Sunday, March 12, 2017

NCAA March Madness: Top Contenders

NCAA Contenders

With March upon us, it's that time of the year again to catch the Madness. Trying to predict the bracket has been one of my favorite sports related events in the past. Too bad I spent all those years not knowing it was scripted... Well now we know and I have spent some time breaking down the bracket using numerology and gematria to come up with a list of the top contenders.

I made a page with all of the gematria, wins, losses, birthdays etc. for the tournament teams. This reference can be found here:

#1 Contender:

Gonzaga Bulldogs

After researching the teams, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have emerged with the most connections and my top pick to win the tournament.

The first reason I like Gonzaga, is because they are a Jesuit school. We have seen the Jesuit theme becoming prevalent over the past year.
  • Catholic = 35, 71.
  • Gonzaga = 35, 71. 

One of the key numbers in this tournament is 112. We just had the 112th World Series last year, as well as 112 being big in the Super Bowl with Houston = 112. The 112 run continues in NCAA Basketball as the Final is in Glendale Arizona which is located on the 112th meridian. It is being played in the University of Phoenix Stadium. University of Phoenix = 112. So let's examine why this number is key for the Bulldogs.

The Gonzaga coach is Mark Few, and heading into the tournament his record is 498-112. By winning the championship, he would remain on 112 losses. Mark Few = 112 in reverse ordinal gematria. Catholicism = 112 (Gonzaga is a catholic school)

To win the tournament, Gonzaga would need to win 6 games in a row. If that were to happen, Mark Few would pick up his 504th win in Arizona.

  • Arizona = 504. 
  • Jesuit = 504. 
  • Last year's champion, Villanova coach Jay Wright ended the regular season with 504 career wins.
  • Gonzaga has a star freshman player projected to be a 1st round NBA draft pick named Zach Collins. Collins = 504. More on him later...
  • Basketball = 40. Forty = 504. (College games are 40 minutes).

Final is on 4/3 (April Third).

  • Mark = 43. Few = 34.
  • Bulldogs = 43 in reverse reduced.
  • Gonzaga first season in 1943-44.
  • Vatican = 43. 
April 3rd is the 93rd day of the year. 93 is the big number connected to Saturn. Saturn = 93. The other number connected to Saturn is 511.
  • April Third = 511. Saturn = 511. Few = 511.

Currently Mark Few's record is 21-17 for 38 total games. Bulldogs = 38. If he were to make it to the National Championship, it would be his 44th tournament game on a day with 44 date numerology (4+3+20+17 = 44). Champions = 44.
Forty Four = 144. Glendale Arizona = 144.
He would be playing for his 27th tournament win. The tournament started on a day with 27 numerology (3+14+2+0+1+7 = 27). Spokane = 27 (Gonzaga located in Spokane, Wash)
Symbolically, I think Bulldogs could connect to Trumps new Defense Secretary, James Mattis, who is nicknamed "Mad Dog". Mattis is very coded up with 44.
James N. Mattis = 144.
Mad Dog = 44. He served 44 years on the Marines. Military = 44. Kill = 44.
Mattis born on 9/8/1950. 66 years old. Gonzaga is in their 66th season. Mark Few is born 98 days before the final.

The 44th prime is 193. This also connects to Gonzaga and Mad Dog.
Secretary of Defense = 193.
Roman Catholic Church = 193.

Few's birthday is 97 days before the championship, or 98 if you include end date.
Champions = 98.
We are also in the transition between the 97th and 98th NFL seasons.

Gonzaga enters the tournament at 32-1. Let's examine their only loss of the season, which came against BYU on 2/25/17. BYU defeated them 79-71.
From 2/25 to 4/3 is 37 days, or a span of 38.
Bulldogs = 38.
Brigham = 40. Forty = 504.

Another interesting connection:
The tournament starts on 3/14, the 73rd day of the year.
Trumps 6/14 birthday comes 72 days after the final, or 73 if you include end date.
Gonzaga Bulldogs = 73.

Zach Collins

As mentioned earlier, Gonzaga has a player named Zach Collins who is a Freshman.
He is from Las Vegas, Nevada, and born on 11/19/1997.
Collins is projected to be a first round NBA pick.

