Thursday, March 15, 2018

Loyola Chicago upsets Miami at the Buzzer

Loyola Chicago Ramblers have pulled the upset over the Miami Hurricanes with a last second 3 pointer from Donte Ingram 64-62.

This was a game I mentioned that a riddle will be involved in, and it delivered. I've also uncovered a few syncs and ties back to the history of the tournament.

There were some clues to this game in the win-loss records of the coaches.

Jim Larranaga came into the game with 387 losses in his career.
He received his 388th loss to the team from Chicago Illinois.
Chicago Illinois = 388
Larranaga = 388.
Larranaga also came in with 161 wins at Miami, which he stayed stuck on.
Miami Hurricanes = 161.

Porter Moser came into the game with 222 career wins.
He picked up win number 223, always a big number in sports tributes.

Loyola won the game 64-62, a fitting score.
Larranaga = 62.
Hurricanes = 62.
Ingram = 62 (the Loyola player who made the shot).

Donte Ingram wears the number 0. (Zero).
Zero = 64.
Zero = 44.
Zero = 17.
Loyola won with 64 points. 44 and 17 are the date numerology of the Final on 4/2, 2 numbers I said would be key in this tournament.

The total was 126, a number that's been big recently. 612 was all over the Parkland shooting.
12/6 was the date of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.
Loyola Chicago = 126.
It was also a matchup of the 11 and 6 seeds.
Hurricanes = 116.

The game took place in Dallas, home of the 214 area code.
Miami Hurricanes = 214.
Loyola Chicago Ramblers = 214.

Here's where it gets even more interesting:

During the broadcast they brought up how Loyola won the NCAA Tournament in 1963.
Loyola Chicago = 63.
March Fifteen = 63.

This was considered a big deal at the time, because it was an unwritten rule in Basketball to not let more than 2 black players be on the court at one time.
Loyola was playing more than that, sometimes 4 or even 5 black players.

They also won their first game in that tournament 111-42 against Tennessee Tech, a record that still stands in margin of victory in the tournament at 69 points.
Notice who Loyola will play in the next round.... TENNESSEE!

In the 1963 Championship, Loyola defeated Cincinnati 60-58 in Overtime.

If Loyola can get past Tennessee, most likely the foe waiting for them in the Sweet 16 is... CINCINNATI.

The other thing about Loyola Chicago's team is that they have a team Chaplain that is a 98 year old Nun named Sister Jean.

She was telling stories about what it was like back in 1963 to watch the Loyola team.
They said she prays for the team before each game, and is pretty much like a grandmother to them. She writes letters for the players to encourage and tell them scouting reports from the games.

Also, it has been 33 years since Loyola was in the tournament, the first time since 1985. This was the year the tournament expanded to 64 teams, the score they won with today. That team was eliminated by Patrick Ewing and Georgetown.

Sr Jean Delores Schmidt (how the media articles say her name).

113 is fitting for this tournament, as the Brackets were released on 3/11.

Ninety Eight = 64. The 64th prime number is 311.
The Ramblers won with 64 points.
Ninety Eight = 161.
Miami Hurricanes = 161.

98 is also associated with Lupercalia, which is on the 44th day of the year.
Lupercalia is an occult ritual holiday that the modern Valentine's is based on, and it involved sacrificing Wolves.
The Mascot of Loyola is a picture of a Wolf.
Lupercalia = 98.

This Loyola team is connected to Xavier in that Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier were the founders of the Jesuit Order.
Xavier Musketeers = 55.
And here they are giving tribute to the team from 55 years ago...
Loyola beat Cincinnati in 63, and Xavier is in Cincinnati.

I'll keep researching this and see where it leads to, but I think this is a major part of the RIDDLE.

Date numerology:
3/15/2018 = 3+15+20+18 = 56
3/15/2018 = 3+15+2+0+1+8 = 29
3/15/2018 = 3+1+5+2+0+1+8 = 20
3/15/18 = 3+18+18 = 39


  1. Good stuff buddy & great to have you back! This Final is 20,100 days after the '63 Final and Larranaga born 10/2. Larranaga =1020 (R-Su). Loyola Ramblers =210 (R-O). Sister Jean =1020 (J).

    Jim Larranaga =525 (Satanic) was 25,002 days old for this upset.

    And now this bridge collapse at Florida International University (we gotta find the exact duration between the buzzer beater & the collapse). Florida International University =509 (R-FB). Twenty Eighteen NCAA Final Four =509 (FB). Loyola =159 (FBs). Loyola Ramblers =156 (JO). Jesuit Order =156 (K). Loyola's coach in '63 was named "Ireland" =159 (J) born on 15/6 and died at the age of exactly 1059 months old.

    Sister Jean =56 (FB) is apparently their unofficial mascot, reminding me of how Sister Catherine Holzman collapsed in court & died this 3/9 in the midst of an ongoing legal battle against Katy Perry who is trying to purchase these nun's convent in LA.

    That's also the Wolfpack here in the Year of the Dog.

    Alright, lots to work with here! I'd say this yet more signs boding well for a Jesuit squad championship - lots out there.

  2. Better yet, great to see Jeremy White back on the court! Team Geamatria missed his skills. Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends.

  3. Thanks my dudes! Great to have more research to figure out the Loyola riddle. I'll try to do some digging on their next matchup with Tennessee tomorrow. For the brand!