Monday, April 3, 2017

NCAA Basketball Championship Game 2017

NCAA Basketball Championship Game 2017

The moment we've all been waiting for is here. Tonight is the Final of UNC vs Gonzaga. Let's review the numbers for each team.

Why Gonzaga wins:

First, notice the picture above, which was posted on ESPN today. The players are in order of 5-0-4, then #32 (Zach Collins) and #24 (Przemek Karnowski).
This picture is all about the 504.

  • Mark Few is going for win 504 in the Title game. 
  • Arizona = 504. Jesuit = 504. 
  • Collins = 504. 
  • Przemek = 40. Karnowski = 40. Forty = 504. 
  • This is UNC's 40th game of the season. 
This is the biggest tell to me in favor of Gonzaga. 

The other huge number for the Zags is 112. 
Mark Few's current record is 503-112. 
University of Phoenix = 112.
Phoenix located on the 112th Meridian. 
With a win tonight, Few would remain on 112 losses. 

Gonzaga is trying to become 38-1 on the season with a win over UNC.

  • Bulldogs = 38. UNC = 38. 
  • Gonzaga's only loss of the season was 38 days before the final.
  • Gonzaga Bulldogs = 163. Make America Great Again = 163. 163 is the 38th prime.
  • Przemek Karnowski, #24 on Gonzaga, has an NCAA record of 137 career wins as a player. With a win tonight, he would have 138 wins.

With a win, Gonzaga can give UNC Coach Roy Williams his 217th career loss in the National Championship.

  • National Championship = 217. 
  • New England Patriots = 217. We could see the Red/White/Blue team win as a continuing tribute to Donald Trump. 
  • Michael Jordan, from UNC was born on 2/17. 

Mark Few is coaching his 44th NCAA tournament game.
Today's date numerology is 44.
Williams = 44, so a fitting opponent.

Underdog = 43, 88.
Tar Heels = 43, 88.

Mark Few's birthday was 97/98 days before the championship.
Roy Allen Williams = 97. Williams = 98.

Gonzaga is 0-7 all time against 1 seeds in the tournament.
If they win they will become 1-7.

  • Gonzaga = 71. Catholic = 71
  • Mark Few is on 17 tournament losses in the year '17. 
  • The game is on date numerology of 17. (4+3+2+0+1+7 = 17).
UNC is currently 32-7, so a loss would drop them to 32-8.
This is the same number as the Super Bowl comeback: 3-28.

Why UNC wins:

The most simple connection for the Tar Heels is 43.
The game is on 4/3. Tar Heels = 43.
That being said, the opposing coach Mark Few has some 43 connections of his own. Mark = 43. Few = 34.

Williams = 44. Final on a day with 44 numerology.

Most of the UNC connections are about the number 33.
They are currently 32-7, seeking their 33rd win of the season.
Phoenix is on the 33rd parallel North.
UNC just defeated Oregon, the 33rd state, and Oregon had 33 wins.
This is also the 33rd year of the tournament having the nickname "March Madness", which started in the 84-85 season.

Williams just made his 9th Final Four as a coach, and is going for his 3rd championship.
He could earn it on the 93rd day of the year.
The legendary coach for UNC is Dean Smith. Dean Smith = 93.


I'm sticking with my original pick and favoring the Zags to win.


  1. I notice 504 in your Bulldog write up for the final 4. Hoping you are right. My family is full of Bulldogs. I'm thinking no way do Catholic schools win 2 years in a row just like no way would it have beem two NW not feeling optimistic.

  2. Very good points. Go Zags!!!!!

  3. Jeremy no disrespect, I know you go by the code , but you people miss the obvious

    1. he had colts winning superbowl, sometimes this gematria bs is not the way to pick winners.. Lot of numbers can be deciphered differently

  4. Joel Berry's birthday

    Roy Williams 100th tournament game

    New Jordan Brand UNC shoes come out next week

    This was easy

    Anyone reading this, don't get caught up in numbers. Follow the money and power

    1. The Jordan shoes really pointed towards UNC. I liked all the 33s on UNC as well. Sometimes we dig too deep looking for connections and miss the simple clues.

  5. So I'm looking at this Boston vs Cleveland game tonight and I'm convinced cavs win.
    New England which is in Boston just won super bowl 51 and they beat atl.
    Celtics are on 50 wins and if they loose tonight they next game they play is against atl for their 51st win just like New England winning super 51 against the Falcons.