The interesting thing about him is that his name syncs to Arizona and Kansas.
Collins = 30/39, 84, 232, 282, 504, 105, 42
Arizona = 39, 84, 504, 105
Kansas = 232
504 is the number of wins Gonzaga coach Mark Few would have to win the final.

I could see Zach Collins making some key plays to lead the Bulldogs to the title. He certainly has the name for it.

#2 Contender:

Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas is my choice to make it to the championship, but lose to Gonzaga.

Kansas has some interesting syncs with birthdays. As it turns out, coach Bill Self was born the exact same day as Gonzaga coach Mark Few: 12/27/1962.
Star player Frank Mason III is born on 4/3/1994. He will be turning 23 on the day of the national championship. Frank = 23.

112 is involved with Kansas as well.
University of Kansas = 112 in reverse reduced.
Frank Mason = 112. Mason = 211.

Kansas connects to the championship date numerology of 44.
Jayhawks = 44.
Currently, Kansas has a record of 100-44 in the NCAA tournament.

If they were to make it to the championship and lose it would make their record 105-45. Arizona = 105 in reverse gematria.
Zionism = 105. Masonry = 105. Nine Eleven = 105. (Few = 911)
Gonzaga vs Kansas = 105
NCAA = 45. Big Dance = 45. Lawrence = 45 (reverse reduced).
In addition, Bill Self has a tournament record of 40-17. Adding 5 wins to get to the championship game would make him 45-17. A loss would keep him on 45 while giving KU their 45th loss as a school.
Arizona became a state on 2/14, which is the 45th day of the year.
As you can see it's very fitting for Kansas to get their 45th loss in Arizona.

I see the 45 lining up for Kansas loss to be a tribute to Trump, the 45th President, and the 44th person to be president. The 44/45.
Another nice connection is back to the only loss for Gonzaga on the season. They lost to BYU, which is located in Utah, and Utah is the 45th state.

Kansas is in their 119th season. Trump was elected on 11/9. Few = 911.
119 = All Seeing Eye = Star of David = Donald.

Kansas connects to Gonzaga as well.
Kansas = 38. Bulldogs = 38. The Bulldogs would be going for their 38th win of the season.
Kansas Jayhawks = 163. Gonzaga Bulldogs = 163.
163 is the 38th prime.

Bill = 17. Final is on a day with 17 numerology.

Phoenix = 46. This is the Jayhawks 46th tournament appearance.

This is the 79th tournament. Billy Eugene Self Jr = 79.

Bill Self's birthday is 97/98 days before the final. Jayhawks = 98.

Frank Mason wears number 0.
Zero = 44, 17 in reverse ordinal and reverse reduced.
Championship is on a day with 44 and 17 numerology.
Frank Mason = 40. Forty = 504.


I feel like there is a strong narrative for the gematria of Time being used as a them in this tournament. This also relates to Saturn, Circles, and cycles.
The tournament starts on 3/14, which is also called "Pi day".
Final is on a day with 44 numerology.
April 3rd is the 93rd day of the year. Saturn = 93.
Saturn is known as the "keeper of time".
Saturn = 511. April Third = 511.

Let's also take into account the Fibonacci numbers for this matchup:
Fibonacci = 44.

Zach recently made a post about the summation of the Fibonacci series:

"When you add 10 times, the starting numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence, they total 232.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597...

1+1 = 2
1+1+2 = 4
1+1+2+3 = 7
1+1+2+3+5 = 12
1+1+2+3+5+8 = 20
1+1+2+3+5+8+13 = 33 (The 6th time you add... 33 = 3+3 = 6)
1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21 = 54
1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34 = 88 (8th time, 88...) (Trump = 88)
1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34+55 = 143
1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34+55+89 = 232

The 10th Fibonacci Number is 55."

Now key in on the 232...
Kansas = 232
Oregon = 232 (Gonzaga coach Mark Few went to Oregon)
Satan = 232
Election = 232
The Donald = 232
Collins = 232

As it turns out, Gonzaga has a record of 1235-690 going into the NCAA tournament. Winning 6 games would put them at 1241 wins.
Fifty Five = 1241 in Jewish gematria. 55 connects to the 10th Fibonacci number.
Phoenix AZ = 55. Two Three Two = 55.

