Wednesday, March 28, 2018

98 | Final Four 2018

What do all 4 teams in the Final 4 have in common?

I found the answer to this question, the common thread is connection to the number 98.

The 2018 tournament has been all about Wolves, and the occult holiday associated with it: Lupercalia.
Lupercalia = 98.

The Final is on 4/2, the 92nd day of the year.
Ninety Two = 98.

San Antonio also connects through 41.
San Antonio = 41.
Forty One = 98.

We also see a continuation of the 98th NFL Season which just concluded. There's even a Philadelphia team in the Final Four, and Tom Brady's old school, Michigan.

San Antonio is a fitting place to host, as it is located on the 98th Meridian West

Let's take a closer look at the 98 connections for each school.

Loyola Chicago:

The most publicized 98 in the tournament is Sister Jean, the 98 year old Nun who cheers for the Ramblers.


Michigan Wolverines = 98.


Jayhawks = 98.


Villanova is in their 98th season as a program.

Philadelphia = 521. 521 is the 98th prime.

Time to keep digging to find out more about the 98 connections, and do a full game decode to try to figure out the Final matchup.


  1. What do you think about Zeke upshaw passing away
    He played for Detroit d league but was from Chicago

  2. Sweet. 98 identifying the final actors. I think it´s the 88s, 42 and the Black Pope that will end with the Good Lord declaring Loyola uber alles.

  3. ... and the Old Lady! Michigan now has one too! But she´s not dressed in purple (88)!