bowl in Houston are the dolphins and patriots, plus you have the fort Lauderdale shooting, plus the chiefs and Texans have history because the chiefs blow them out at home in the playoffs last season

    3. dude, everything is not a clue of some sort. The Dolphins arent doing anything with Ryan T, who is still injured Im guessing per the story line. Who played there in the past doesnt/shouldnt matter.

      ....yep,the oakland rookie acts dumb all game and then rifles a dot in the end zone like every pro lol.

    4. You don't know whether or not it has anything to do with sports. Until proven, it should be used for any sporting event.

    5. :) what ever it has to do with,the Dolphins still arent getting far.

      ok so, this is only the second time a host city has made the playoffs and Texans are going to second round. At some point in the next few years theyll probably have a host city go all the way and My first guess would be the Rams.

    6. Rams lol not with the lakers running the show.

    7. not second time; its 4th time. dolphins have gone palyoffs twice and cardinals once recently as host city. this is only second time that host city goes to second round

  20. 41 or 44 total points in the Houston game. Either way, tribute to this years SB.

  21. Check out the time Giants play, EST time. Haha!

  22. Sports bet capperJanuary 7, 2017 at 4:52 PM

    Rams lol not with the lakers running the show.
    this is where you inexperience in sports history comes in. The lakers went to 15 championships in 30 years to make up for the lost nfl revenue.
    when a team moves,builds a new stadium or gets a new owner among other reasons,they make the playoffs almost all the time.

    1. Negative. Inexperienced? At least if you come on here get your facts straight, especially after saying that I'm inexperienced in sports history... 15 championships? Seriously go crawl under that rock...

      You said that about the rams and Vikings. How did that go for you?

      What about the celtics and their, what is it 17 ships? Oh look, Patriots play in Boston too...

      Your theory holds zero water.. next...

    2. I said they went to. I didnt say they won them all.where did I say it happened the year of the move? you obviously have no critical thinking skills. You are one dimensional in your thought process. I in fact said "among other reasons" you are a child in this debate.
      look at the Arizona cardinals/Ravens/Titans/niners/Rams (both when they moves from cleveland and from LA) etc.. youll notice a strong history of teams winning or at least going deep in playoffs to make up for the cost of or simply a reward for the owner,for moving or getting a new stadium or before or after they host an SB.
      i'm absolutely correct without question. I forgive you your ignorance. We are on the same team.Calm down and stop acting like a child.
      the Vikings did in fact make the playoofs last year while stadium was being built (it was a home playoff game)

    3. You kept saying rams winnings, Vikings winning because of the new stadium blah blah blah. This was at the beginning of the season, what happened? You bore me, move along grandpa.

  23. 4:40
    The kill number
    But does it relate to the Packers or Giants?

    1. GB loses they go 4-4 against the Giants in the playoffs.

  24. Sports bet capperJanuary 7, 2017 at 6:17 PM

    You kept saying rams winnings, Vikings winning because of the new stadium blah blah blah. This was at the beginning of the season, what happened? You bore me, move along grandpa.
    how childish are you? how bad is your reading comprehension and critical thought?
    you may know things are corrupt but you still are using the education they gave you. attention, no where did I say it needed to happen the year of. It happens within 3 or 4 seasons before and or after consistently.
    the Vikings did go to playoffs last year as well. The Rams have moved and are building a new stadium that will open a couple years and they host a SB in 2021. Its a guarantee that they will be making playoffs within a couple years before and/or after the stadium is built. Learn to think beyond one step of basic math.
    these arent necessarily the reasons they get playoffs but they coincide none the less,time and time again. Chill out

    1. you still act as immature as people who think its not staged.and again..change your name. You are a child,not anyone's sports bet capper to be recognized lol
      When you address me,your elder,the only correct responses are yes sir and no sir.

    2. Yes faggot and how long did it take you to realize it was the WWE? Have a nice day!

    3. i'm not the one who started insulting you. You need to grow up or you are no better than mike-manning or that HairyButts fool

  25. Texans first superbowl=88
    The announcer said (texans on the brink=88)

  26. Jeremy good call on Texans and seahawks...i'm all in on giants to all the dumb bells trying turn this site into a negative low vibration place..move on nobody likes your bull shit

    1. Exactly. If the Giants don't win, expect the retards to come out and play on the comments.

    2. Shouldn't you keep your info on the down low? Wait until The week before the Superbowl. We don't owe anybody anything. Things can get messy.

    3. My post is to Sports bet capper.

    4. Giants Morons..Somebody better call the fire dept... WOOO HOOO you fuckin fagoty ass gematria queens are losers... Doesn't mean shit...

    5. ALL IN ON THE GIANTS, GUESS YOU WERE LEFT WITH NOTHING.. FOLLOWING FALSE PROPHETS. NIGGA WAKE UP . somebody better call the fire Department.. fuckin ass clowns.

  27. Commentary:
    The Giants winning is the game I feel best about this weekend. They have had clues being dropped for them the entire season, and they will advance past the Packers.

    here we go again lol...............

    GB had better not win with a story line of no starting CBs

    a guy on a forum said NY didnt blitz the last time they played and that they will this time.

  28. order out of chaos. The team without its best wide receiver and no defense is the one winning.
    not to mention they call Rodgers lucky with his multple hail mary completions at the end of half's.

    1. Lol all bullshit ,hail Mary=42,it was a 42 yrd Hail Mary

  29. STEELERS and Miami game also summed total 42. Could be a steelers and Green Bay match up SB 51 with steelers winning it this time

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