Wednesday, March 28, 2018

98 | Final Four 2018

What do all 4 teams in the Final 4 have in common?

I found the answer to this question, the common thread is connection to the number 98.

The 2018 tournament has been all about Wolves, and the occult holiday associated with it: Lupercalia.
Lupercalia = 98.

The Final is on 4/2, the 92nd day of the year.
Ninety Two = 98.

San Antonio also connects through 41.
San Antonio = 41.
Forty One = 98.

We also see a continuation of the 98th NFL Season which just concluded. There's even a Philadelphia team in the Final Four, and Tom Brady's old school, Michigan.

San Antonio is a fitting place to host, as it is located on the 98th Meridian West

Let's take a closer look at the 98 connections for each school.

Loyola Chicago:

The most publicized 98 in the tournament is Sister Jean, the 98 year old Nun who cheers for the Ramblers.


Michigan Wolverines = 98.


Jayhawks = 98.


Villanova is in their 98th season as a program.

Philadelphia = 521. 521 is the 98th prime.

Time to keep digging to find out more about the 98 connections, and do a full game decode to try to figure out the Final matchup.