Monday, April 2, 2018

Super Bowl Rematch: NCAA Final

The NCAA Final is basically a rematch of Super Bowl 52: the team from Philadelphia vs. the Tom Brady team. Of course Michigan being the school Tom Brady went to college at.

I projected the theme of the tournament to be Lupercalia/Valentine's, so I can see how this fits as well.
Wolverines - the wolf team (even though a wolverine is more of a badger).
Villanova - V for Valentine's.
Michigan Wolverines = 98.
Nova in their 98th season.
Lupercalia = 98.

Also, the tournament has been symbolized by the year of the Dog, which started on 2/16, and we had the theme starting with the Underdog Eagles and their dog masks.

The numbers I was looking for the connections to going in to the tournament was 17 and 44 for the final numerology, 42 for April 2nd, 92 for final on 92nd day of year, and 214 & 612 for Valentine's. As I began to see, the 98 would also be hugely important. 
Throughout the tournament, teams associated with Wolves or having 612 gematria were making it far.

Now, I will say that from doing a breakdown of the Final Four games, the evidence seemed more in favor of Loyola and Kansas, which obviously didn't happen. There has been a string of deaths of people related to Kansas and Chicago. The only one I can think of related to Michigan was Zeke Upshaw who died in Grand Rapids. I can't really think of anything for Philadelphia/Villanova.

So thinking about the tournament as a whole, was there strong evidence from the start for these 2 teams? Nova is a very strong team, but there is not much in the way of gematria connecting them to this final. They fit the 98 since they are in their 98th season, but usually they throw in a 131 clue if that's going to be the championship team. Michigan has a 131 clue, altough weak, in that they have 1031 school losses, so they could stay on that number.

Also, consider the next Ultimate Fighting Championship is UFC 223 coming up on 4/7. Philadelphia = 223, so possibly that was another clue for the Philadelphia team (Nova) making it.

Wondering if this happens every season, like the Super Bowl sets the theme for the rest of the year. I'd have to go back and look at each NCAA tournament and if they had connections to who won the Super Bowl the previous year.

Maybe I am taking the game decodes too far, by trying to find win/loss alignment for each opponent. Maybe it's more symbolic than numerical.

I did a couple quick searches and found this:
Jay Wright is going for his 422nd win at Nova. April Second = 422. Forty Two = 422.
Also consider he comes in with 421, and San Antonio = 421.
If he loses, it would be loss 166. San Antonio TX = 166.
Now the question is how important are big numbers like that? It may be more significant just how many wins they are going for this season.

Let's keep in mind also, the star player for Michigan is Mo Wagner, whose name gematria equals 42, and wears #13. 13 was the big number for Alabama in the football championship (13 point comeback by #13 QB).

Either way, I feel like it's been another good tournament of documenting what types of clues are used in determining champions. We'll see how the game unfolds for Michigan vs. Nova.

Next events I'll try to look at are Masters Tournament and the Kentucky Derby. I won't have time to do a breakdown of the field for the Masters, it's just too many golfers until I figure out a way to make spreadsheets.
Also, I'll be keeping an eye on the NHL Hockey playoffs. I don't know that much about Hockey as far as the best teams and how all the players connect through previous teams and where they're from etc. It looks like there will only be 2 Canadian teams in the playoffs, so we'll see if the whole Canadian drought ends.

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