    1. Cavs can also get their 78th win in the all time series with Boston and it's their 78th game of the season tonight

    2. King = 41
      Golden State = 41
      Regular season game #202
      Master = 22
      Basketball = 22
      Cavaliers = 54
      Cleveland = 78
      Cleveland Cavaliers = 78
      Cavaliers = 45
      Tyronn Lue = 45 4+5+20+17 = 46 -
      Cavs in their 46th year
      Today to LeBron Bday 269 days, the 57th prime
      NBA Finals = 57 Reverse Reduction
      Fifty Seven = 131, Championship = 131
      Cavs/Celtics can win their 51st game Fifty one = 46 4+5+20+17 = 46 Fifty one = 35 reversed reduction
      King James = 35/55

      I expect Cavs/Celtics in the Conference Finals and should go 7 games They played a total of 34 playoff games, Celtics lead 18-16. Cavs win it in 7, making their total played 41 games, record 21-20 Celtics
      Cavs probably go and win out or atleast 4 of 5 games.

    3. Thanks!
      Check out my blog, I have Celtics winning tonight

    4. Celtics should win tonight. Superbowl 51 parallels, Celtics 51st win. Atlanta would lose their 39th game. Saturn = 93.

      Celtics going for their 227th all time win vs Hawks.
      Last match between the two was on 2/27. Hawks scored 114pts, just like Cavs lastnight.
      twenty two divided by seven = 314, Pi.

      Superbowl 51, Celtics going for win 51 (Pats vs Falcons) Boston vs Atlanta

      Hawks can lose their 39th game. Tom Brady age 39.
      4/6/17 to Brady's Bday is 119 days.

      The reason Boston lost to Cavs lastnight was so they can win tonight for the SB 51 tribute.

      I expect Boston to play the Hawks in the first round.

  6. Sergio Garcia wins 2017 Masters. He has 33 wins in his career. This will be his 19th appearance at the Masters and he was born on 1-9. Sergio Garcia=112. From his b-day til 4-6 start of tourney is 88 days and we just seen the Tar Heels =88 win it all with 71 pts, the last time Sergio played at Augusta he shot a 71.

  7. Dustin Hunter Johnson equals 88. Eighty First Masters equals 88. Initials/nickname is DJ. 4th letter 10th letter Masters equals 41. He fell down the stairs yesterday. Stairs equal 4. Johnson equals 41. He hurt his back. 2 1 3 11 equals 18 Dustin John going for professional win #18. 81st Masters. The Two Thousand Seventeen Masters equals 118. Dustin Johnson equals 74. It is 74 days from his birthday. Ranked #1 in the world. D Johnson equals 45. Two Thousand Seventeen Masters Tournament equals 145. Has two children going for Masters win #2. Birth numberology is 32 and he is 32 years old. He is from United States equals 58. April ninth equals 58.

    1. DJ equals 4 10 added together 14 . Stairs equal 41 not 4.

    2. Johnson equals 94. Final day played on 4/9. Augusta National equals 94.

    3. Rory McIlroy. Initials R equals 18 reduces to 9. M is 13 reduces to 4. Final on 4/9. R McIlroy equals 50. Augusta National equals 50. McIlroy equals 94. Augusta National equals 94. Played on 4/9. Going for fourth Major win win first majors. Masters equals 41. Two Thousand Seventeen Masters equals 103. Rory equals 31. R McIlroy equals 25 (septenary) 25 days from his birthday

  8. My pics are Dustin Johnson #1. (His tee team is 2) Jordan Spieth #2 Jordan equals 88. Eighty first Masters equals 88. There's a lot more to Jordan Spieth but I'm getting lazy.Rory McIlroy #3.

  9. Your pics are all faves at 6-1, like picking horses that dont pay nothing. i like 45-1 odds this is where u make money, like longshot horses

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. El Nino=33 and 414 The 2017 Masters Champion =144

  11. DJ has tons of Gematria matching up to the tournament. Must have been too much money bet on him. Rory ties to Mercedes and ATT. Both of the sponsora. So does Mickelson. Thomas Pieters's looks the best of the nobodies. Even the favorites pays a lot more money then team games. I don't think Something will get it. Philip Mickelson equals 81. Phil equals 18. It's the 81st masters

  12. This will be the last post I will be doing in here, this blog is full of agents, I would like to thank you Jeremy for showing me the way, I wish everyone luck in this predetermined world...

    1. Rone you're disappearing? Your US Masters call was so good, we need more contributors like yourself.

  13. Rone if you are going to blog I would like to continue to follow your work

  14. you aren't to good at this Jeremy

  15. idiots, all your predictions are wrong, get a life fool

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