Magic Square of Saturn: 45 is a key number.

Each row and column sums to 15. When you sum the numbers of the cube you get 45.

Circle = 32. Mark Few = 32.
Circle = 112, 40 in reverse ordinal and reverse reduced.
Mark Few = 112, 40 in reverse ordinal and reverse reduced.

Mark Few and Bill Self are both born on 12/27/1962.
Within that date we see 12/27/62, the 227...
227 is the number associated with Pi, the ratio 22/7.

Kansas loss to TCU in the Big 12 tournament:

Kansas lost to TCU in the Big 12 tournament, and it was a fitting loss by the numbers.
Game was on 3/9/17.
TCU won 85-82. They picked up their 19th win of the season. TCU = 19.
Kansas lost the game because one of their best players was suspended for 1 game: Josh Jackson.
Jackson = 19.

Bill Self came into that game with 191 career losses, and received his 192nd career loss.
Why is that significant?
It sets up his next loss to be #193.
193 is the 44th prime.
This connects back to Gonzaga, and Kansas getting this loss in the Championship game.
193 = Roman Catholic Church.
The Title game will be Mark Few's 44th tournament game and it is on a day with 44 numerology.

The TCU loss comes 25/26 days before the April 3rd final.
Jayhawk = 25. Jayhawks = 26. Mason = 26. Zags = 26. Mark = 25.

#3 Contender:

Arizona Wildcats

Coach Sean Miller goes into the tournament with 112 losses.
Born on the day leaving 44 remaining in the year.

I'll write more on the other contenders later.




  1. I like gonzaga has a contender. Other teams that deserve a look: north Carolina, Michigan, ucla, Nova, Arizona , and Iowa state. The records of the coaches are either 44 losses, 112 losses 309 losses (michigan),

    1. I like Arizona to the Elite 8, and Villanova to the Final 4. I think UCLA will get loss #251 in this tournament, not sure how far they make it but not all the way. UNC has some nice numbers, and need to look closer at Iowa State and Michigan.

    2. I see ucla and unc facing each other in the E8. The winner of that faces Gonzaga I would think

    3. well done, just some more numbers for KU:

      97th winning season, 33rd straight

      potential 106 tournament wins to match the '52 title team tributes over the past year. matching 28-3 final/regular season records. entered 28-4 to match Clyde Lovellette 28.4 points averaged who died 333 days before SB 51 the same day KU lost a 51 game home winning streak.

      #25 Brandon Rush jersey retired 17 days later, #17 Bill Hougland from the '52 title team dead 3/6/17 - both those men aged 86.

      furthermore, Phog Allen, the inventor of coaching, coached Kansas for 39 years, 33 winning seasons. it should be noted the tournament was his brainchild, its first year was '39. he died in '74 at age 88 and Kansas ENDed its title drought 14 years later in '88 with Danny Manning whose team he is now the coach for (Wake Forest) lost with 88 points the other day - first four.

      inventor of the game, Dr Naismith, is "remembered as a freemason" according to his bio. his parents both born in 1833, immigrated in 1852. '33...'52 again.

      13 original rules, 13 straight conference titles, stuck on 41 conference tourney wins (13th prime)

      Bill Self 11 home losses, 11 all time conference tourney losses, 110 all time home losses (Big 12 era/Allen Fieldhouse), #11 Josh Jackson JJ = 11

    4. the team from the 34th state that produced the 34th president, winner of the '52 election, could win their 34th game of the year on April 3rd or 3/4 in their 38th game. Kansas = 38

    5. Good stuff. The 88 connections you reference above are another reason I think they lose in the Title. Bill Self has 87 losses at Kansas, and his next will be #88.

    6. Kansas typically plays the whipping boy in the tournament. A gang of the top schools have had to go through KU to get their first championship - Indiana, Duke, Syracuse, UNC - and those are just the title game losses. most years, it's final four participant or national champion that ousts Kansas - last year, '13, '12, '11, '09 to name a few. we shall see.

