Monday, April 2, 2018

Donte DiVincenzo | 131 & 44

Well, I just found the 131 clue for Villanova. Donte DiVencenzo, the player who stole the show for Villanova was born on 1/31. He dropped 31 points for Nova in the final, for the man born on the 31st day of the year.
Championship = 131.

There's the 44 I was looking for too. D, the 4th letter. DD = 44. Final on a day with 44 numerology.

It's a little bit harder to find the birthday's for college as it doesn't show up on most of the rosters, but still, I can't believe I didn't notice this until now.

He also has the 98.
Donte DiVincenzo = 98.

This is the 80th NCAA Tournament in history.
Donte DiVincenzo = 80.

He was also named the Most Outstanding Player (MOP).

17 & 44. The two numbers for the date numerology.
Villanova won 79-62, a margin of 17 points.
This also points back to the 17 Victims of the Valentine's Day shooting.
4+2+20+18 = 44
4+2+2+0+1+8 = 17

Also, he is from Delaware.
There was a game on 2/22, in which Delaware blew a 34 point lead to Drexel, the biggest comeback in College Basketball History. I was thinking this would be a clue for the Final with the D vs D, 44 connection. This is also the 34th tournament since the field expanded to 64.

Should have payed more attention to this player, but I didn't think he was a big deal since he's not even a starter. He plays off the bench as the Sixth Man.

Sixth Man = 108.
Villanova = 108.


  1. i have to watch that a little more. it is real easy to forget about the gematria on the college players. but you are right he has the championship number because of his birthday (I missed this one).

  2. They do this for every championship every season, it's hard to find it sometimes though. For the Eagles, the 131 player was Jay Ajayi, his birthday was 131 days after the Super Bowl and traded on 10/31. Doug Pederson was also born 1/31. Frustrated I didn't look this up earlier :(

    1. That's why we keep on keeping on. I appreciate all you have done in the past. There is definitely a 'there' there, to all this. I'm encouraged to see you back. You are an important contributor to the G-Community.

  3. what we need is an AI that we tell what to look for and it goes and finds it for us... if they can make a deep fake out of emma watson, we should be able to find some matching numbers...
    regardless, you put in mad work bro, appreciate what you do... we are kinda looks those apes on 2001, beating on a machine with bones, trying to figure it out...

  4. funny he shares the same bday as Justin Timberlake who was all over the news with lebron last week

  5. Ah man, nice find on that player's birthday! It would be hard to pick even if you spotted it though because he was there when they won in 2016 as well, so his championship might have been "used up" already. But in hindsight obviously not.

    1. yes would have been hard for sure. Might still have been worth a small wager! But yes I agree would have been very hard.

    2. funny another italian Ryan Arcidiacono was their MOP that year.