    7. or Bill Self could get his 46th tournament win in KU's 46th tournament appearance for the schools's 4th tournament title, 6 national title overall ('22 and '23 Helms Championships)

  2. Good post J. I admire your work

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. arizona doesnt score alot this time around though. oh fuck, wait a minute.. I think they ranked 113 in scoring.maybe?

  5. Gonzaga..basically all pro teams in Northern Cal have been to final the last few years.
    but the colleges like Stanford and Cal really havent. in football and basketball, the ncaa teams that do well dont have pro teams in that State or pro teams that annually do poorly.

    LSY ,Alabama,the SEC region in general suck at pro sports but the colleges do well, Kentucky/Louisville in Basketball.
    Lakers suck? fine we'll just keep the city basketball fans happy with a UCLA run.
    No Rams in LA,fine. We'll just let USC win some football...and so it goes

  6. Good to see you back Jeremy, excellent post as always, the Gonzaga connections seem to run deep.

    A few other syncs for Gonzaga I found:

    Gonzaga University=226 Reverse Ordinal
    Two Hundred Twenty Six=93
    Both coaches Bill Self and Mark Few are born on 'December Twenty Seventh'=93 R
    The Championship game is on 4/3 the 93rd day of the year.

    Also seems like a few overlaps with Kansas and Gonzaga which could lead to them meeting each other and one meeting Trump in the white house:

    Gonzaga Bulldogs=163 ordinal
    Kansas Jayhawks=163 ordinal
    Make America Great Again=163 ordinal
    Barack Hussein Obama=163 ordinal

    Gonzaga=118 reverse ordinal
    Bulldogs=118 Francis Bacon gematria
    Jayhawks=118 reverse ordinal
    Trump elected on 11/8.

    Bill Self=32,77
    Mark Few=32,77

    Self and Few's birthdays are 97/98 days before the championship game
    Gonzaga=97 Francis Bacon gematria
    December Twenty Seven (Few/Self's birthday)=97
    Phoenix=98 Reverse Ordinal
    Jayhawks=98 ordinal
    Gonzaga university=98 S-exception

    1. Very nice! Gonzaga Kansas just has a crazy amount of syncs. I need to add in how Kansas coach can get loss 193 in the Final, which is the 44th prime. It would also be the Gonzaga coach's 44th tourney game. This is why Kansas lost to TCU in the Big 12 tournament. They were on 191 losses, now have 192, next is 193.

      There are also a couple teams I know won't win due to the next loss coming up:
      Coach K with Duke gets his 330th loss in his 33rd tournament appearance.
      Steve Alford with UCLA gets his 251st loss. Basketball = 251.

      Bring on the madness!

    2. I got alford at 278 losses. UCLA the #3 seed looking for win 34 on the season, UCLA =334 In the 79 NCAA tourney UCLA scores 79 pts only other team to do so Gonzaga won their next match. Like Xavier their last trip to the Elite 8 was 2008. Alford could get his 97th win with UCLA 97 is the 25 th prime, Calipari coaching for 25 yrs. Alford could stay at 44 losses on a date with 44 numerology

  7. I too am glad to see your post. I trust all is well.

    1. Thanks! Yes, just took a little break after football. Now getting geared back up for the spring events. NCAA Basketball, Master's golf, and the Kentucky Derby coming up!

    2. Are you considering the NHL? Last year I managed to predict Penguins at the start of the playoffs with just my meager skills, not even sure how now.

    3. I'll look into it closer to the start of the playoffs. I'm not too savvy with Hockey but as we know you don't really have to watch the sports to find the syncs

  8. ZAGS = 17 R like the number of losses they have. The 17th prime is 59 and Fifty Nine = 54 R. Jesuit = 504.

  9. Here in Australia the Western Bulldogs just won our biggest national sports championship, for the first time since 1954.

    1. Awesome! I'll look it up. Gonzaga coach Mark Few is 54 years old. So is Kansas coach Bill Self

    2. Here's what I found quickly:
      Western Bulldogs = 61. April Third = 61 (date of NCAA championship). Gonzaga coach and Kansas coach both born on the 361st day of the year.

      Western Bulldogs = 79 (s exception). This is the 79th NCAA tournament. Jayhawk = 79. Billy Eugene Self = 79. Nigel Williams Goss = 79.

      Western Bulldogs got to the final for the 1st time in 55 years, and won for the first time in 62 years.
      NCAA = 55. Phoenix AZ = 55. Zags = 55 (reverse).
      Self and Few born in '62. Mark Norman Few = 62.

      Western Bulldogs also wear Red, White, and Blue. Definitely looks like some syncs!

    3. Their captain is Robert Murphy = 71
      We've seen all the 71s with this NCAA (bracket released on the 71st day of the year I think)

    4. Huh no way, could it be linked then with the Cronulla Sharks?
      Could that plane crash in Essendon be a foretelling predictions for the Bombers ?
      Remb prior to the Cronulla Sharks winning the NRL last season they were done for phd - peds was prob in there contract cop the blame etc then they promised them a premiership 🤔

  10. What about wisconsin
    Coach is 191 in jewish
    119 season
    Wisconsin 44

    1. Wisconsin has to face Villanova next. I don't see them winning that. I think Villanova makes the final 4, putting Jay Wright on 511 wins. They would then lose to Gonzaga. Few = 511.

    2. Told you broo. They all got numbers
      We cant focus on couple

    3. Told you broo. They all got numbers
      We cant focus on couple

    4. Good call, at least it makes Gonzaga's path a little easier. To me in that game Nova looked small, the Wisconsin bigs were getting all the rebounds and points in the paint

    5. Today's date numerology was 58. Nova had 58 school tourney wins and Jay Wright is stuck on 508 career wins.

    6. Wow didnt know that. Patriots got win 508. In the sb

    7. Wisconsin and gonzaga wont hit each other till final four tho
      Both jesuit connects in top 4

    8. Wisonsin came into that game with 58 tourney games too
      That was 59. 38th win

    9. Duke goes down today. Frank Martin =125 he comes into today with 125 losses. Date Numerology of 32, gamecocks=32 when they win they will play on 3-23-2017 which has date numerology of 37......that means the #3 seed baylor plays the #7 seed S.C. in the sweet 16. 93 73 was the score of the game vs Marquette, after Martin beats Duke his record with S.C. will be 93 -73.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. My bad rone. Good fucking call

    12. Nice find Whitebear! Didn't even realize that Martin's record would become the score. With Duke and Nova out it's just that much easier for Gonzaga

    13. South carolina is 2016 years old 6×6×6
      Sc =19 3 = 44 prime
      Sc is 93 in jewish
      8th state=1-8=36

    14. Thx Jeremy learned from one of the best, love your work. I was looking at Michigan and how their coach went to Wheeling Jesuit Univ. Dont forget that the Mich football team had to go down because of all the money being bet on them, even tho we all know the numbers were there big time for them to win it all, so Im thinking they owe Michigan something now so a final four would be fitting.......

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Kansas last championship 2008 ,which was 9 years ago ,the 9th prime number is 23, like you mentioned frank mason turns 23 on the day of the championship ,twenty three=134, like the date 4/3 of game

  13. Duke gets there 39th win vs SC today. on 3/19/2017. 3+19+17=39. UCLA coach wins his 96th game today vs Cincinnati. Cincinnati=96O. Arkansas Coach Mike Anderson stays at 128 wins after a loss to UNC. Mike Anderson=128.

  14. Good to see you back Jeremy! Heard your call into Zachs station. Great observations for the NCAA tourney mate

  15. no more Duke,probably opens the UNC door a little further

  16. So kansas get to 106 prophecy and 4th title bill self 14th year?
    36th win of year 306 prime 2017
    12 27 1 9 6 2=57
    Kansas=232 satan
    269 days from 55 age satan
    269=57th prime
    ??Lets crack this

  17. Ya so wak lol no help
    Purdue boilermaker in 121 revelation yr
    Matthew curtis painter=277 rev. 59 prime painter 106
    Matt Painter 137

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